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 What stats? Apple hasn't and likely won't release a product split. Most of the activation data that's been posted suggests extremely high demand for the 5s. Plus, the 5c is being discounted already at places like Best Buy, which has precedent. In January, Best Buy ran a $200 promotion on the rMBP. A month later, Apple came out with a minor refresh and slashed the price. This could be Apple doing the same thing. The 5s will sell itself because it's the latest and greatest....
 I believe you're correct. What could be happening is Apple is experimenting with the price. If this promo works, we might see a price adjustment. They did this with the rMBP ($200 Best Buy gift cards) about a month before dropping the price of the entire product line. I wasn't surprised the 5c wasn't a $350 phone. I was a bit surprised it was a $550 phone in its base form. I thought they'd use it as an opportunity to drop the 4s and sell a base version for $450 (perhaps...
 Since it's September sales and the phone went on sale on the 20th, a lot of the 5c sales could be legitimate channel refilling. We'll see in October. The 5c is widely available and Best Buy just announced a promotion on it, which is unusual so early. My guess is that it is selling OK (about as well as the 5 would have if Apple had stayed true to form), but not as well as Apple would have liked.
 The 16GB version is fine for a lot of people. The 32GB version is plenty for me.   I think it's a function of being "different" after 6 years of largely the same look. After 2 weeks of using iOS 7 it looks perfectly normal to me. Plus the UI updates were long overdue (the control center, updates to notifications, etc) as Android and even Windows Phone have had similar functionality for a while now.
 To be fair, it does have a slightly better camera and better LTE support. It's probably selling about as well as "last year's flagship" did, but Apple and resellers hoped it would do a bit better. It could be the same scenario that played out with the rMBP. Apple lowered the price of that device back in January. They can easily do that with the 5c. My guess is that it isn't so much the similarity to the 5 as it is the contrast to the 5s. It really makes it that much...
 How is it too late to backtrack on the price? They could silently drop the 4s and put the base 5c in the "free"/$450 slot if they want to. They probably won't do this so quickly after launch, but they might in January or March. Apple's done this before. Heck, they dropped the price of the original iPhone by 1/3 just 74 days after release. Most recently, they dropped the prices of the rMBP line in January 2013, just 4 months after releasing the 13" model. Oddly, if the...
 People on crack have a hard time giving it up, too. 
 Probably the sub-epidurmal stuff is meant to make it quicker to read fingerprints. Remember the remarkable thing about Touch ID is its accuracy. I always had issues with fingerprint recognition systems in the past.
 Not necessarily. Fingerprint recognition in connection with retina scans or some other technique can still work. I agree, though, that companies may be spooked out of allowing Touch ID instead of a pass code on their enterprise profiles. The silly thing, though, is that pass codes can be deduced by looking at where the fingerprints or wear is on the screen. 
The last comment says the markings are Samsung. http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone+5s+Teardown/17383/2   I guess the speculation that Samsung was caught off guard was mistaken. Samsung may have been caught off guard, but several months ago, not several days ago when their co-CEO announced that next year's Galaxies will have 64-bit chips.
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