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I got mine almost instantly, but it was one of the "already used" codes, so my guess is that they are slowing it down to make sure they get it right.
  Yes, but Steve Jobs told his biographer that he specifically wanted Apple to avoid the issues Disney faced as a result of founder idolization (as well as HP with what can best be described as founder anti-idolization). He put together a team that he thought best to run the company and wanted them to run it as they saw fit, and not as he would have run it.   If Jobs were still around, might he have rushed Mountain Lion to release it the same day as the MacBook Air and...
  They apparently are already re-issuing working codes. Glitches happen. Apple never got MobileMe right, even after Steve Jobs fired a bunch of people. Plus the new iPad launch went off without a hitch and there was plenty of stock on hand. That didn't happen when Steve Jobs was in charge. Jobs was great, but he wasn't perfect, and there are some things Tim Cook does better.  I'm tired of the "this would never have happened under Steve Jobs" criticism since it downplays...
Yes, I had this issue, too. Fortunately, since I had the Developer Preview, the current build already showed up in my Purchases. Hopefully I still get the "correct" code in a day or two, just so I can be sure it registered.
It seems like the reservation system worked this time, and that there's enough supply to meet demand. Neither should be too surprising, considering that the iPad has been available for several months now in the rest of the world.
 The update requires 10.7.4. It doesn't show up for Mountain Lion. Presumably this kind of thing will be fixed in the final version (the "golden master" isn't necessarily the final build since it isn't as if Apple has to publish DVDs).
  You are going to be part of a niche, however. It's your prerogative, but be aware of the risks. Microsoft is heading in the same direction. Most users want PCs to be appliances, the way cars have been for the past 20 years or so. People generally don't "tweak" their dishwashers or TVs. They plug them in and use them. That's where both Apple and Microsoft see things heading in the "post-PC" world.
  My guess is that they want to force changes in the standard. Note that EPEAT rates the ability for regular waste processors to recycle equipment. It says nothing about a manufacturer's own recycling program. An EPEAT-certified computer that gets tossed in the trash is no better for the environment than a non-EPEAT-certified Mac that gets returned to Apple for recycling at one of its processors.
You can have a thin notebook, but you can't just lift an exact design. I think Samsung is actually safe here, since their Series 7 and Series 9 notebooks do look different. Some of HP's notebooks look like MacBook Pros, and the ASUS Zenbook looks almost identical to the MacBook Air, down to the placement of the ports and the tapered design.  
  I'm guessing that women will like the smaller iPad. One of my colleagues has the original, and she likes it, but says that she'd prefer a smaller, lighter design. A 7.85" design would have more room than the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7, but still be more portable.   Steve Jobs said a lot of things were bad ideas, or unnecessary, before jumping right in. Third party application support for the iPhone is the most significant example. 
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