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'Tis truehttp://www.apple.com/legal/sla/macosx.html
Do not get the kensington lock that uses the barrel shaped key (first product pictured). They can be opened simply using a toilet paper tube rolled up, as shown in this video: http://www.toool.nl/kensington623.wmv It's a widely known hack that's been out in the wild for a couple years now. I suggest a combo based lock.
That buzzing sound is what we like to call the "Light Saber." It is usually caused by the hard drive when you move the computer around. Best bring it to an Apple store since many people report their hard drives failing a couple weeks down the road.
http://mactv.uneasysilence.com/?tag=hd Higher res versions are here, and you can download them too.
Yup, it's pretty simple. If you still have the CD/DVD that came with your powerbook, simply stick it in, power off your laptop, then when you power on the laptop right after the "Bong" sound hold down the 'C' key so that you laptop boots from the cd and enters the mac osx installation program. When you get to the main screen that asks you what you want to do, go to the upper left next to the apple logo and select the installer and go to "Disk Utility." Once your in disk...
http://www.speckproducts.com/13mac-seethru.html Or you are really scared of scratches you could get this hard-shelled case for your macbook?
But for future reference, File vault needs this initial amount of space because it first has to encrypt all the data in your home folder, then it deletes your home folder and replaces it with the encrypted folder.
If you ever drop an electronic device in water, you want to quickly turn off the device and dry off all you can manually. Then, the safest thing to do is to have it sit for about 3 days to make sure everything that you could not towel off evaporates. Chances are you damaged your laptop, not because of the water itself persay, but because you tried to turn it back without waiting for all the water to evaporate first. Check to see if your home owner's insurance will...
They usually say that batteries are "consumables" and that they are not covered under regular warranty. The first time I complained enough and e-mailed the head of customer support over it so that they replaced it because the battery died (had less than 10 min charge) within 7 months of light use. The second time was the battery recall so I guess that doesn't REALLY count under applecare And yes, I believe it is autoenroll if you buy applecare with the portable, but he's...
1. It does not cover accidental or any damage that is caused by you, only manufacture defects. Of course, if there doesn't seem to be any physical damage they will probably fix it even if it is your fault. If you want accidental damage and theft protection you'll have to buy insurance. IE http://safeware.com/ (which does not cover manufacture defects). 2. Warranty is transferable 3. Yes, extended warranties for laptops are one of the only electronic warranty that I would...
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