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 Our Nest automatically will let the house get hotter by a few degrees when we are not around.  But it can take 2+ hours to get back down to the normal temperature when we get home.  Especially on a hot day.   Being able to remotely tell it to go back to normal makes things a lot more comfortable.  We already set our AC temp high in the summer to save on power, so when it gets hotter when we are not around, it is really quite uncomfortable as our default setting is really...
 They are not trying to stop Amazon Video playback on the Apple TV.  They are trying to get ON the Apple TV with their video, which they currently are not on.  They are stopping sale of all streaming players, from whatever company, if those companies' players don't support Amazon streaming.   The thought is probably as a cudgel to get Apple to add an Amazon app to Apple TV. With the new SDK for tvOS, Amazon should be able to make their own app though.  Maybe they want to...
 When you turn on the iCloud library and merge your existing with it it still replaces some of your tracks with its own that it thinks are the same but aren't.  I lost access to a bunch of tracks that were replaced by other versions or recordings, often much crappier ones. I turned off iCloud library.
I've had my Rose Gold 6S plus since Friday evening and it looks very coppery and not at all "pink" in the feminine sense or kid toy sense of pink.  Coppery almost salmony "pink" if you want.
I have my Rose Gold phone right here and in the fluorescent lighting of my kitchen, it is more copperish than the Apple Watch Sport I saw.  Need to see it in sunlight.  Very nice.  Very similar to the picture at the top of this thread in color with a light coppery sheen to it.   Hard to describe.
 Well, mine just arrived and in my house lighting, it looks to have a very copperish tinge.   It's very nice.    Not as pink as the Apple Watch Sport looked at the Apple Store.  Need to see it in brighter light and sunlight but it looks very nice.
Are you saying that the Galaxy S6 beats the A9 in other?    According to this data the A9 in the 6S plus also beats the Galaxy S6 edge in multicore and the 6S is basically (4404 vs 4403) the same as the S6 in multicore.  And the Galaxy is far outclassed in single core, which is the most important.
Misery loves company :) I think you are right, actually.   IF I have to wait in line, I'd rather wait in line for something Apple or similar where like minded or interesting people would also be.
I don't, but some people like the social aspect of standing in line for something "exciting."   We waited like 4.5+ hours in line in San Fran for WWDC keynote and met all sorts of new friends and acquaintances, including one guy I am with whom now collaborating on a project.   While I "hated" the wait, it was kind of fun to be in line with interesting people.  (Though I would rather have not had to get up at 5am and be in line at 5:30 with a friend who had been there since...
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