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There are about 900 million shares of Apple outstanding.
Until you have a deal, it makes no sense to say "we're going to set aside up to $X for an acquisition" because you would lose leverage. Plus there would be lots of speculation on who the target is, which creates tricky legal issues. Acquisitions aren't announced until the deal is signed.
But if that were the case, they would just announce a deal tomorrow morning rather than pre-announce it today. Acquisitions are usually negotiated right up until the time the deal is announced, and it is not unusual for the terms to be discussed late into the night just before the press release is prepared.
I doubt there are many Apple investors in the bottom two brackets. Plus, it is more likely that no matter who gets elected in November, their taxes won't be going up much, if at all. On the other hand, if the highest tax rate on dividends goes from 15% this year to 42.5% next year (39.6% pre-Bush rate plus the Medicare surcharge that goes into effect next year), that would have a HUGE impact on how a dividend is received by the Street.
Those are the only two realistic ways of reducing the cash/investment balance (only a quarter of it is actually cash and 2/3 of it is in long-term investments). For 2012, at least as far as American shareholders are concerned, a special dividend would be taxed at 15% (the same as a long term capital gain), so that is one way of doing it. A stock buyback doesn't make a whole lot of sense when the stock is trading at a record high, so I'm leaning toward a special...
Not on the 9AM (Eastern) call, but I would not be surprised if later on in the day or Tuesday they issue a separate press release announcing weekend sales. Whatever they decided to do with cash will have a significant impact on their stock trading activity tomorrow, and so might speculation about iPad sales. I'm guessing the board met this weekend to approve whatever Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer will announce, though I find it a bid odd they decided to do it the same...
I'm guessing they will announce plans for a special dividend sometime in 2012. Right now, qualifying dividends are taxed at 15% rather than at normal income rates (i.e. the same as long term capital gains). That special tax treatment is set to expire at the end of the year. I also think they will announce plans to invest a portion of their stockpile in an "incubator" for research and development (i.e. making private equity-type investments in startups). That would be...
Ivy Bridge will bring USB 3.0 support. I suspect that Apple will offer a $29 USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter and drop the port from future models. That would be entirely consistent with their history.
That's what mine says. At first I thought that maybe the doorman wasn't there to sign for it. However, I think since it updated exactly at 9:00am it was pre-programmed. On mine, it said it was on the vehicle for delivery at 7:36am, and then had the 9:00am "delivery exception." Usually FedEx gets to my building late in the morning or early in the afternoon. I'm expecting that it will be the same today.
Sorry, false alarm. It was just some accessories. The box was the right size, though. Anyway, mine's in Newark right now. I'm guessing it will cross the Hudson just in time for me to be at the office when it arrives at my apartment for the doorman to sign.
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