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 This has nothing to do with the iPad that you or anyone at your company is bringing with them so they can check email and look at web pages and play games and look at a numbers spread sheet or a Keynote presentation. The iPad is good at those things too, and up to now, that is what most people have been doing with them in the corporate world.  There  are some companies that develop custom software for their business to run, but that gets expensive. This is all about IBMs...
While a huge percentage of F500 already uses iOS in some capacity, including custom app development (which is a lot more than most people probably assume they are being used for), this will open up a ton of new uses for iOS devices in enterprise since a lot of current systems they are using will be able to be upgraded or replaced which will greatly expand the use in Enterprise.   Instead of only for a couple custom apps, and big-wig email and stuff, they will have core...
Come on folks. "Slightly rectangular" means almost square, but not quite. When looking at form factors for such devices, you would need more than just "square" or "rectangular" to talk about it since rectangular covers a whole heck of a lot of territory. This is not math class.
I guess I am an old timer (got my first programming job in 1988 and I was not a teenager).  I am excited by Swift.  A lot.  It does a lot of things that I've been wanting in a systems level language for a long time -- at least 20 years when I was pushing for changes at a large company I worked for.   I am not enamored of the Swift syntax, but syntax is not a language and I can get over that pretty easy.  Other languages have been doing at least some of these things but...
 When you have a mature product and the resources, you can go down multiple paths at the same time and still have direction.   HealthKit, CloudKit, home automation, SceneKit, etc.  This is not a shotgun approach to see what sticks but it is now adding in value along several different paths.  Big difference.
 Hopefully someone will come up with (if not already there) a way to interface existing INSTEON (replace with your device protocol/standard of choice) devices with this new stuff.  I am not really wanting to replace my existing INSTEON stuff, meager that it is (a few lights, a garage door opener, a sprinkler controller).
Beat me to it!  I was planning on saying that on a few posts but hit "submit" before I remembered I wanted to say it :) touché
This already happens (though I don't have personal experience as I don't do game dev).  The game engine is in C/C++ but the various platforms UI etc are usually done with platform specific calls.  Metal should be accessible through the major game engines so you won't have to directly code Metal when using those engines but will get the benefit from it.
 Read between the lines with today's keynote and you can see all sorts of new HW coming down the pipeline in the next few months to few years. New AppleTV is just one of them.  Lots of cool new features that are cool, but could be much cooler and seemed to be designed for new HW in the future. Nintendo, and to a slightly lesser extent, Xbox (MS) and Playstation (Sony) just had a massive shot fired across their bow. As did all the Android flunkies.
You can get a 14 day one with like 1GB for $30 very easily as a tourist.  Longer ones are easy to get, do not require a 2-year contract, but require a local credit card and you basically sign up for a recurring billing that you can cancel at any time (which is what I did -- cancelled after 3 weeks and used my SIL as the billing interface).  There are also 6 month ones you can get.  Before we went this last trip, I did a bunch of research and most if not all of the data...
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