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Depending on your data plan, the 2 year contract price can end up costing you a lot more than the AT&T Next plan total prices (HW plus service for 24 months).   Once you pay the device off on AT&T Next your bill goes down as well (in answer to someone earlier who posted about T-Mobile).   I moved from T-Mobile to AT&T when the original iPhone came out and have not had a problem.  Never had cramming from AT&T and never had an issue with their Customer Service (CS).   Had...
What was the estimated ship date when you ordered?
Sprouts Farmer's Market also accepts Apple Pay... Shown on their terminals by logo and it works. So does Smiths Market (Kroger owned). Lots of places rolling it out.
They should have kept up their battery a month club / battery card ;)   People would have gone in to the stores...
Thinking people don't vote Democrat.  Those (D voters) are the brainless masses who want handouts or who have "angst" for whatever, and support dependency as a way of life. No need to bring up politics in this discussion. I ordered on 4/10 in the afternoon.  That was launch day, but it was not in the minutes after availability.   For the "space gray" / black band 42mm one.  I am not suffering any sort of "angst" to get one.  I would like it to come but until it does, am...
 Ah, good to know.  Thanks.  I do have a Japanese apple id at my MILs house...  I'll give it a try!
Don't know if my router supports it (being an Apple one but will check).  Anyway, I used a VPN to watch the BBC London Olympics coverage.  I've thought about it but the good ones are $$ and I am not sure it is worth it for our level of use.  (Used hide my @ss for BBC)
Does anyone know if, for example, the Japan version of Apple TV can be used in the US (for Japanese programming)? Without IP blocks or anything? We bought the Sony Vita TV in Japan, with the idea of getting some Japanese programming for the wife (who is from Japan originally) and kids, but many or most of the things seem to be IP blocked, as it worked fine on the MIL's TV and network, but here in the US things won't connect when I try and set it up and use it...
 If the S1 was identical to another processor except in one minor detail, and that detail was a unique detail, then the S1 would be "unique."  The author obviously wanted to say that it was unique in many ways, and does that with the formulation "very unique."
 And the try on appointments to try it out first.
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