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  I think that's a function of capacity. 3G networks are overloaded here in NYC, so LTE is a big benefit.   As for the survey itself, it doesn't surprise me. It also doesn't help matters that the ITC loosened the rules so that T-Mobile and AT&T could rechristen their existing 3G networks as "4G." Consumers may not even realize that there is a difference between "4G" and "LTE." As long as they can download what they want, they are happy. Having said that, LTE is more...
She's a former patent lawyer. Patent law is a very unique part of the law, and most people who go into it have a technical background. This isn't like closing a real estate deal, or even trying a criminal case.
Not necessarily. Samsung has virtually no time left to cross-examine. Apple is just putting these witnesses one one after another after another for a few minutes to make a single point. They just might get all 22 in, or close enough that they can argue that the list was in good faith (avoiding sanctions). The jury is getting to hear nearly 2 dozen people make Apple's case and stew over it through the weekend before closing arguments early next week.
  It depends on if it was sold ex-dividend. If yes, then yes, the "old" owner will receive the dividend. If no, then the "new" owner would receive the dividend, but the selling price would reflect that fact. The market knows how to handle these kinds of things.
Must this article parrot a talking point of one particular party? One of the reasons that the 2003 tax cuts reduced the dividend rate was to eliminate the disparity between dividends and capital gains. The economic argument is that the corporation already pays taxes (up to 35%), so it makes sense to reduce the taxes that individuals pay on the dividends they receive from corporations. Otherwise, corporate earnings would effectively be taxed at up to 70%. As a result of...
I want to see an ad where Ellen Feiss asks for a Genius to help her set up her knockoff Ultrabook so she can create a video while she's on her way to the hospital to have a baby.
They were probably cheap to make, aired a few times, and got everyone talking. Sometimes "bad" ads are the best publicity ever. Think Menards or Empire Carpets.  
It should work. You can Target Disk Mode through a Thunderbolt cable directly.
That's too bad. This up-to-date program is turning into a nightmare. By and large, the servers have been good and able to handle the load, which just makes the up-to-date debacle stand out evern more.
My replacement codes came at 1:47am. I submitted my original request and got the bad codes around 9:00am yesterday (Eastern).
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