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 Well, the car is equipped with an emissions system, but the "normal" operation is to turn it off or lower its effectiveness during normal use, and only turn it on or put it at full effectiveness during the tests.  So the "defeat device", as the cheat is called by the EPA, is to turn off the emissions system during normal use, or to sense when it is in testing and to leave it on.   So yes, semantics. There are actually two average MPG figures in the car computer.   You'll...
The lust factor is very high
Rumor has it the guy had already moved to the alleged Apple car anyway.
 We are not talking rated MPG.   That is based on driving conditions and factory tests.Go to any car enthusiast website and you will find the same story.  The trip computer is no where near reality and often off by several MPG.  You would think it should be right on because they should be able to measure how much fuel is being injected and how far they have gone.  But the fuel usage is calculated through some other way and leads to it being off.   Whether they just have...
Do you have any reference that would point to this being true?  Contracts generally have validity around the world unless specific points are against specific countries' laws, I believe.  But IANALAIDPOOTV
The trade and sale "blue book" values seemed to have taken on a steeper than normal downward trajectory since the news broke.  It will only get worse.  I could have probably gotten $2k more in trade offer the day before this was announced.   A few weeks before that I had had it evaluated at a dealer (mainly because they were sending out misleading flyers about trade values so I wanted to test them) and then again a few weeks ago I had it evaluated trying to swing a deal on...
Yes, that is the end result.
When the cheat is ON, the emissions are also up.  The cheat turns off or reduces the efficiency of the the emissions controls, which increases emissions (the whole kerfluffle).  It also results in a high performing car that gets good gas mileage. BTW:  your car's trip computer will never be right -- it never is in any car.  I sometimes get close, and sometimes I get better than it says by 2-3 mpg, and sometimes less than it says by 2-3 mpg.  My previous Dodge trucks, and...
That's true.   I've gotten a bunch of mailings from different law firms asking me to call them.  Unless you get in as the named plaintiff you get a free oil change and a $20 coupon off your next car.
Whatever, dude.   Someone is out of touch with reality, and it is not me.
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