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    Exactly. I don't begrudge advertising on the site (and actually recently made a purchase from MacMall with the click-through promotion), but they shouldn't take a blatant promotion and try to disguise it as a "news" article. "Breaking news: Struggling retailers who had a less-than-stellar holiday season are instituting January price cuts to move stock" SHOCKING. /s/
According to this article (of course, buried in the last sentence), only 3.6 million tablets were sold in Japan in all of 2012. Perhaps it isn't a very representative market at all.   http://news.yahoo.com/nexus-7-reportedly-dethrones-ipad-top-tablet-japan-143016946.html
I guess small is the new big.Seriously, though, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. The mini is the "new" product. When it comes to tablets and iPads the average person doesn't care about the processor inside or the GPU. These are mostly used for reading, browsing, and light gaming. The iPad has been around for a few years and the basic design is the same. The mini is both cheaper and more portable. It's a lot more convenient on a train or bus, and to carry around...
There are several possible explanations. First, I do think the iPad mini is very popular. It was priced right to be a holiday gift. It may also be the right size for the long term, being bigger and more readable than the silly "phablets" but smaller and more portable than the 9.7" and even bigger Android tablets, which will probably eventually see more competition from Windows 8. Second, it could mean a 5th generation is on its way, with a more substantial redesign to...
No one else is reporting this story, not even other Mac rumor sites, so I'm wondering how reliable the source is.  
  CNet's credibility has been deeply undermined by the whole "Best of CES" flap involving the Dish Hopper. It's pretty clear they have lost their editorial independence under CBS.
This is worrying, since it is looking Google's giveaway strategy threatens another of Apple's core markets. Google is the new Microsoft. They write the software and make all the money (albeit through ad revenue rather than the software itself) and let the OEMs worry about (and often fail) to make profits on razor thin margins. It sounds like the iPad mini came none too soon.
  I believe they were pretty accurate last year. Didn't they predict the timing of the rMBPs and that they would be sold alongside the older model? Apple has been down this path before. The Air was sold alongside the MacBook for 2.5 years before supplanting it.   It will be interesting to see how much Apple is able (and willing) to reduce the price of the rMBP next year. $1199 is the current starting point of the MacBook Pro line. They have already blurred the line...
This makes sense. The biggest complaint I hear about the iPad, particularly from women, is that it is too heavy. The iPad mini is nice and light, but lacks the Retina Display, and the technology might not be feasible to add it in 2013 (battery life probably being the biggest hindrance).
  Apple will put it in when it makes sense, and not before. Right now, what are its uses, besides Galaxy S3 users sharing self-made porn videos like on that silly commercial? There are also security concerns with NFC right now. Even Google hasn't been able to make much use for it. Google Wallet isn't exactly setting the world on fire.
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