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The difference here is that T-Mobile tells you up front that the "unlimited" is on your phone only, and does not include tethered data, which has a different hard limit at LTE speeds. So the people using this data are breaking their contract with T-Mobile. This is not the same as bandwidth limiting users under the table when they use "too much"
I use the tuner with an HD digital antenna for local TV. Better quality and cheaper than the HD upgrade with Comcast. For the little TV we watch.
So supposedly you can upload beta apps for iOS 9 to the Apple TestFlight. But I have yet to be able to get Xcode 7 to upload anything to Apple. Xcode always dies with errors and crashes and burns.
So I tried every carrier and device combination and none of them are currently available.
So, I am going through their promotion sign up pages, so that I can see all the different T&C and conditions and costs involved and see how it actually works with the SIM, etc.   I choose my carrier, AT&T, then they give me 3 devices to choose from:  Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge plus, and Galaxy Note 5.   I choose Note 5 and then continue.   "Sorry, that device is not available currently.  Please choose a different device or come back again later." or something to that...
No, not personally, but at work we need to test an Android client we are having developed against as many phones as possible...   Plus there is a cost to this that Samsung has to bear... Have to read the T&Cs
Not that I plan on getting rid of my iPhone but I may do the test to test our android client we are having done for us. Have to go read the terms and conditions.
Sorry, see you are in Ireland.     Should have said "Seems someone flunked maths" :)
 Seems someone flunked math...   Or has a time machine.   Back to the Future?
 I think you missed the  "/s" on those posts.   It was sarcasm directed at the people who claim the watch is not selling.
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