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I think a little of both is warranted.
Good man, Tim Cook.
  The modern idea that any right you want can be imposed on others, which is what you are advocating, is at odds with the US and its history and founding.   The idea that the Indiana law is in reaction to is foreign to the USA history and legal reasoning except in the most recent of times.
You creatively snipped my post. I gave the philosophical answer, I then have my personal belief in the matter of how people should actually behave, and then I gave the current legal answer.   You only quoted the philosophical answer.
 Well, a local photographer is NOT in interstate commerce, and the civil rights act I believe disallows discrimination against "protected" classes.   I don't see how it is relevant in this discussion.  The Constitution, which is older and of higher precedence, than the civil rights act of 1964, disallows discrimination due to religious beliefs.
  I agree that rights are inalienable that are not granted by government or business.  So, how is a business refusing to do business with someone (for whatever reason, being a Jew, black, Mormon, gay, straight (yes there are cases of gay owned business refusing to make cakes celebrating "traditional marriage", etc) infringing on these rights?  Just what right is being infringed, please?  (not which law, but which inalienable "God given" right)?
 Only proves I am a thinking man, and believe in true Freedom.  Not some slave to political correctness. I think it should be legal for a business owner to disallow anyone for any reason in his store.  I do not think it is "ok" or "right" to do so.  There is a big difference.
No, I am not.  I am not preventing you from getting married.   I am not forcing you to go to another village.    You have no right to a photographer if one cannot be found who can do the job.
 I am not wrong.   I am not saying everything I saw is currently legal in the US.  But it is not philosophically wrong.  The Supreme Court is just a bunch of grumpy old people who have their own agendas and are not any more "right" philosophically speaking.  They have legal weight so they may make things legal or not legal, whether or not those things are ethically or morally right.
 No, you have a twisted belief of what Freedom is. Freedom is being able to live your life the way you want as long as it does not infringe on others. Being forced to participate in an activity they disagree with, for example, a gay wedding, is not discriminating against the gay wedding, but rather is discriminating against the religious person.  The gay wedding party is not being stopped from having their wedding, nor from having their wedding photographed.  The gay...
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