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Posner is a well-respected jurist. My guess is that he was concerned both parties were employing a "kitchen sink" strategy to obfuscate the real issues, and wanted them to come forward with the real points of contention.
Samsung was an also-ran Android player until mid-2010. Since then, and particularly in 2011, they have rocketed to the top. Plot their market share against the other players, and you'll see that it lines up pretty nicely with Nokia's fall. As Nokia as faltered, Samsung has risen. Within the US, Samsung has benefited by cornering the high end of the Android market. Outside the US, they have benefited by cornering both the high end and low end that Nokia frittered away.The...
I'm guessing either the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy S III. In any case, I'm not sure insulting your potential customers (even if "tongue-in-cheek") is that effective in the long run. At the end of the day, it still makes people think about the original.
You can have both installed. It identifies the older one as "Airport Utility 5.6" and the newer one as "Airport Utility" if you have them both installed.
Wow. This could be huge.That fact alone has no bearing. It's entirely possible that Rubin obtained low-level information that was crucial to the patent while he was at Apple.
There is a reason CEOs don't necessarily make the best presidents. CEOs like to have absolute power. Presidents of the United States don't. There is no one in Apple who had the power that Mitch McConnell, or john Boehner have in Congress. Even when the President and the majority leaders in Congress are of the same party there is tension in our political system. That just doesn't happen in a big company.
He almost mentioned Apple and Laurene Powell Jobs in passing. It would be interesting to know what Steve Jobs would have thought of the speech. Oddly enough, Apple is a poster child for "outsourcing" because it is either to expensive to manufacture things here, or because there aren't enough engineers and programmers here. Obama touched on both topics today, but was careful not to criticize the most valuable company in the world.
Nice quarter, Apple. I can't wait to see what this quarter brings. My credit card is ready to buy an iPad 3.
That's my concern as well. Apple has every right to do what they are doing, but it might create an opening for Amazon to follow with a similar product that will enable would-be textbook authors to use their solution and have their work available on multiple devices such as the iPad, the Kindle Fire, Android tablets, Windows PCs, and Macs.
If the company stumbles between now and 2022, there could be an opening for Forstall. If not, then if his personality is as described, I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up elsewhere eventually.
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