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If I understand correctly, the new AI iPad app will require a subscription after the first month, but the iPhone version will not? Why not offer an ad-sponsored version of the iPad app that continues to be free, or let us install the iPhone app on our iPads?
Not unexpected given the judge's previous comments about Apple during the case. My guess is that the brief was written primarily for the appellate court.
 I can count on one hand how many times Touch ID has actually worked for me in the last 2 months. It refuses to even scan my fingerprints now.
 The current design has no glass back like the 4/4s. Aluminum bends more easily. It says nothing about the quality of the device. A 20kt gold ring will also bend more easily than a 14kt gold ring. It's a function of the materials used. Apple's priority with the 5/5s was making the phone as thin and light as possible. People complained the 4/4s was heavy. That said, in my experience the iPad mini (both original and retina) seem to be built like tanks. They handle being...
 They are asking the judge to remove the monitor because they claim he is biased against the company, doing things that the judge told him not to do (e.g. interview people without attorneys present), acting as a prosecutor (i.e. advocate for the plaintiffs) instead of a judge (i.e. monitoring compliance with an existing court order), and charging fees that are neither reasonable nor customary. The police don't install a breathalyzer car ignition lock if you get a ticket...
 The main reason is that Google sells it for not much more than cost, because their business model is driven by ad revenue.
Can you release a universal binary that supports 64-bit but also runs on a 32-bit iPhone?
 Apple PR isn't going to say anything until there's an official announcement, because they can't. Generally the WSJ has pretty reliable sources. My guess is that someone at China Mobile jumped the gun and told a WSJ reporter there was a deal. My guess is that there is a deal in principle, but they are still hammering out the final details such as exactly how many China Mobile will commit to buy and how much they will subsidize it.
We all knew it was coming, but it's welcome news nonetheless.
Regarding the buyback, part of the reason that the price is up is that there are fewer shares outstanding. Theoretically, the market cap should be the same regardless of the number of shares outstanding, so if the buybacks hadn't happened, Apple's stock price would be a bit lower (adjusted for the cash that Apple paid for the shares it bought back). So if it paid $23.5 billion for the 47 million shares it bought back ($500/share), in theory if it hadn't done the buyback,...
New Posts  All Forums: