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It'll be some multiple (maybe fractional) of 568 x 320 to fit in line with the aspect ratio of ext sing phones so that existing apps "work" 568 x 2.5 = 1420 320 x 2.5 = 800 so 1420 x 800 might be one 568 x 3 = 1704 320 x 3 = 960 so 1704 x 960 would be another choice
 I have no problem browsing the internet using Safari on my iPad as it stands now.
 I am not calling for Apple to up the RAM as there are tradeoffs, but to say that "None of your programs need anywhere near 1GB of RAM" is just ignorant.  With a "desktop class" 64bit CPU, you can do things with your phone that you wouldn't have thought possible and some of those need RAM.  Things like signal processing and synthesis, etc. can all benefit from RAM.
Apple leads the rest of the market.   Comparisons to Android are invalid.  Android is inefficient and uses RAM in a different way.  So "keep pace with the rest of the market" has no meaning. Now, I am not voicing an opinion on whether the iPhone should get more RAM or not.  That is a different question with both positives and negatives from the technical side.
I don't have an opinion on whether they should put more RAM in the iPhone or not, but comparisons to Android are misleading. Android is horribly inefficient and using dalvik (java) VMs for apps ups the RAM requirements for sufficient performance. (My comments are only about the comparisons to Android, not the efficacy of additional RAM).
@Apple][ Unfortunately, the Islamic terrorists do use Macs as well. At least in their PR departments. There are some online magazines that they produce and I was asked by a security professional friend of mine to analyze a few copies of the PDFs that were being distributed and meta data inside clearly pointed to Mac based Adobe and other software being used to create them. One had Mac Photoshop and InDesign meta data and another Mac Photoshop and some other Mac based...
 Reid has blocked all substantial bills that have come out of the House.   The "Do Nothing" Congress is in the Senate, not the House.
Do you want to see a moron (notice the spelling)?  Go look in the mirror. There is no bill to impeach Obama that has passed and is sitting in the Senate (which is not how impeachment works).  And certainly no bill to impeach Obama because of his race.  In fact, no bill at all is used in impeachment.   That Republicans want to impeach Obama, or oppose him at all, due to his race is the straw man that the media and liberals put up (aka "race card") to deflect away from the...
 Corporate use in many corporations has been calendar, phone, email, messaging, and a little browsing, but in many companies, they run serious apps on their iPads that they custom develop or buy from small time custom business app shops.   This is bringing this to the mainstream enterprise world and legitimizing the whole use of it.  When Tim Cooks says 9x% of the F500 are investigating and using iOS devices, he does not mean for calendaring, email, etc.  He means custom...
 This has nothing to do with the iPad that you or anyone at your company is bringing with them so they can check email and look at web pages and play games and look at a numbers spread sheet or a Keynote presentation. The iPad is good at those things too, and up to now, that is what most people have been doing with them in the corporate world.  There  are some companies that develop custom software for their business to run, but that gets expensive. This is all about IBMs...
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