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I'd rather see the normal gold with a deep red face instead of white. Or something like that.
Gimme ChocolateRoad of ResistanceMegitsuneIjime, Dame, Zettai Are the ones I would give a listen to...   There are other good ones too. They've played the US this year 2 or 3 locations, and opened up for Lady Ga Ga last year 5 locations, and played UK, Germayny, France, and others last year and/or this year.  
"Baby Metal" has been selling out venues across the world, really fast.   It grows on most people.  FIrst time I saw it, it was like, "yeah, whatever".  Second time was like "Holy Crap." Only the purist metalheads don't like it.    They have fans even amongst big metal bands themselves.   And have won awards from Metal magazines. As I said I don't listen to a lot of metal at all, and then more traditional classic forms, but I like it.  I've had to restrict my own listening...
That's interesting.   I'd see him live (small venue live, not large) if I had the chance, even if I have no interest in his recordings.   The recording I saw of him recently was a small venue live gig and he was good.
I have no desire for Apple Music, and won't be updating iOS/iTunes on Mac for a while in any case while people shake out the bugs, but I am interested if someone in the US who has Apple Music if "Baby Metal" is available to stream...     I don't listen a lot to "Metal" in any sub-genre, usually, but that is the exception, for small amounts of time a day...
I grew up in the "Prince" era, and had the _Purple_Rain_ album on vinyl.   Not such a big fan.   However, I saw some more recent live footage of him playing guitar, and darn, he was good.  Really good.
Its just that your long term memory is not so good.    Mobile.me was a great success, right?  Apple Maps was a huge success at first, remember? I think you can find gripes and complaints about buggy releases and stuff from "old" software at Apple.  Just go look. And the major talent from NeXT is not gone.  I saw Andreas (forget his last name) at WWDC and  talked with him.  I suspect there are others as well.   And bbum comes from the NeXT era but came to Apple after NeXT...
 I am not arguing or or against your other stuff, but please substantiate the above.   Please show actual physical data to support it.   Any sort of verifiable metric that shows what you claim.
No Japan.
Finally, a band I've heard of! /s
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