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She didn't turn the company around by hiring better sales associates in the stores. When she took over, the brand had negative associations as a result of cheap knockoffs. She rebuilt the brand's image and re-established relationships within the fashion industry. Apple doesn't need help selling iPhones, Macs, or iPads in their stores. However, they are launching a new line of wearables that they plan to market as fashion accessories. So in that respect, they are selling...
I think they are sold in white boxes with black lettering in Aisle 12 next to the pet food.
 If something were to happen to Tim Cook (e.g. health issues) in the near term, I think it would be Cue or Schiller, at least in the interim. However, if Ahrendts is successful at revamping the stores, and promoting the Apple Watch (and perhaps other wearables) she may well be in the running eventually once she's more ingrained into the corporate culture. Unlike Cue, Schiller, or anyone else at Apple not named Tim Cook, Ahrendts has actually been a CEO of a successful...
Ahrendts is anything but a generic executive. She completely rejuvenated the Burberry brand and turned the company around.
 That's probably one of the areas she is going to tackle.
 I don't see Ahrendts making the same mistake as Johnson. Johnson's problem is that he forgot he was returning to the world of mid-market retail, where every one of his competitors slaps ridiculous MSRPs only to have constant rotating "40% off" sales. He tried selling everything at a lower price year-round without discounting, sort of like how everything at Apple stores sells at MSRP. It turns out that people buying clothing and home goods would rather go to Macy's or...
 Possibly, but she isn't much younger. Also, her 2014 salary was inflated because she was given a doubly large restricted stock award to compensate for the fact that she left $37 million on the table by leaving Burberry.
 I'm guessing they are more concerned about getting the 100 largest banks signed up than the other 400.
Ahrendts wasn't chosen to keep the stores as they were. If Tim Cook wanted to do that, he'd have promoted one of the three VPs who ran it after Browett, or he'd have made a lower profile hire if he didn't want to choose between them. He wouldn't go out and poach a CEO, buying out her $37 million unvested stock package from her last employer, if he thought she was just going to keep things the same. Burberry sales tripled in the 7 years she led them, so it's fair to say she...
New Posts  All Forums: