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 The stories seem to indicate a drop happening that correlates pretty well with when the rumored local release dates started circulating.  I'd guess mostly having to do with local release being imminent.   Previous bouts of smuggling and black market sales took place when local release was not imminent and took a long time to occur (or were not possible at all) and before the largest carrier even had the iPhone.
 I don't remember the model but it was bought around March or April of 1996 and was Analog only.  It predated StarTAC phones (which were much smaller, and digital / analog hybrids). I am not sure this is exactly it but it looked like this pretty much:    Another image comparing a similar phone to the 1G iPhone:   And one in a guys hand:   And comparing one to a later StarTAC type flip phone:  
 I am not contradicting myself.  I was talking about the physical size of the phone. iPhone 6 is   2.64" x 5.44"iPhone 5s is  2.31" x 4.87" The 6 is only 1/3" wider and slightly over 1/2" taller. (0.57").  Not humongously larger.   It is also thinner by almost 10%
For yourself, personally.But unless you have actually used one of the newer phones for a few days, don't expect me to care.
So wrong on so many fronts. It doesn't fail on any fronts. Unless you truly believe that it is an iPad replacement. It is not and was not designed to be one. It is a large phone and may overlap with edge cases but that is it.Unless you have multiple days of real experience with a 6 plus (or even a 6), please just be quiet as you don't have a clue.
I have both a 6 and a 6 plus. I also have a 5s. (Day job is an app engineer.) I have been trading off between putting my SIM in the 6 and 6 plus. All around I think the 6 is the perfect phone. However, I am not sure if I will use the 6 or the 6 plus as my normal every day carry phone. It is a lot harder to decide after using each in that time for a few days than I thought it would be. I've had an iPhone since the original iPhone except the 3G (went straight to the...
 Do you even know what it means?
 Btw, "Asian" is not the same as "South Asian" in the sense that, colloquially speaking, Asian by itself generally means someone or something from one of the countries I mentioned or that general area (Mongolia, etc.)   Generally, the "mongoloid" peoples of Asia.  Qualified, it means something else. South Asian represents someone from the south of Asia.  It is qualified by the word "South." Southeast Asian represents someone from the southeast area of Asia.  West Asian...
 No, it doesn't.  Sorry.  It is about PC cr*p.    People taking offense at standard colloquialisms and trying to force everyone else to follow their standard. "Southeast Asian" to represent the Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and other countries of that area.   Also a common representation. I never claimed to be an expert, only to show that I am not "geographically challenged."  (Another clue that you have a PC hangup.) P*ss in the wind all you want.
 It has nothing to do with being "geographically" challenged and everything to do with colloquial use of the word "asian".   (And for the record, my wife is from Japan, and I've been to Asia many times and have friends from other than the "oriental" Asia and I know very well that there are more countries in Asia than the one's I mentioned as being considered "asian"). It is just how it is.  Live with it and stop pushing your PC cr*p.   
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