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That would be a concern if Amazon sold the Kindle for a profit. They sell it essentially for cost and make their money on content. The Kindle App and Kindle ecosystem can still compete on the depth of its content.Except that Amazon has the dominant market position. Antitrust law is somewhat shaky, but I don't think it exists for the benefit of the dominant players in a market.The agency model itself is pretty common. Amazon uses it in other services, as the article points...
Welcome to signal fragmentation. We went from 3-4 primary 2G frequencies, to 4-5 primary 3G frequencies, to at least 5 and likely 7 or more primary LTE/4G frequencies. I'm guessing that's why Apple added DC-HSDPA support (the iPhone 4S has only basic 14.4 HSPA+ support). That is what is being rolled out in most of Europe first, and it can be just as fast or faster than early LTE implementations. North American telcos are a bit ahead of the game in terms of LTE (unlike with...
However, since she was shot down by both the Appellate Court and the High Court, chances are she isn't going to be so quick to issue another injunction against anyone, Apple or Samsung. Judges don't like having their rulings overturned, since a high record of being overturned can affect judicial assignments, etc.I can see the ads right now: "The new iPad. The tablet Samsung tried to stop!"
http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=AAPL Yahoo! Finance has close to real-time updates (not the charts, but at least the quote). Anyway, I think haptic is a remote possibility, but not impossible. I won't be disappointed if it doesn't have this, or a quad-core processor for that matter. I'll pull the trigger if it has a Retina Display (guaranteed) and LTE (more likely than not).
Yes, that's the case. The US is switching to the system that Europe uses. However, in this case, the old law would apply, so it would come down to who invented it first. It is a bit odd that it took a decade for the patent to be approved. I was surprised we hadn't heard from NeoNode until now, but I guess it's because they didn't have the patent yet. NeoNode is another company that was unsuccessful in manufacturing a product, so the main value they have is in their IP....
Since they have already paid taxes on the earnings in the US, they could distribute those without taking a tax hit. If they transfer money from their overseas subsidiaries to the US parent, that is what would trigger additional tax (above and beyond what they already paid the overseas authorities).
Technically, about $70 billion are in long-term investments. The amount of "cash" and short-term investments has been mostly flat around $25 billion since Q4-08. It may be more correct to say that Apple's balance sheet resembles that of a profitable manufacturer of consumer electronics who also happens to operate a large investment fund. The formula worked for Porsche for many years. They were essentially a hedge fund that also made cars. Maybe Apple could essentially...
They are referring only to the original Air. The late 2008 Air will still run Mountain Lion. Remember, the original Air had the very slow Intel graphics and will be 4.5 years old by the time Mountain Lion is released. The late-2008 had NVIDIA graphics and was a much-improved machine.
They have about 3% of the global market for PCs. They are far from having an anti-trust position. They can ask a supplier for exclusivity.
It would be a second resolution, not a third resolution. Quadrupling would also make scaling easy, the same as it was on the iPhone.
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