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The times I have been in Japan I have seen more iPads than Android tablets in the wild.  I suspect China and SE Asia are different from Japan/Hong Kong.
I wish Apple allowed no-charge IAP (it solves certain problems), but alas, the "Free" price tier does not exist in iTunes Connect for IAP.  (As of a month ago at least, and I submitted the request to Apple to allow this several years ago).
Always good to have multiple sources for your parts and to keep your suppliers on their toes due to competition for your business.   Sole suppliers are not great if you can avoid it.
 Which is why Apple does not mention it at all in their marketing.   The people talking about it are the tech geeks and stuff.
How are you defining that? The 5c was released last year.  If you want to say it is a reskinned 5, that was 2 years ago.
 The 5c has three year old functionality?
Pray tell, what great insight are we to glean from this comment?
 What does that mean? Technology changes, so the definition of a current smartphone (current models, not old models someone still have in their drawer or dresser top [where my original iPhone is]) will change with that technology.   Not so hard to understand.
What load of horse crap.  I have not moved any puzzle pieces around.   You and a few others are the ones that have made up their minds and have no capability to look at things critically.
I was replying to someone who claimed that if it downloaded apps, and a couple of other things, made it a smartphone.  In fact, that very thought about the original iPhone came to my mind when I read his claim. Personally I would say that the definition of smartphone evolves with the technology.
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