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 There is a big push and most card issuers are busy replacing cards with chip & signature cards.  You are correct that the liability is not transferred if the card does not have the chip stuff. As an aside, my CITI chip card, when I swipe it at Walmart, tells me I have to insert it.  So there is something either being detected  through some sort of NFC stuff(?) or encoded in the magnetic stripe to let the terminal know it has a chip.
 You missed my point.  In Europe, they are "Chip & Pin" and the PIN is used for credit transactions.  We are not talking normal Debit Card PIN use. The credit cards being issued now in the US are not "Chip & Pin", they are "Chip & Signature."  You may be able to get a PIN for use in doing cash advances, the same as with "current" non chip cards in the US.  But that is not "Chip & Pin" and the PIN is not used for credit transactions, like in Europe.
The Square one is $49 (or free if you pre order now for most users it seems).  More traditional ones (when not discounted or rolled into your processing costs or rented) seem to be $129 -- $500 range depending on features, etc.  This is just from a quick internet search and I did not read all the fine print.
 Note, that while this is true, that most new terminals that support EMV also support NFC, in the US the banks are NOT adopting "Chip & Pin".  They are adopting "Chip & Signature" (that or something very similar is what all the card issuers are calling it).   I've received several chip cards now and not one has provided a PIN and all say it is a "Chip & Signature" card.
 I think CurrentC should be renamed WalmartPay.   In a year, Walmart will be the last one trying to push it and use it I am forecasting...
Probably not, as all the merchant providers are requiring the update OR the merchant becomes liable for 100% of fraud with swiped transactions.  And since the terminals are not a high cost item compared to even a single expensive fraud case, and the merchant providers are pushing deals on new terminals to get everyone updated, I expect that you will see even the mom and pop people upgrading their terminals.Even Square has an EMV dongle coming out soon for a very affordable...
"drones" are just RC model aircraft like an RC helicopter, and in the US, currently have the same regulations as other RC aircraft. (Operative word is "currently"). Altitude restrictions, line of sight, etc all apply.
 True, most people only care about monthly payment.  (Amusing to go buy a car and have the guy try and pull "monthly payment" nonsense -- I tell him the final price is the deal maker/breaker and we'll worry about payment later -- he does not know how to react) Anyway, this is actually a negative for Android as the big name Android (G S6/6edge etc and the other high end phones) are all priced about the same (some even higher) than the iPhone.   So people will be able to see...
They are.  They've all been saving their Euro-cents in order to afford an iPhone and finally have saved enough. /s
 Something like this is what I would have thought Apple would do if they were really going down that path.   Buy capacity from every (as many as possible) cell companies in the world and make a worldwide MVNO.  And one that works everywhere in the US with capacity from all the major carriers, and with Apple SIM type capability able to jump between them all to the one that was best at the moment, in any country.   That would be a valuable service from the customer...
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