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 Or a token that is sent to the CC network in charge.  (Ie, [and this is speculation], when Apple confirms and authorizes your card when you scan it [and they do according to the video], they may just get back a token from the network and when they get a request in from Apple Pay, they just send that token on to the network which then looks it up locally to process it.  Limits the need to know and spread of CC numbers even more, so that only the network [Visa/MC, Amex,...
 At least the transaction details of what you are buying...  The fact that a transaction exists for that device is sent to Apple.
 The iPhone has this Device A***** Number it creates when the card is added.  A dynamic transaction token  is also sent along but I don't think that comes from the phone, but the merchant terminal, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, this number and the transaction token are sent together AFAIU.
 The phone is not pinging the bank to get a token.  It has a stored Device A******* Number (forget what the A is for) and passes that through NFC to the terminal in the store.  The merchant then passes that up, and at some point, I think an Apple server is pinged on the backend.  The device itself is not doing it.
  Read my correction, as it shows the one piece missing from the info given which makes the AT&T Next *maybe* a better deal, depending on your needs, plans, etc.
 I suspect that more people tried to watch the live stream than tried to watch streams of the SuperBowl (I am not talking about broadcast or cable or satellite TV, just internet streams).   Something that big is hard to test btw.   They could have done better, of course, since you can always do better.  But I bet the reasons for the issues were ones hard to control (except for the Chinese thing, which is just dumb). But to put it in perspective, even Obama's teleprompter...
  Apple is not using Apple Pay for the iPhone pre orders either.   So I haven't  clue what you are trying to say. Apple is running a single event.  They don't have to be bigger than the totality of Black Friday or any holiday, since that is not a single effort by a single company.   I am trying to compare apples to apples (small "a") in a fair comparison.   You seem to think that Apple should be able to handle a single event greater than the totality of holiday...
  Not an issue! 
 I am the one LMAO.  Did you even read what I said?  I said an order of magnitude bigger than even any one single Black Friday event.  I did not compare it to the complete Black Friday  brick and mortar retail experience (which often does not go that well either). Please read and comprehend first.
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