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 Wish I had been so clever!  Once I read it again I saw what you saw I did.
I would suspect that a 9mm to the chest hitting the phone would have been deflected enough to save the guy.   Just a  hunch.  Especially if it were a hollow point.
It was probably lead shot.  I am confused by what you are saying. Polycarbonate is pretty good at absorbing and deforming.
That was very close range (based on the spread pattern).   That will kill you at that range.
That guy will be a customer for life...
Whether their network is "crappy" or not probably depends on where you are.  Where I am at AT&T network is generally pretty good, with fast good coverage.   Our music teacher is on T-Mobile and is forever complaining about their "crappy" network.   I don't know how he defines it.  But the point is that this is probably subjective, "grass is greener" type of situation, and also location dependent.
Depending on your data plan, the 2 year contract price can end up costing you a lot more than the AT&T Next plan total prices (HW plus service for 24 months).   Once you pay the device off on AT&T Next your bill goes down as well (in answer to someone earlier who posted about T-Mobile).   I moved from T-Mobile to AT&T when the original iPhone came out and have not had a problem.  Never had cramming from AT&T and never had an issue with their Customer Service (CS).   Had...
What was the estimated ship date when you ordered?
Sprouts Farmer's Market also accepts Apple Pay... Shown on their terminals by logo and it works. So does Smiths Market (Kroger owned). Lots of places rolling it out.
They should have kept up their battery a month club / battery card ;)   People would have gone in to the stores...
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