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We all knew it was coming, but it's welcome news nonetheless.
Regarding the buyback, part of the reason that the price is up is that there are fewer shares outstanding. Theoretically, the market cap should be the same regardless of the number of shares outstanding, so if the buybacks hadn't happened, Apple's stock price would be a bit lower (adjusted for the cash that Apple paid for the shares it bought back). So if it paid $23.5 billion for the 47 million shares it bought back ($500/share), in theory if it hadn't done the buyback,...
According to Florian Mueller, since the trial has basically already happened, he think that Judge Koh will go ahead and let the jury continue deliberating. That way, if the patent is eventually upheld, then they don't need to have a "re-do" of the damages trial. If it is overturned, then the court can simply invalidate the judgment. Apparently the patent appeals process can last until 2017.
Maybe 800,000 were sold and 750,000 were returned.
My guess is iOS. Think about it. Mac OS, including OS X has been a niche OS for decades. iOS is the #2 mobile OS overall, close to #1 in the US, and accounts for more than half of mobile profits and mobile app downloads. There's a reason Apple was first to introduce a 64-bit ARM processor and 64-bit mobile OS. They see it as the future of computing and want to secure their place in it. It's also why they ported the iOS versions of iWork over to Mac rather than the other...
Sounds interesting. It looks increasingly like Apple is taking the opposite approach from Microsoft. Instead of trying to scale down a desktop operating system to run on mobile devices, they want to scale up their existing mobile OS to become more powerful. I wonder if the "iPad Pro" will have a souped up A7 or A7X?
 But that's essentially what the Galaxy Gear is, and Samsung couldn't pull it off at a lower price point or smaller size. The Gear relies on a Note 3 or Galaxy Tab 10.1. Supposedly it will also support the Galaxy S4 and S3 at some point. I think to sell well, it's a matter less about features, and more about looks. People might buy a $100 "iWatch" that is essentially nothing more than a Nike Flexband that tells time provided that it looks sharp. They might buy a $500...
 Aluminum as a material is cheap because it is so abundant (it was once considered "rare"). However, plastic is easier to work with because it doesn't bend or crease as easily. My guess is that by switching the mid-range model to plastic Apple was able to free up resources to build more of the 5s. So even if producing plastic itself is more costly, it winds up being more cost effective in production.
Perhaps the silent 11/12/13 online-only launch (lucky day!) is intended to throw off the "resellers" It's been 4 hours since launch and the shipping times haven't budged. How quickly the 16 and 32GB Wi-Fi models shift to 5-10 business days and the other models shift to "December" should be a hint as to the supply. If it is by the end of today or even this week, then it means that demand far outstrips supply.
It might be like the iPhone 5s was the first month. I also see that Apple has the holiday theme on their website. The person at the store also told me yesterday that the January 7th return date is already in effect. My guess is that the silent release is a key to how constrained supplies really are. 
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