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Hopefully this is just a base model, perhaps a $999 "starter" model. I would like to see more aggressive changes on the Air and Pro lines, rather than a spec bump. Acer is out there with 1980x1024 on 11.6" displays, so I'd like to see Apple at least make something like that optional.We'll find out for real next week.
Sounds good to me as an Apple shareholder. Now that the iPhone is about 8 months old, I would expect to see its share decline a bit until the new model in the fall. I won't worry too much, though. With the Cricket deal, and growth in China, it should hold its own until the new model is out.
  At the end of the day, their competitors are all on K Street. They need to be there, too. Doing the right thing is good, but sometimes isn't enough, unfortunately. Apple isn't the largest PC maker by any stretch, nor are they the largest phone manufacturer, eBook seller, or media company. Yet they are under the kind of government scrutiny that would be expected if they held monopolies in all those markets. They need to defend themselves against legal action.
 Microsoft used to eschew formal meetings with Congressional leaders, as well as lobbying. That all changed once they got hit with an anti-trust lawsuit. While Apple isn't nearly in the same situation Microsoft was in, they are increasingly under scrutiny for certain business practices. Having an open line to Washington might help diffuse potentially difficult political situations.
It has sold surprisingly well. That said, this might have a bigger impact on the iPad, perhaps for artists and graphic designers. I'm still not convinced any stylus or tablet will ever completely replace pencil and paper for note taking.
Interesting. Yet another validation of the iPad in the enterprise.   Unfortunately, the next version of the "Debt Restructuring App" will likely have just one setting: Default.
9 million would be an impressive number, regardless of whether it's to the carriers or individuals, or a combination. Carriers won't buy them unless they can sell them. The Galaxy SIII is a bit too big for me, but it does seem to be popular. Hopefully Apple is taking notice and has some nice plans for IOS 6 in store for us next month. It isn't really Android vs. IOS so much anymore as it is Samsung vs. Apple. Samsung is the only other company besides Apple who can sell...
  Up until the settlement, companies always keep up the talk. At times, they even let it come to trial (or at least a scheduled trial) before settling. My guess is the "undisclosed sum" will be relatively small (of course, we won't know for sure). Someone at Apple messed up and didn't read the fine print. The "Proview is all one guy" argument was blustering to let Proview know they wouldn't just cave easily.
    No that's not clear at all. 2/3 of the LTE subscribers in the world are in the US, so they may have added LTE support sooner than they wanted to in order to remain competitive in the US. Since LTE isn't as widespread outside the US, they are not at a competitive disadvantage by not offering LTE. Note that the iPads use old LTE chipsets that draw a lot of power. Apple doesn't use them in the iPhone for that reason. I suspect that the new iPhone and next year's iPad...
"Next up - how the New York Times avoids billions in taxes..."   They do it the easy way. They just avoid making a profit. 
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