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And how many Nexus devices are out there compared to other Android devices?   Apple does it with ALL their devices.   So yes, quite. Google sold Nexus themselves.  They did not go through carriers.
I've seen in in news.google.com multiple times today from multiple outlets.  So it seems to be getting attention.  Android is the Windows 95 of the phone world.
The rumor was that Oracle was not going to cover any potential legal IP liability of ZFS.  ZFS would be nice.  I use it on some OpenIndiana (Solaris) servers and on my FreeBSD servers.
HFS+ is old, and sure, probably should be replaced, but I have yet to suffer file loss or corruption that I am aware of using it (and earlier versions of HFS) since 10.0.0.   For the record, I have not had file loss or corruption on NTFS either, that I am aware of.   Newer Windows versions are a lot better than older Windows in terms of security.
 It has nothing to do with dedication.  Or developer skill, as you had previously been maintaining.   It has to do with time and resources.   Every one is affected by that and some companies have more time or resources than others.  Lots of apps are commissioned by a company and independent developers write the app.   Those developer may have nothing to do with the app in years to come.  It is owned by the company that commissioned it. I am not saying ANYTHING about what...
Or maybe it is a time and resources thing. Not everyone works for a big company with unlimited resources. The app I work on started out as an ios5 app that has slowly morphed into an ios7/8 app. I would like to do more with it to convert to the latest best practices but we only have so much time and resources. The conversions will happen but not necessarily immediately when Apple announces API changes and new best practices. It says nothing of the caliber of the...
The one on the right almost looks like there are 3 lanes, and it is in the middle one.  It is strange.
Research and Development. Building out a CDN or building a data center does not sound like R&D to me.   I would assume no. Basic research as well as development of products.  
The one on the left is obviously on the right side of the road.  The other one is less clear.
The artist needs to realize that in Japan they drive on the left, like in British Commonwealth countries (most, not all of the Commonwealth)
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