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It will likely have USB 3.0, since it's natively supported in Ivy Bridge. That addresses speed issues. I'm not sure how a docking station is any better than an adapter when it comes to carrying things around.
I live in a building with a doorman. Otherwise, I'd have had it sent to my office.
Perhaps Wal-Mart got the idea from Telestra. From what I read the crowds were a little smaller in Australia than for the iPad 2 rollout, but I'm guessing it's because last year there were no pre-orders. In any case, I'll gladly wait for the FedEx truck tomorrow. Actually, it will arrive while I'm at the office, so it will be there when I get home.
Yes, that radio is a year old. No wonder they didn't use it in the iPhone 4S.
Wow! Apple has gone from undervalued to in the low $400s to $600 in less than 6 months, and from $500 to $600 in just a month. I'm sure the iPad is selling well, but part of me is wondering if Wall Street is again setting itself up with unrealistic expectations for earnings next month. I wouldn't be surprised to see it pull back for a few days, just like it did just shortly before last month's earnings release, before resuming a more gradual rise. Let's see what Apple...
Ivy Bridge will have native support for USB 3.0. I say it is a high probability to be included. That should make it possible to have inexpensive adapters for high-speed Ethernet.
I'd guess 2 million. During the holiday quarter, iPad 2 was selling about 1 million per week. There was a lot of publicity about the "iPad 3" from about mid-February on, so undoubtedly iPad 2 sales tailed off and there was pent up demand. In any case, I'm glad I got my order in on Thursday before they sold out. The wait time is up to 2-3 weeks now (it was still "shipping March 19" earlier today).
Funny. The stock was down at the actual announcement, but then rebounded the next day once the market had a chance to absorb the news. My guess is we'll see a pop, but it's tough to say. Apple has gone up quite a bit over the last few weeks. We'll get a better sense of how sustainable their stock price trajectory is next month when they release earnings. The iPad launch will be included in the quarterly results, so that should offset the effect of people delaying purchases...
Yes, I'm not sure why anyone would have pre-ordered on the 16th for in-store pickup. It will likely be a zoo at most of the Apple stores. I can totally see doing that once the initial rush is over, though. It's iOS devices that people wait for. When the new MacBook Air came out last July, I pre-ordered it, but then cancelled when I realized that I could just get it the next day at the store (5th Avenue no less) without waiting, rather than wait an extra day for my...
Given that last quarter was their best ever for the iPad and they sold 15 million (slightly over 1 million per week), I would not be surprised if they sold 2 million over the weekend. Even my mother knew the "iPad 3" was coming out about 3 weeks ago and I'm guessing sales of the old version tapered off a bit. Unlike with the 4S launch, though, this release is happening in the current fiscal quarter and will be included in their results reported next month, so hopefully...
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