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NO, smaller die size does not result in worse efficiency.  Die size is not the only parameter -- process, or how they make the chips, also matters.   Die size on the same process should result in more efficient chips, but dies size across 2 different processes does not mean much.
I suspect that their engineers know a few things.  And I think the things is quite interesting from a design perspective.  Time will tell how they hold up. I personally prefer the Mac aesthetic myself, but these new MS devices certainly don't look like your every day bottom of the barrel design like most PCs
 Why not? It is certainly different from Apple, but it is very elegant.  Too bad it runs Windows.  But at least MS is pulling its head out of its proverbial arse and doing some thinking different of its own.   That will keep the competition up and not let anyone, including Apple, get to complacent.
Tangentially interesting www.*****.com/sites/timworstall/2015/10/07/american-corporations-have-vast-untaxed-offshore-profits-so/ ***** = forbes
 That is part of it too.   MS is an example where business men (bean counters) ran/run the business and not someone who understands the market they are in and who the customer is and has a belief in their product.    This new guy at MS seems to be more the latter type.  Let's hope he is.   Apple/MS is better than Apple/Google
Until yesterday did not really believe in themselves.  They had no flagship type devices out there for years to show people what to expect, how good the platform is, etc.  They were stuck in the race to the bottom.  If people don't think you believe in your own product, they think why should we buy it?  MS seems to have finally realized that, but it may be a case of too little too late. MS should be able to get some Android marketshare.   Windows Phone is a better system...
How does the Insteon HomeKit bridge work?  Reviews on Amazon say it is NRFPT in a big way...    Will it work with all Insteon devices?  (sprinklers, garage door opener, etc) or just a subset?  Most of my use is for controlling a set of lights, and then the garage door and the sprinklers.  My sensors are mostly not working (which I don't care about after installing a security system).
I think (speculation) that you will see a lot of bridges for existing systems that were not originally HomeKit aware devices.  Hue was out long before HomeKit so it's bulbs are not directly compatible, but with a bridge will work with the system.    I suspect that other current systems are similar but that we will eventually see compatible individual devices. I run a small Insteon system and a separate Hue system.   I'm interested in adding these to a future Homekit based...
You do understand that the taxes that were owed under the law were paid. The question is if the law that set the taxes was "allowable" under EU rules. It is not a question of owing taxes at the moment, but the legality of the law that set the tax rates.
 Our Nest automatically will let the house get hotter by a few degrees when we are not around.  But it can take 2+ hours to get back down to the normal temperature when we get home.  Especially on a hot day.   Being able to remotely tell it to go back to normal makes things a lot more comfortable.  We already set our AC temp high in the summer to save on power, so when it gets hotter when we are not around, it is really quite uncomfortable as our default setting is really...
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