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Wow, still problems?   Just glad our two 2013 VW Sportwagen TDI have had no real BT problems ever with any of our phones and iOS versions... Need to tell Audi to talk to VW ;)
@slurpy Some people are just all around pessimists. Does not matter the subject. They find the negative point of view religiously.
 Consider the source.
It was a pair of cargo pants, with one of the auxiliary pockets being what I used.  Meant to be loose.  I had the flap shut with velcro but it does not stick well (old etc) so the flap did not keep the contents in when push comes to shove, unless I am very careful about double checking the velcro stuck that time.   These are not a pair of pants I wear very often, usually.  My normal pants are all from Vertx and have inside instead of outside patch pockets and I have no...
No, it still would have fallen out of the pocket.   The pants I was wearing would have had any phone fall out of its pocket in the circumstances that existed.
???? WebObjects, especially the 4.0 and earlier, is basically the same stuff as OS X and iOS are built on, with a different presentation layer.  WO5 is the same but moved to java.   And not that overly complicated either.
 Yes, I agree.   Apple replaced my $6k+ Mac Pro that was 6-8 months old (in mid 2008) with a new one (and next gen since the models had been updated a month after I got my original one) when a memory riser card failed and they could not get a new one in through their parts channels after 2 weeks. The piece was available from 3rd parties for $70-$80 IIRC but Apple did not have them in their parts channel so replaced the whole machine.  The replacement was the same number of...
 Wish I had been so lucky.  My iPhone 6+ fell out of my pants pocket once, and only fell 6-10" onto a concrete step I was sitting on.  It bounced like a plate meaning it hit all 4 corners and put small cracks in 3 and a small "dent" in the glass in the fourth.  All on that one drop.   I was not asking them to replace it, but to allow me to buy AC+ and just note the pre-existing damage as not being covered (as the cracks don't impact the use of the phone as they are only in...
We use the new Apple Test Flight and the old Test Flight.  Both have their places.   Dealing with external test groups that can get "large" (which means for us, multiple 10s of users) the new Apple one is nice.     But for our internal testers, we lose so much, it hurts and will make my life a lot more miserable, at least in the short term.
 Yes, it makes testing on older iOS versions harder.  The app I am helping with now supports iOS7 and above, but we can only test using the iTunes Connect integrated TestFlight with iOS 8 and higher. The approval by Apple is not that big of a deal, in my experience.   The first version approval is about a day, which sucks, but as long as you don't make major changes to it, later approvals happen basically immediately, in my experience.  The system asks if you have made any...
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