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  True, but the iPad has a better screen and better hardware overall. Also, if we look at Amazon's financial statements, we see that they don't really make any money, and never have. Eventually that will catch up to them (look at Dell and HP, which actually do make a little bit of money). I don't think Apple will keep 2/3 of the tablet market to itself forever, but I don't see Amazon as a big threat right now.   That said, apparently Amazon does a better job keeping...
Enough about the name. Let's get on to the important stuff: When will this be available for sale? Any new carriers (US Cellular, T-Mobile, China Mobile)? Do you have enough of them in stock to meet demand, or will it take weeks like last time?
  The new iPhone will be made of boron? :)
Not necessarily. The 4S has an A5 processor and runs iOS 5. So why can't the iPhone 5 have an A6 processor and run iOS 6?
It's OBVIOUS that this will be called the iPhone 6. Ignore the "5" shadow. 
  No, but I think it is unrealistic for Parallels (and VMWare, for that matter), to expect people to upgrade every year or even every other year for $50 when the upgrades are relatively modest. Using new OS versions from Apple essentially to force paid upgrades when other applications work with patches rubs people the wrong way. Likely a simple patch could keep Parallels 6 working with Mountain Lion, since a simple patch kept Parallels 7 working.   Plus, both VMWare and...
This is disappointing. Now that T-Mobile is refarming their spectrum, why can't Deutsche Telekom get off their collective back sides and strike a deal with Apple to offer the iPhone? "Selling against the iPhone" is a poor substitute for "selling the iPhone."
  Tim Cook is no John Sculley. Some things will undoubtedly be different, but on the whole he's been doing a good job. They scored a big win on Friday in court. They launched the new iPad, and for the first time in years they had enough supply to match demand. They released Mountain Lion on schedule, and look to have a great new iPhone in the wings.
Things are going to be different whenever there is a change in CEO, and whenever there is a change in a significant position such as SVP of retail. We may just be hearing from some disgruntled employees, which there always are. The thing to remember is that Ron Johnson wasn't pushed out. A CEO position became available, and he jumped at the chance (although he's finding things difficult at JC Penney).    Like it or not 2012 is very different from 2001, and the goals...
  Apple would need to bring up the Galaxy SIII in a separate case. However, they can ask they judge for an injunction separately if they believe that it infringes upon the patents, similar to how they asked prior to the existing case for the judge to issue an injunction (which she did only for the Nexus S).
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