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On Macrumors someone pointed out that the speaker used the term "aluminum" instead of the British "aluminium."
 It appears to be: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00V62XBY8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
More important to me is what size process does it use? 28nm? 20nm? If they can get the S2 onto the new 14nm or 16nm processes from Samsung or TSMC, then they can likely squeeze more battery life out of the next version.
 This happens all the time. She may not necessarily have been forced out. It could have been voluntary because she didn't want to report to a former peer. Either way, it's fairly common when a new leader is announced for others in consideration to move on, either within the organization or outside it.
I have seen two of the S6 Edge in the wild (one at an airport, the other at a hockey game) by end-consumers, but no S6 that I can tell. I expect it will sell significantly better than the lackluster S5, but it would be surprising if it did not sell well in Korea.
The Macworld writers had lots of issues setting up their new MacBook. I had some issues with Migration Assistant the second time around (long story, a Boot Camp installation corrupted the GUID partition table and I had to restart), but I don't think I encountered the issue above.
     Hindsight may not be 20/20 on whether the trial period should have been before the orders began. That happened in Australia and New Zealand and they had lines around the stores, which apparently isn't what they wanted, either. As for the MacBook, my guess is that this is a supply chain issue, which is not in Ahrendts' control, but instead is on the SVP-Operations. Quanta had some serious QC issues, it seems. In any case, had they launched try-ons March 27th and the...
I actually think the opposite. This doesn't take up much more space than the iPad Air inside a messenger bag or briefcase. In fact, it fits inside a secondary inner pocket in my Tumi messenger bag. It is so portable, a person with an iPhone 6 Plus or even iPhone 6 might wonder whether an iPad makes sense, since you can do so much more with a "real" Mac running OS X. Albeit with an adapter, it's easy to attach a USB key and access a "real" file system and edit files on...
The point is that the race to the bottom affects quality. Granted, Apple's margins are very high, and a company could be successful with lower margins, but the rest of the industry seems to take it to the opposite extreme. The poster who you replied to essentially got the Moto 360 for $79. A cheap Fossil or Swatch cost that much. 
In a promo video it looked like a hockey puck strapped to the PR woman's wrist. I've heard with the 2nd version they discovered the lugs that give a regular watch a more hexagonal look, and they are also working on a smaller version. The challenge facing everyone is how to ensure decent battery life in a smaller device. Apple was smart to introduce a size and multiple styles that could appeal to women. 
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