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Just for the people wondering about this, I don't think it deletes the app the same way it does when you hold it and hit the delete X.   I think it just removes the executable, and leaves the user's app data folder there, and then just reinstalls the executable.  The user's data is not touched at all.   This is speculation on my part and I don't really know what they are doing, but it seems they would play it safe.
At least I've heard of Metallica... :P
 That is not what this is about.  This is about the iMac replacement program.  TC drives are irrelevant to that.   If TC drives are failing abnormally then maybe there should be a TC replacement program.  But that is not relevant to the existing iMac replacement program.
 Did you even read what you responded to?  No one said TCs have no problems, only that they aren't part of this replacement program, so it is irrelevant (in relation to this article and the replacement program).
 Really?  Disclosing information about US efforts in China / Hong Kong is not knowingly aiding foreign intelligence?
 Of course everyone spies on everyone else.  But you need to keep them guessing as to what, where, when, etc.    Just because we all know everyone does it, does not mean that it is correct or right or legal or moral to disclose that. Snowden revealed information on US intelligence efforts in other countries.  That was wrong and harmed US interests.    I've long agreed that his "leaks" about NSA targeting US citizens inside the US was not the problem.   This is not a black...
 Are you saying he did not leak information about NSA spying on computers in China and Hong Kong? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/15/world/asia/ex-nsa-contractors-disclosures-could-complicate-his-fate.html?_r=0 Exposing direct military secrets and exposing our intelligence efforts in other countries are one and the same in terms of "treason." The death penalty for this is rather harsh though.   I would not support the death penalty for his actions in regards exposing NSA...
Depends on what you are doing with it.   16GB is fine for a lot of people.  For others it is limiting.  I have 2 16GB wifi iPad mini (original).  One I bought, one I got when I bought a new VW (actually bought 2 new VWs and got 4 iPad minis 2 years ago -- kept one, gave one to my dad, and sold 2 to my boss).   For what our family uses them for, they are mostly ok.  Some times I wish I had more space on them.   My dad has the one I gave him, plus a 64GB mini he got as...
My son uses our 4s with iOS 8 and it works just fine.   The 4s was sold (maybe still is) in developing countries (until recently).  Don't want to get a bad reputation of not supporting your products.
My kid's charter school runs on iPads for the kids, MacBooks of various sorts for teachers and administration, Apple TV and Airplay with projection TV for lessons.  (iMacs for the computer lab).  Works pretty well.    They use a variety of software and web based portals for instruction and text.      The iPads have normal fake leather wrap around cases and seem to take the use and abuse of the kids.   Kids like it.  Seems to work for the school.
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