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  I think it's an issue with your carrier. What carrier do you have? I think Verizon was the best prepared, but Sprint and AT&T were having issues.
The unlocked 3GS was $375 on Apple's site. I see the iPhone 4 is now $450. That would be a tough sale in the rest of the world. I wonder if Apple will get more aggressive with off-contract pricing of the 4 later in the year.
New York as Flyover country? That looks a bit strange.
@Tylerk36, it may be dual core, but the architecture is superior. It's sort of like comparing a Core 2 Quad with a dual-core Ivy Bridge.
  Another half inch of thickness and it would be a MacBook Pro. The 13" MacBook Air gets battery life comparable to other Ultrabooks. The 11" isn't bad considering how small it is. I have never placed my MacBook Are in a 2" thick padded case. I have a neoprene sleeve for it that fits tightly, and the end result is still thinner than the MacBook Pro. It fits nicely into a pocket of a suitcase or even the front pocket of my regular notebook case (so I can get two notebooks...
  True, but the iPad has a better screen and better hardware overall. Also, if we look at Amazon's financial statements, we see that they don't really make any money, and never have. Eventually that will catch up to them (look at Dell and HP, which actually do make a little bit of money). I don't think Apple will keep 2/3 of the tablet market to itself forever, but I don't see Amazon as a big threat right now.   That said, apparently Amazon does a better job keeping...
Enough about the name. Let's get on to the important stuff: When will this be available for sale? Any new carriers (US Cellular, T-Mobile, China Mobile)? Do you have enough of them in stock to meet demand, or will it take weeks like last time?
  The new iPhone will be made of boron? :)
Not necessarily. The 4S has an A5 processor and runs iOS 5. So why can't the iPhone 5 have an A6 processor and run iOS 6?
It's OBVIOUS that this will be called the iPhone 6. Ignore the "5" shadow. 
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