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  However, when I'm driving to an unfamiliar destination, I care how good it is NOW, not how good it WILL be a year from now.    The apology letter was necessary from a PR perspective. They released a product before it was ready, didn't call it Beta like they did with Siri, and removed the old version before their contract with Google was up. Had they called it Beta and kept a native Google Maps option ready (or given Google enough advance notice to release a native app...
If Apple is a "low volume" player in smartphones, what does that make Microsoft?
 How so? Why not standardize the port as quickly as possible? Mid-cycle updates have occurred on other lines. Why not the iPad?
It's a legal argument. Samsung was put in the odd position of arguing that it's designs couldn't have been copies since they weren't as good as Apple's. A UK judge went so far as handing Samsung a victory because their phones weren't as "cool" as the iPhone.
In other news, they have a commercial ready that shows how the screen perfectly fits the span of someone's right thumb. Another ad asks rhetorically how something smaller can get bigger.
It does strike me as a bit gimmicky.
  True. Android is the top in market share. Apple buyers tend to be loyal. Nokia would do better to try to reclaim market share from Samsung, who took it from them in the first place. 
  The sad thing is that the Lumia 920 does actually seem to be a nice phone. They don't need to attack Apple. They can attack Samsung and HTC for just releasing cheap copies. Nokia is actually doing something different. At the same time, by attacking the iPhone for the lack of color choices they come across as petty. 
If Samsung wants to waste their time with exercises in futility rather than compete in the marketplace, that's fine with me. A jury already slapped them down once when they tried to use FRAND 3G patents. They aren't going to have any more success using 4G patents.
It makes sense. I believe they are announcing their quarterly earnings results on the 16th, so a 17th announcement would be logical.  
New Posts  All Forums: