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  Apple products generally have never won spec contests. Plus, it seems to me that "thin" not only is a reflection of Jony Ive's design philosophy, but a culmination of their philosophy, starting from Steve Jobs, that computing devices should be largely appliance-like and not requiring or capable of significant user modification. Agree or disagree with it, that's not really a new thing at Apple. The original Mac wasn't intended to be opened. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad...
  Not necessarily. I use a 256GB 13" rMBP and had a 256GB MBA before, but I got along just fine with a 128GB model prior to 2011. I would still if I didn't need to run a few Windows applications. With USB 3.0, fast external storage is cheap and easy. There are 64GB and 128GB flash drives now that outperform typical hard drives. 
  It isn't a bad product at all. It's actually quite good. But for some reason people aren't buying it, and that's worrying. Perhaps it needs better advertising. I wonder if the cMBP will last one more year as a result. Maybe 13" MacBook Pro buyers (traditionally "budget" buyers by Apple standards) aren't quite ready to make the jump  to pricey Macs with fast, but relatively small 128GB SSD storage.
Samsung went to great lengths to tell the WSJ in an interview that there is no "friction" with Google. Which, of course, means that there is plenty of friction. Google has lost control of Android. Amazon does its own thing, and now so does Samsung. Samsung is the only OEM making any serious money from Android. They should know more than anyone else that it is dangerous to become dependent on a single manufacturer. There's a reason they are pushing their own software...
  What it does mean is that T-Mobile is likely to struggle to sell full-priced iPhones as well (which they are planning to do). Given that the carriers would love to get rid of the subsidized phone model, it could lend credence to the idea that Apple will need to come out with a cheaper current model if it wants to expand its market share, or if the market suddenly shifts toward the pre-paid model. 
  No, it's the software not being optimized for the Retina Display. The Webkit betas show much less lag, so we should see improvements with the version of Safari that ships with 10.8.3.
  Intel refreshed its processors, so Apple decided to use new ones. The real story was the price drops on the 13" models and the higher capacity 15" models. The slightly faster processors is just an added bonus.
It's the latter. Intel still sells the 2.7GHz that you have, but now also sells a cheaper one with a lower turbo boost as a replacement for the 2.6GHz.
Count me in if Apple can offer an 11.6" MacBook Air with Retina Display. I recently switched from an 11.6" Air to a 13" rMBP. I like the display, but miss the portability of the MacBook Air.
  I hear this complaint over and over, but the 13" Pro has never had a discrete GPU and it is consistently Apple's best selling notebook. Evidently not many people are concerned about it. 
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