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It might be like the iPhone 5s was the first month. I also see that Apple has the holiday theme on their website. The person at the store also told me yesterday that the January 7th return date is already in effect. My guess is that the silent release is a key to how constrained supplies really are. 
Just ordered a 32GB T-Mobile version. It is supposed to arrive between November 26th and December 4th.
 And then we'll get endless threads on these forums and others about how people got "defective" screens. The burn in might not be visible immediately, but it would have an effect long-run. It's good that Apple isn't settling for "good enough."
They can certainly make their own, after they design it first. Or they can use ARM's reference design, which isn't as optimized as Apple's A7. Making a chip =/= designing one.
It's Apple's biggest competitor, and they are driving certain market trends, such as larger screens.
Probably because the number of Mac users is much smaller than the number of iOS users. Therefore, iOS users don't know what was missing. Mac users who need the features will continue to use iWork 09 until the features are added in. The rest of us will use the iWork applications as they exist right now.
 Here's what I get on a 2.4GHz 13" model (8/256). I think Novabench (last updated in 2011) just isn't optimized for the newer chips. The SSD speeds are nowhere near what I get from BlackMagic Disk Speed Test NoNovaBench Score: 684NovaBench Score 684Mac OS X 10.9.0Intel Core i5 @ 2400 MHzGraphics Card: Intel Iris8192 MB System RAM (Score: 175)- RAM Speed: 7838 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 410)- Floating Point Operations/Second: 126762152- Integer Operations/Second: 251645216- MD5...
 It was a similar situation with GM in the 1990s and 2000s. They made some of the best automatic transmissions in the business. Even BMW and Rolls Royce used transmissions supplied by GM. Unfortunately, they cheaped out on their own cars, and we all know how that worked out.
We don't really know who is to blame. Did Sharp make a promise they couldn't keep? Did Apple make an unreasonable demand?
??? Samsung is the one who has been found by a court for copying Apple. It's a bit arrogant for a supplier to become their customer's biggest competitor. I don't blame Apple one bit for looking for alternatives to relying on their biggest competitor. Anyway, Intel is going to start manufacturing ARM chips, so Samsung may have some competition in the future for Apple's business.
New Posts  All Forums: