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Mine too!  Got the tracking this morning and it shows on time for tomorrow.  6S plus 128GB in rose champagne
Ordering on the computer beforehand does not get you in the news, on the internet, youtube, or whatever.   Crazies standing in line a for half a month do get on the news, youtube, or whatever.   I think it has something to do with attention getting.
 You are forgetting that you have to keep a supply of NG flowing to the plant to keep the NG plant working.  That has a cost.  For the NG itself, for its extraction and transport as well.  And for the pollution from the burning, extracting, and transporting of that. So the overall cost of the NG plant needs to include the cost of the fuel.
If there is anything to this rumor it is more likely the A10X and not A10
There is still 85 years until the end of the century.  And while the internal combustion engine maybe a legacy technology, it is not clear that the electric car will be its replacement.  At least in any form we see today or in the near future.  The world will be using internal combustion engines predominantly for years to come.
A car will not be the same high margin product as a consumer electronic. Even if they can sell the car and make a profit, will it be worth it from a margin perspective. Will the profit be big enough based on the investment? Apple could come up with a better milk jug and sullen billions of gallons of milk, but the margin would be so low it is not worth it for Apple. I am betting the car market is similar in that regard. I'd like to be proven wrong.
This times 10^9
Maybe get out of the PC market?  The PC market is a loser market.  Why stay in it if you are not set up to compete in it?
Your screwed when you take your eyes off the road.   I am not saying to rest on your laurels and milk the iPhone forever (that is what has killed MS, using different products of course).  But original TV content is not in Apple's core competency and is not what they should be wasting money on.  Coming up with the next must-have killer device or iPhone replacement is.And I seriously doubt the near (next 20 years) future is electric cars.   May take even longer, 30 or 40...
The difference is the metallic quality of it.  Especially the shiny bits around buttons, Apple logo, etc. which highlight it and make it look different than just a "pink" phone.   And yes, I've seen the watch sport rose gold in person.
New Posts  All Forums: