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  My guess is that the strategy will evolve somewhat under Tim Cook. First of all, judges across the world seem to be a bit skeptical about these kinds of suits, no matter who brings them. No one has really landed a heavy blow yet. Second, the Oracle ruling shows that juries are capable of passing judgment, and understanding complex issues. Likewise they may be skeptical of plaintiffs. Third, Apple is already starting to diversify its supply chain. LG makes the new Retina...
It was FRAND, so the issue never really was about whether Apple had to pay to license it. All the Dutch court did was rule that the two sides needed to strike a licensing deal. It was part of a broader lawsuit.
This is probably the biggest risk, and the biggest reward strategy. Ballmer has to have noticed that Apple went from near oblivion to the world's most valuable company in just over a decade following an integrated hardware/software strategy, while Microsoft spent the last 10 years stagnating and living off its cash cows called Office and Windows XP/7. If he succeeds, he'll keep his job a while longer and secure his place in Microsoft folklore. If he fails, we'll see...
Both candidates make gaffes and typos occasionally. President Obama's name was misspelled on the signature line of a diplomatic agreement with Then-Russian President Medvedev earlier this year. With 24/7 partisan cable news, Twitter, and blogs on you all the time, you are bound to screw something up. It's the downside of all the technological development over the past 25 years or so. No surprise that candidates are trying to make use of the upsides (more data to analyze,...
Hopefully this is just a base model, perhaps a $999 "starter" model. I would like to see more aggressive changes on the Air and Pro lines, rather than a spec bump. Acer is out there with 1980x1024 on 11.6" displays, so I'd like to see Apple at least make something like that optional.We'll find out for real next week.
Sounds good to me as an Apple shareholder. Now that the iPhone is about 8 months old, I would expect to see its share decline a bit until the new model in the fall. I won't worry too much, though. With the Cricket deal, and growth in China, it should hold its own until the new model is out.
  At the end of the day, their competitors are all on K Street. They need to be there, too. Doing the right thing is good, but sometimes isn't enough, unfortunately. Apple isn't the largest PC maker by any stretch, nor are they the largest phone manufacturer, eBook seller, or media company. Yet they are under the kind of government scrutiny that would be expected if they held monopolies in all those markets. They need to defend themselves against legal action.
 Microsoft used to eschew formal meetings with Congressional leaders, as well as lobbying. That all changed once they got hit with an anti-trust lawsuit. While Apple isn't nearly in the same situation Microsoft was in, they are increasingly under scrutiny for certain business practices. Having an open line to Washington might help diffuse potentially difficult political situations.
It has sold surprisingly well. That said, this might have a bigger impact on the iPad, perhaps for artists and graphic designers. I'm still not convinced any stylus or tablet will ever completely replace pencil and paper for note taking.
Interesting. Yet another validation of the iPad in the enterprise.   Unfortunately, the next version of the "Debt Restructuring App" will likely have just one setting: Default.
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