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 What does that mean? Technology changes, so the definition of a current smartphone (current models, not old models someone still have in their drawer or dresser top [where my original iPhone is]) will change with that technology.   Not so hard to understand.
What load of horse crap.  I have not moved any puzzle pieces around.   You and a few others are the ones that have made up their minds and have no capability to look at things critically.
I was replying to someone who claimed that if it downloaded apps, and a couple of other things, made it a smartphone.  In fact, that very thought about the original iPhone came to my mind when I read his claim. Personally I would say that the definition of smartphone evolves with the technology.
 Depends on the processor.   An 800mhz processor from several years ago is old.  Not all current ARM processors run at 2+ ghz speeds.  There are also current model processor made for various purposes that run at slower speeds.   Things besides Android use ARM processors.
No, in my feed, it is the over confident, uber ignorant liberals that get most of the space.
  There are phones that are technically able to download apps, but have such poor specs that they can not reliably, with any sort of user experience, run them.  Those are not real smart phones.   Low end Android phones are not real smart phones.  They are feature phones that run Android.  They are marketed as smart phones but are not really able to provide the smart phone experience. My "idiotic" reasoning does not lead to many iPhones not being smart phones.    I did not...
 Ah, how witty. No one said it had to have "old" components, but it does not need the most beefy components.   
 No, I am not making things up.  There is a difference between "technically can run" which means they can install it or not, and "practically can't run" which means it "runs" but the experience is not at all pleasant due to poor performance.
Many more truly ignorant posts out there than this.  In fact he clarified it to the people in his area, and nothing he said indicated that all Android people were like this, but rather these sorts were all Android people. Phone use does not indicate your political leanings.   I know extreme liberals who use Apple, as well as libertarian types, and extra conservatives who use Apple products and iPhones.
 how so?  Remember that Samsung in 2013 sold about 2 high end phones for every 3 iPhones sold.  But the Android share is like 2 or 3 times the iOS share, which means that for every high end phone Samsung sold, there were several low end crap phones sold.
New Posts  All Forums: