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I notice that Excel doesn't support print-to-fit. That can be an important consideration for a spreadsheet. Maybe it will come in a future update.
Right now Microsoft's licensing doesn't work well for the BYOD era. The $69 and $99 plans technically don't permit commercial use. That said, lots of businesses don't want corporate data on personal devices, or at least want to control it because of legal or regulatory reasons. The enterprise versions grant access to enterprise versions of OneDrive and other services that can pass muster for security and privacy concerns. But a small or mid-sized business is in a tougher...
While it's true that in the digital age records are more ephemeral, that seems to be changing. Office file formats changed a lot until Office 6 on the Mac and PC. That version survived until Office 2007/2008, is still supported to this day, and the new format is XML and open source. Also PDF has become a de facto standard that has survived for quite a long time. So there are some file formats that should be more lasting.
What if you are a single person who has one PC or Mac and one iPad? Why buy a license for 5 PCs and 5 tablets if you don't have them?
If this is true, then Angela Ahrendts' hire makes even more sense.
 Way overblown. The Street doesn't see the explosive growth that Apple had over the past decade, but it's difficult to see how even Steve Jobs could have replicated that if he were still alive and at the helm. What the stagnant stock price shows is an expectation that Apple's 2010s may be a lot like Microsoft's 2000s. IOW, not much growth, but still a very viable company.
 But it's the same crippled phone version that's also available for iPhone. They quietly enabled the edit features without a subscription, but probably because they aren't very useful. Even on a Note 3, there's not much room for editing. And an upsized phone app on an Android tablet doesn't come close to a built-from-the-ground-up tablet version.
 Yes, it is a testament to the strength of iOS. Office for iPad doesn't look like something that was written 2 years ago and has been sitting on a shelf. It is native to iOS 7 (not sure if it is 64-bit, though), and conforms to its UI guidelines and is extremely touch-centric. Also telling is that they did this before they even completed the touch-centric re-write of Office for Windows RT/8. Arguably if they were serious about promoting Surface, making it touch-centric...
 However, Apple has given no indication that it will merge iOS and OS X any time soon, if ever. They haven't even activated full multi-tasking on iOS yet, probably because of power considerations and the relative limitations of ARM. I doubt that they would move away from Intel just yet, particularly when Intel's desktop and notebook-class processor designs are significantly more powerful than anything ARM has at the moment. It's the mobile device space where ARM has the...
 I'm not sure I'd rely on the HD4200 to power a Retina Display. Remember the complaints about the lag on the original 13" rMBP?
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