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 Didn't drink the Kool-aid.  I analyzed the intended market and decided that the intended market had a great product in the MacBook.  It may not fit you, but you aren't then the intended market. I look at people all the time with MacBook Air / MBP / Wintel at airports, in coffee shops, libraries, etc.  Almost none of them have anything plugged in the USB port.    A few people might have a flash drive or a wireless mouse dongle  or something, but that is one port.  If you...
I don't even use a mouse any more on my Mac Pro or any other desktop use of my work MBP.  I have the Apple Trackpad.   Far superior in my experience, for my usage (as an iOS developer and side hobby as system manager on some servers I have).
I've been thinking about the single USB-C port and charging vs other needs.   The new MacBook is not meant to be sat at all day working.  So most likely you don't NEED to plug it in while working most of the time.  Which allows you to plug in other things.  And the charger is a small USB charge (with USB-C port instead) rated at 29W which can also be used to charge your iPhone or iPad.  You don't need to plug your iPhone in to the MacBook to charge while working.  You...
I doubt Apple will create a sku for certain countries that use a totally different chip than the skus for the rest of the world. I realize Apple has a few different versions of the iPhone to deal with different radio schemes (for example, China), but do those versions use totally different chips or just different firmware with the same chip, or a variant of the same chip made for those regions?
The question is, is "Apple" the new "Rolex" in terms of brand, anyway?
It also affects "iTunes connect" which is the developer portal into the app store for uploading apps, etc. That is not listed separately on the Apple System Dashboard page, though it should be. Each of the separate stores is listed though I believe they all run from the same system.
What daily rebooting issue?  I can county on one hand the number of times any of my iOS6 devices have spontaneously rebooted (one hand per device) since I got the devices (6/6+) or installed iOS8 on them (several 5/5S/5C/4S).  Please explain.
Some people are just "glass half empty" folks...
It would be nice if the "music industry" started signing musicians instead of "stars" and put out music I wanted to buy.   I buy a few things on iTunes here and there -- mostly songs my son or I are learning for our music lessons/"bands" we play in or for the daughter's music lessons.  Most of which I would never have bought otherwise.  (And no I don't use streaming services, free or otherwise).   I did buy the Beatles boxed set and probably will get Yes's latest from...
You did read the part that this (plus the WiFi iPad mini) is $70 MORE than the LTE enabled mini is out door?
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