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A $350 dollar watch vs a $7000+ watch.  Or a $500 watch for the stainless vs a $7000 watch. (I know, don't feed the wildlife and trolls)
It might also be an example of translation ambiguity.
The "will it blend" videos come from a company called Blend-Tec which makes really good blenders.  They make the videos to show how strong and powerful the blender is.  We have one of their early models from the early 2000s and it is still going strong and is the best blender I have ever used.  However, I have not tried to blend phones, tablets, watches, or other non food items. http://www.blendtec.com no affiliation with them other than a happy user
Who cares?  You want to really do something, remove the local monopolies these providers have...
 According to the analyst quoted in the article, the 5S sales remain strong.  That is also the market speaking.  In favor of a 4" one being available.
The fact that sales of the iPhone 6 remain string means that there won't be a successor this year?   That is basically his logic... Apple does not work like that.  They cannibalize their product lines themselves all the time.   Don't know if there will be a new 4" or not this year but the logic is wrong.
I suspect that Apple has ways for companies like this to have access to the catalog.   Just a guess.    But they are operating in the open so I doubt they are surreptitiously doing this behind Apple's back.
Well, since it is an Objective-C library, probably not.They said they downloaded all the free ones and the top 5000 paid ones IIRC.  And they only did the ones that were updated after the buggy library came out and before it was patched.  1 million of 1.4 million apps is what I remember reading
You can go read about it on their blog.  They basically download them, and run them through an analyzer that has some fuzzy checks based on binary analysis.
Well, since it is an Objective-C library, probably not.
New Posts  All Forums: