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So did Samsumg forget about the first smartphone with a 5" screen? The Dell Streak, which predates the Note by a year. http://www.gsmarena.com/dell_streak-3353.php
I finally gave up on the website and just ordered through the iPhone app using AT&T Next. I guess I can always pre-pay and get AT&T to unlock it if I plan to go overseas. It still shows delivery on 9/19. iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray.
Protected Health Information is definitely governed by HIPAA. That said, Apple does tend to protect privacy better than, say, Google.
 If you are looking for a comparatively less expensive and legal route to get Windows, buy the Windows 8 OEM edition (NOT the Windows 8.1 OEM edition) from a reputable reseller like NewEgg. Normally the OEM edition is available only for computers that will be sold. But for Windows 8 and 8 only, Microsoft relaxed its licensing restrictions and gave you the option of enabling a "personal use" license. They reversed course with 8.1, but Windows 8 users can update to Windows...
This is what is annoying. Parallels 8 worked fine with Yosemite DP versions 1-4. Then DP 5 comes out as the first public beta. Parallels then throws up an error message saying that an upgrade is necessary for compatibility with Yosemite.
Great news. Maybe they can go back to being partners instead of enemies. The writing was on the wall. Outside the US basically the court cases were going nowhere for Apple or Samsung. Even here, courts seem reluctant to issue product bans or force anything more than modest royalties and settlements. Also, the past year has shown the limits of Samsung's ability to grow its profits at Apple's expense. They have reported several disappointing quarters in a row while Apple has...
They have been "investing in thhe future" for 18 years. Eventually they need to actually make some money.
Finally the Street figured out that Amazon has made less in 18 years of existence than what Apple, Google, and Samsung individually earn in disappointing quarters.
 I think the difference with SlingBox is that you are streaming a signal that you have a contractual right to receive. You connect it to your own cable/satellite/antenna signal, and then it streams it to your location online.
 Oddly enough, it was Scalia, Thomas, and Alito who would have given Aereo a fighting chance. They, too, were skeptical that Aereo wasn't infringing on copyrights, but on secondary liability grounds, rather than primary liability grounds. A nuance, but an important one. The SCOTUS majority ruled that Aereo was like a cable company and was "performing" infringing works. The 3 dissenters argued that Aereo is more akin to a copy shop or VCR that potentially enables others to...
New Posts  All Forums: