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  Because for whatever reason, that's all that Android manufacturers are making right now. In 2007, the total number of phones with small non-touch screens and physical keyboard far outsold the number of iPhones sold. In 1990, the number of DOS PCs far outsold the number of Macs. Yet today we are using phones with large touchscreens and computers with graphical user interfaces.
  Why not? A jury found that Samsung willfully infringed upon some of their patents. That's an important finding, and lets them seem treble damages on those elements of the damages.   The iPhone 5 shows that Apple is capable of competing in the marketplace as well as the courtroom.
Does AT&T use that band?
Interesting. Anyone care to report what the lines look like at some of the other stores in the NYC area? In particular, I'm curious about Grand Central. At some point before my contract rescission period runs out I do want to try to get the no-commitment phone.
In the meantime, there is still www.google.com/maps. Add it to your home screen.
It looks like this is more of a procedural issue. Likely the injunction will be lifted, but the Appellate court is going to have to kick the issue back down to the District court.
Who knows what "as soon as September 21st" really means?
  I think it's an issue with your carrier. What carrier do you have? I think Verizon was the best prepared, but Sprint and AT&T were having issues.
The unlocked 3GS was $375 on Apple's site. I see the iPhone 4 is now $450. That would be a tough sale in the rest of the world. I wonder if Apple will get more aggressive with off-contract pricing of the 4 later in the year.
New York as Flyover country? That looks a bit strange.
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