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 Kuo was right, I guess, that the Mini 3 would see only minor updates. I'm surprised the Mini 3 didn't even get the base A8. Stepping back, they kept the price the same for the base from last year, dropped the 64GB and 128GB models by $100, and added Touch ID. But since they are keeping the mini 2 around at $349 for a 32GB model, it's a bit of a wonder how many will opt to pay $399 for a 16GB Mini 3 or $499 for a 64GB Mini 3. I guess they are just accepting that the mini...
I'm surprised they didn't at least put the A8 into the mini 3. They are really trying to upsell the iPad Air, I guess. Well, with the $100 price drop on the 64GB and 128GB models, it puts it in line with last year's mini. I'm going for the Air 2, I guess.
 But that's the whole point. Samsung is saddling their processors and GPU with ultra-high resolution screens that offer questionable benefits to the end user over the 1920x1080 resolution that Apple is using, or that they used in the last generation.
Hopefully it comes with a faster GPU than what's in the iPhone 6 Plus.
Mac Mini? Apple TV? A shorter iPad? This is quite a tantalizing invitation.
iOS 6 and iOS 7 had more than their fair shares of issues upon release. iOS 6 had Maps, and I believe iOS 7 broke Exchange compatibility for over a month until Apple and Microsoft figured out what was going on. I recall calendar entries getting screwed up and contacts not showing up. More likely is is that the OTA upgrade requires nearly 6GB free.
But a lot of people don't know that, particularly since a computer is no longer a digital hub.
I think the point is that Samsung is still dependent upon Qualcomm. Apple is designing dual-core processors that run as fast as Qualcomm's quad-core processors and are more power efficient. Samsung is designing double quad-core (which is what "octa-core" really is) big.LITTLE processors that are slower and less power efficient than Qualcomm's. So yes, Samsung can ship a Note 4 that holds its own against the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but they are enriching Qualcomm in doing...
Squaretrade rated the iPhone 6 Plus the most durable phone with a screen greater than 5".
Apparently some people in Australia had some issues with 8.0.2 when it first rolled out, but now it seems to be fine, if comments on Macrumors are accurate.
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