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 That's probably one of the areas she is going to tackle.
 I don't see Ahrendts making the same mistake as Johnson. Johnson's problem is that he forgot he was returning to the world of mid-market retail, where every one of his competitors slaps ridiculous MSRPs only to have constant rotating "40% off" sales. He tried selling everything at a lower price year-round without discounting, sort of like how everything at Apple stores sells at MSRP. It turns out that people buying clothing and home goods would rather go to Macy's or...
 Possibly, but she isn't much younger. Also, her 2014 salary was inflated because she was given a doubly large restricted stock award to compensate for the fact that she left $37 million on the table by leaving Burberry.
 I'm guessing they are more concerned about getting the 100 largest banks signed up than the other 400.
Ahrendts wasn't chosen to keep the stores as they were. If Tim Cook wanted to do that, he'd have promoted one of the three VPs who ran it after Browett, or he'd have made a lower profile hire if he didn't want to choose between them. He wouldn't go out and poach a CEO, buying out her $37 million unvested stock package from her last employer, if he thought she was just going to keep things the same. Burberry sales tripled in the 7 years she led them, so it's fair to say she...
But those products will sell well regardless now. The Watch is a new product that will need personal attention to sell. That is why there will be emphasis on them so that they can become a good selling product for the company.
 Quote: If the Apple Watch is going to be successful, it will have to appeal to fashion-conscious women, as well as men buying for their fashion-conscious spouses and girlfriends. A different approach is needed from what worked to sell iPhones, Macs, and iPads. Those product lines (particularly the iPhone) mostly sell themselves now, so I think Apple will be more experimental. What the store looks like and its atmosphere affect sales of fashion items.
Bridger was head of real estate for retail, and he had a major role in selecting locations and construction. His role is a big one to fill. Apparently he wasn't getting along with Ahrendts or didn't share her vision for the future. My guess is that we'll see some subtle cues from her Burberry days. I don't think she'll try to turn Apple Stores into Burberry stores (Ron Johnson can tell you what trying to turn JC Penney stores in Apple Stores did), but as Apple expands into...
She's ruffling some feathers, but the stores need some changes. It can get noisy and hectic in the stores at times. Take this as a sign that there will be a further diversification of the product line long term (e.g. more wearables). It sounds like she wants the stores to promote an image of luxury.
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