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 Right...     Beretta is an "Arms Dealer" in the technical sense, as they sell "Firearms", but not in the popular sense of people selling machine guns and rocket launchers and bombs to third world dictators.    Most of Berettas business is consumer grade firearms to normal people, including shotguns for trap, skeet, etc.   They also sell handguns to the US and other Militaries, and probably other stuff to the Italian authorities, but most of their stuff is sport and home...
No one knows exactly how they picked but you had to register by this morning and Apple said they would let you know by Monday the 20th if you got picked.
I feel like Charlie Bucket right now. Some friends at a company I occasionally do some work for texted to say they had gotten golden wwdc tickets and said it was through Apple Store order notification. So for the next 2 hours I was wondering if I would get picked and then I had an email. Was an awesome feeling. Will be my first WWDC since 2007 and second since 2001.
Tim Cook is a good man.  I'd like to shake his hand one day and tell him so.   I don't always agree with him, but I respect him greatly.   I am not an Apple stock holder (was at one time, many many years ago and wish I had kept it :(  )  but am glad he is at the helm of a company whose products make me a living and whose products I use all the time in my own life.  A company which truly is changing the world, because they give a crap (about product design, functionality,...
I saw that too.   Looks like a cheap clone based on that part.   (Not saying it is, but the digital crown part looks cheap)
 The only time I shut down is if there is a problem or I have an update that requires a reboot.  Sleep works fine most of the time.   The times I have issues is on my 20087 Mac Pro that sometimes won't sleep.  Then all of a sudden, on day, it will.  This is not usually a problem but has happened a few times in the last year. And very very occasionally my work MBPro (2014 15", i.e. current model) once in a while gets its USB messed up when I sleep it and unplug everything...
I think the original 1000 engineers statement was that Apple will have 1000 of their engineers on site at WWDC to help out and that does not come cheap, to have 1000 of your best engineers not doing their actual real work.
The logo also looks like a watch.    Square with rounded edges.  The the radius is not right now that I go check.   So you are probably correct on Apple TV.
App Icons have no meaning any more.   Or any file icon.  There is nothing to tell you that it is an app, or a data file, or whatever, unless the developer made some sort of hint.   In the old days, apps were diamonds (with your app icon overlayed), data were "documents", again with your app icon image overlayed, etc.    There was method to the madness and it worked.   Would be nice if a new system could evolve so that the icon itself had meaning. Sure, some "documents"...
That is cheap.   When I went 8 years ago, and 7 years before that, it was about the same cost, and the $ is worth less today.  They give you food, and all sorts of snacks, and entertainment on some days, in addition to the conference, which is invaluable.  Hopefully I'll get selected as my boss wants me to attend again.
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