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 I'd rather punish myself at McDonalds than give business to the hoplophobes at Panera Bread. Plus, for fast food breakfast, McDonalds is OK.   Just the lunch/dinner menu which sucks (and probably tastes like) donkey balls.
 You can always give it to a homeless person.  Or offer to pay for some frazzled mom with the kid lets in the line in front of you.   You don't actually have to eat there to try it.
 Since the Nexus 6 and the Note 4 share the same processor and GPU and similar speeds, the assumption would be that they give similar numbers.  I assume that is how the author came up with the headline.  
Previous reports were tracking "reservations" These are orders (pre orders)
 Yeah, it sucks, but luckily it is just the very corners (I posted a pic in the comments for another article here on AI) so does not impact the use at all, and you only notice them if you look since it is just the very corners. But my co-workers is much more annoying as it is much bigger (but again, luckily, not on the actual screen part but above it).  So yes, get a case. My biggest annoyance is that I want to put AppleCare on but was waiting for the next billing cycle on...
Yes, you need a case on the 6 and 6 plus. On that will protect the curved edges of the glass from impacts. I dropped my 6 plus only 6-10 inches onto concrete when I was sitting on the steps of my porch and lifted ups leg to put a shoe on. 3 corners got small cracks in them and one corner a very small scratch and "mark" in the glass. Would not have happened to a 5 series with the same fall. A co worker had his 6 drop out of his gym shorts about 18 inches onto tile...
As has been mentioned, they ought to have a whole bunch of players wear them to the press conferences and on the sidelines during games.
 You don't have 16 digits.  The top 6, I believe, specify the issuer, and certain ranges are assigned to certain banks/issuers.  For example, MasterCards all start with 5, Visas with 4, 3 is Amex and a few others, and 6 is Discover and a few others.  4128 is Citibank.  And there is a check digit.   But they could push card numbers out past 16 digits.  They already can be up to 19 digits (and at one time were 13 digits -- my first Visa card back in the late '80s was 13...
 Why should I have, Apple does not support it.  Considering when the 4S came out, it works very well in my experience.
 Actually rather well.  I have a 4S with iOS 8 on it.  My son uses it mostly and has no complaints, and I have used it a bunch and it works just fine.  Not as speedy as my iPhone 6 or 6 plus, but I would not expect it to.
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