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They should have had a reservation system. I got to the UES at 9:05 and wound up with the last 38mm Fauve Barenia Single Tour. They had no Double Tours or Cuffs in stock (though those were the only ones available for try-on), and while they were taking down names, it was simply to give them a call later when they came in (i.e. it wouldn't guarantee them a product later on). The Hermes store had about 40 in line when I walked past. I was about 10th in line and there were...
Interesting development. I wonder if it relates to the appellate court ruling that said that Apple should have been able to get an injunction. Perhaps they will agree to a cross-licensing deal on future technology.
Yet another rumor confirmed. Didn't TSMC produce all the A8 chips? My guess is that TSMC's 16nm process doesn't have as good of yields as Samsung's 14nm process, but Apple didn't want to give all of its business to Samsung (they are still competitors, albeit Samsung is much weaker now than 2 years ago). I wouldn't be surprised if the S2 for the next Apple Watch is made using one of these two processes. It would certainly improve battery life.
 The 13 million includes Sunday's sales. However, the FY 2015 numbers will only include part of the 13 million (Friday and Saturday). Whatever they sold yesterday is part of FY 2016.
Sweet. My decision to keep my grandfathered plan looks better and better every day, particularly now that Band 30 is rolling out. Maybe one day AT&T will relent and let us tether, as well. After all, we're among the last who still needs to worry about minutes overages when we actually take phone calls.
So basically you are looking for an Apple version of Windows 10 on a convertible. I think if Apple gets there, it will be by adding Mac features to iOS rather than touch to OS X.
The MacBook does creak a bit more than the MacBook Air, but I like the thinness. Perhaps they can switch to 7000 Series aluminum at some point. 
Let's see how the bezel works in practice. In any case, it's interesting to see how Samsung gets 2-3 days out of a battery about 25% bigger than the one in the 38mm Apple Watch. Are they using a 14nm processor? If so, it suggests Apple will be able to do the same when they switch over to 14nm.
??? Libertarian capitalists are no fans of fraud. It's one of the legitimate exercises of government in libertarian philosophy.
Nice. The existing Michigan Avenue store is a bit cramped, and the location closer to the river is better overall. It's closer to the downtown business district and the relatively new Riverwalk.
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