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True, but by going after the first Android 4.0 phone (which has no OEM-specific customizations), Apple is going after Google without directly going after Google.
As someone who owns an iPhone 4S but doesn't harbor the late Steve Jobs' ill will toward Android (I bought a Nexus One in January 2010 and still have it), the Samsung ad fell flat to me. A stylus isn't that attractive. Plus, you don't tend to get new customers by insulting the very people you seek to attract. I've heard comparisons to the Mac vs. PC commercials, but I disagree. The Mac vs. PC ads were comparing the two PRODUCTS, not customers. It was telling Windows...
The MacBook Air would be the last Mac they ever discontinue. It seemed pretty clear to me in 2008 that Apple saw the MacBook Air as the future of PCs (in the generic sense), and it should have become obvious to everyone in July 2011 when they dropped the base MacBook.
Motorola is the one company that seems to be having some actual success against Apple (i.e. in getting injunctions against them, rather than simply defeating Apple's lawsuits). I have also heard on Engadget that Apple has begun pulling older iPhones and 3G iPads from the German market in response to the December ruling. I wonder if they will quickly settle with Motorola before Google takes over completely. That said, the German courts are also investigating Samsung's use...
This could be a case of Apple being a victim of its own success. As iPhone and iPad sales have skyrocketed, and Mac sales have increased, perhaps Apple's infrastructure can't handle the load. Hopefully they right the ship.
Posner is a well-respected jurist. My guess is that he was concerned both parties were employing a "kitchen sink" strategy to obfuscate the real issues, and wanted them to come forward with the real points of contention.
Samsung was an also-ran Android player until mid-2010. Since then, and particularly in 2011, they have rocketed to the top. Plot their market share against the other players, and you'll see that it lines up pretty nicely with Nokia's fall. As Nokia as faltered, Samsung has risen. Within the US, Samsung has benefited by cornering the high end of the Android market. Outside the US, they have benefited by cornering both the high end and low end that Nokia frittered away.The...
I'm guessing either the Galaxy Note or the Galaxy S III. In any case, I'm not sure insulting your potential customers (even if "tongue-in-cheek") is that effective in the long run. At the end of the day, it still makes people think about the original.
You can have both installed. It identifies the older one as "Airport Utility 5.6" and the newer one as "Airport Utility" if you have them both installed.
Wow. This could be huge.That fact alone has no bearing. It's entirely possible that Rubin obtained low-level information that was crucial to the patent while he was at Apple.
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