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 Yes, Verizon requires a dedicated SIM. The whole point about the Apple SIM is that it was supposed to make it easier to choose between plans, and make it easier when traveling. For instance, I may purchase a 30-day T-Mobile plan with 3GB of data, try a Sprint plan the next month, or activate a 7-day EE plan on a trip to London, all without having to get new SIMs.
 I think Apple would love it if it could do away with SIMs altogether and just have it so that the customer could choose whichever carrier he or she wanted whenever he or she wants simply through software. It would significantly reduce the number of separate SKUs they need to carry. The carriers had become stodgy, anyway. I'm not sure why people are opposed to the phone makers trying to get the carriers to bend a little.
There's a GeekBench result now http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/1061742.
 But there were only 9 days (9/19-9/27) in which the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were on sale. And the pre-orders don't count as sales until they are delivered to the customer.
 My guess is the focus will be more on Apple's guidance for the current quarter. In any case, I think 12 million iPads is high, since there was an expectation of a new iPad. I think iPad sales will be closer to 10 million. iPhone sales of 37 million seems right, since there were only 9 days in the fiscal quarter (9/19 - 9/27) in which the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were on sale, and undoubtedly sales in August and early September dropped off in anticipation of the rollout. Even...
 I'm guessing that their internal research said that adding the A8 wouldn't have made much difference (i.e. it would still be cannibalized significantly by the iPhone 6 Plus), so they decided to make only minimal upgrades and push the pricier iPad Air 2. The big news seems to be the $150 price drop on the 32GB iPad Mini 2. That seems to be the sweet spot for anyone who needs a little more than the basic storage, but doesn't need TouchID.
 Basically they kept the price the same as last year and added Touch ID. They also dropped the price of the 64GB and 128GB models by $100. So they aren't targeting upgraders from last year, but are just keeping pace so that it isn't completely outdated. They seem to be saying they don't mind that iPad growth has stalled, and want to prioritize their supplies of the A8 for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
 Kuo was right, I guess, that the Mini 3 would see only minor updates. I'm surprised the Mini 3 didn't even get the base A8. Stepping back, they kept the price the same for the base from last year, dropped the 64GB and 128GB models by $100, and added Touch ID. But since they are keeping the mini 2 around at $349 for a 32GB model, it's a bit of a wonder how many will opt to pay $399 for a 16GB Mini 3 or $499 for a 64GB Mini 3. I guess they are just accepting that the mini...
I'm surprised they didn't at least put the A8 into the mini 3. They are really trying to upsell the iPad Air, I guess. Well, with the $100 price drop on the 64GB and 128GB models, it puts it in line with last year's mini. I'm going for the Air 2, I guess.
 But that's the whole point. Samsung is saddling their processors and GPU with ultra-high resolution screens that offer questionable benefits to the end user over the 1920x1080 resolution that Apple is using, or that they used in the last generation.
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