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  No, it's the software not being optimized for the Retina Display. The Webkit betas show much less lag, so we should see improvements with the version of Safari that ships with 10.8.3.
  Intel refreshed its processors, so Apple decided to use new ones. The real story was the price drops on the 13" models and the higher capacity 15" models. The slightly faster processors is just an added bonus.
It's the latter. Intel still sells the 2.7GHz that you have, but now also sells a cheaper one with a lower turbo boost as a replacement for the 2.6GHz.
Count me in if Apple can offer an 11.6" MacBook Air with Retina Display. I recently switched from an 11.6" Air to a 13" rMBP. I like the display, but miss the portability of the MacBook Air.
  I hear this complaint over and over, but the 13" Pro has never had a discrete GPU and it is consistently Apple's best selling notebook. Evidently not many people are concerned about it. 
  I'm guessing you've never used a MacBook Air. The 13" cMBP is too heavy and I wouldn't consider it. Even my non-Ultrabook HP Elitebook weighs in at 4lbs with the DVD drive. I didn't consider the MBP until it went Retina.
Not entirely. In February 2008, the model with a 64GB SSD was $2999. I took a pass. In November 2008, I bought mine with a 128GB SSD for $2499 (actually $2399 from MacMall but I'm comparing MSRP).
  Perhaps, but the real story is that they lowered the price of SSD storage across their notebook line. The 256GB, 512GB, and 768GB SSD options are all significantly cheaper than before.   I purchased my 13 rMBP the day after Christmas from MacMall with insurance proceeds as I lost my MacBook Air while traveling home for the holidays. Sure, I'd rather have paid today's prices for what I got, but that's technology. I've gotten over 6 weeks of solid service from my rMBP...
Unfortunately, you need to play the game. Apple is a big company, and big companies need to be in good favor with whoever is in power. That's why Cook met with Speaker Boehner last year and is a guest of Obama this year. If you don't play the game, your competitors will and will use political leverage (antitrust pressure, special tax favors etc) against you.
  The OWC isn't an "official" upgrade, but they have been making replacement SSDs for MacBook Airs for quite a while, and recently released SSDs for the rMBP.    In my case, I lost my MacBook Air shortly before Christmas while traveling, and decided to upgrade to the 13" rMBP. While I got what was a good price at the time from MacMall (256GB version), I'd rather have lost the MBA this month (if I had to lose it at all - fortunately I had insurance, but I'd rather not be...
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