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  I believe they were pretty accurate last year. Didn't they predict the timing of the rMBPs and that they would be sold alongside the older model? Apple has been down this path before. The Air was sold alongside the MacBook for 2.5 years before supplanting it.   It will be interesting to see how much Apple is able (and willing) to reduce the price of the rMBP next year. $1199 is the current starting point of the MacBook Pro line. They have already blurred the line...
This makes sense. The biggest complaint I hear about the iPad, particularly from women, is that it is too heavy. The iPad mini is nice and light, but lacks the Retina Display, and the technology might not be feasible to add it in 2013 (battery life probably being the biggest hindrance).
  Apple will put it in when it makes sense, and not before. Right now, what are its uses, besides Galaxy S3 users sharing self-made porn videos like on that silly commercial? There are also security concerns with NFC right now. Even Google hasn't been able to make much use for it. Google Wallet isn't exactly setting the world on fire.
  True, though some of the bundles appear worthwhile. The base 13" rMBP bundle is pretty good. It has the Mac, AppleCare, choice of Parallels/Lojack/Bento, and a cheap case, all for $40 less than what Apple wants for the base machine. There's not much "junk" in that bundle except the case. 
It's just invisible. 3 out of the 5 are for Retina Display Macs so I'm guessing it's just a bad job of cut and paste. It's also a "Mac mni." They got the MacBook Air ad right.   Seriously, though, some of these bundles look nice, particularly for those who want to have AppleCare. If I didn't just get my 256GB 13" rMBP from MacMall I'd be tempted by the 128GB model at $1660 with all the goodies and go to OWC for the upgrade. It's $39 less than what Apple wants and just...
Perhaps we'll see the iPad Mini upgraded with an A6 processor in March, and then a Retina Display in October. I'm guessing the next 9.7" iPad gets thinner and lighter.
  Read it a little more closely. It seems that they are trying to re-stoke the rumors. They are withdrawing the story where they reported that Schiller said they wouldn't release a cheaper iPhone.   My guess is that we won't see it any time soon, though. Apple isn't like McDonalds, which tailors its menu for each country. Apple is a consistent take-it-or-leave-it company, for better or for worse. 
  However, the Mac is outperforming the rest of the PC market. Apple dominates in terms of profits. Also developers still prioritize iOS since that's where they may their money. As for the rMPB, I have a 13" (it replaced a series of MacBook Airs) and I like it a lot.
They need to pay the bills and they provide decent news so I don't begrudge them this. Plus MacMall is a decent enough company. I lost my MacBook Air 2 weeks ago while traveling and went to MacMall to replace it since even without the 3% extra (it was a flat $20 or just over 1%) they were still cheaper than anyone else. It was a smooth transaction and I had my replacement (I went with an rMBP) 2 days later. I have purchased from them in the past and would recommend them...
Overall retail sales in the US disappointed this holiday season. If this report is accurate, Apple actually outperformed considering that they dropped only 6% vs. 11% for Windows PC manufacturers, and managed a larger increase in average selling price. My guess is that the 13" rMBP is a bit pricey for a Christmas gift for most (the one I bought on 12/26/12 apparently was 4 days too late for NPD).
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