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 People on crack have a hard time giving it up, too. 
 Probably the sub-epidurmal stuff is meant to make it quicker to read fingerprints. Remember the remarkable thing about Touch ID is its accuracy. I always had issues with fingerprint recognition systems in the past.
 Not necessarily. Fingerprint recognition in connection with retina scans or some other technique can still work. I agree, though, that companies may be spooked out of allowing Touch ID instead of a pass code on their enterprise profiles. The silly thing, though, is that pass codes can be deduced by looking at where the fingerprints or wear is on the screen. 
The last comment says the markings are Samsung. http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone+5s+Teardown/17383/2   I guess the speculation that Samsung was caught off guard was mistaken. Samsung may have been caught off guard, but several months ago, not several days ago when their co-CEO announced that next year's Galaxies will have 64-bit chips.
 NSIS I think it's because they have had issues with rioting at iPhone launches in the past in China. This way they can control access to the stores.
Apple and Samsung make pretty much all the profits in mobile devices right now. It's a duopoly. It might actually be a big deal when and if Samsung surpasses Apple since the latter has taken a high-end only strategy while the former sells all things to all people. Apple's historical strategy has been to eschew market share for profits. But if it is possible to have both then Apple might rethink its strategy.
No big surprise since the judge basically admitted the whole thing was a show trial early on. It's a case of the DOJ choosing sides in a spat between two big businesses (and the one that had 90% market share on top of it).
Not always. At launch date of a physical product there could be a big discrepancy. I agree that over time it evens out and that some Apple fans make more of the shipped vs sold distinction (over a year it won't make much difference since if it isn't selling retailers will stop taking shipments) but over short periods of time, such as launch month it does make a difference.
  But if you recall, the biggest complaint about the Retina iPad is that it is heavier and thicker than the iPad 2 because it needs a bigger battery. That's a tradeoff. Try again, Applefan.   That said, perhaps Tim Cook is hinting at flexible displays or other technology that will make larger screens more ergonomic.
Since iPad is a trademarked term, it's somewhat of a moot point? Who cares if Samsung can release a "Galaxy Tab mini" or Google a "Nexus mini" if they want?
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