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 The S6Edge+ and Note5 are not "new models" replacing the S6 and S6Edge.  They are additional models.   You typically run sales when replacing older models, not your current models getting new siblings.
 Android uses a Linux kernel.   I am not saying Linux is safe or unsafe for being OSS.  It is not inherently safer than proprietary.   There are other articles I couldn't quickly find that talk about how much of that vaunted mass of eyeballs actually looks for security issues, etc. and what their qualifications are.   It was not reassuring.
Tha actual fact is that most open source software is not any more secure (or less) than proprietary and most OSS does not have thousands of engineers pouring over the code looking for deficiencies.   There have been malware exploits snuck into OSS and no one found them (for a long time at least).  Again, most OSS does not have these millions of eyeballs looking at them, and those that do, how many of those eyeballs spend all their time looking for malware and exploits, and...
 No, it does not make it less "personal".  That is a bunch of dog dung.  Especially if you have segregated user content No, it has nothing to do with them looking at things (for example perusing adult content).  It does have to do with things like business or financial apps, or other apps that they don't need to be looking at, on purpose or by accident, or accidentally deleting, etc. It would also be nice if each kid could easily have their own high scores, custom worlds /...
Nothing I described makes it less personal.    So quit the stupid "personal device" excuse. Thank you for speaking for Apple /s  And the Kindle does not run iPad software.   So that is no help.
  You do realize that most of what the iPad is TODAY is not what Apple intended.  Same with the iPhone.  As the market has changed and they saw new potential they grasped it. What I proposed does not make the iPad any less "personal"
 Stop being an @ss. What I described is perfectly in the iPad's expanded "vision" (modern vision) and should be easy to do and will not cannibalize many iPad sales as the ones who can afford multiple iPads buy them already.   Every one else just wings it. Your work arounds are a lot less iPad friendly than what I suggest. Of course, when Apple does introduce multiple users on the iPad, you'll claim you saw it coming first /s
 The master account sets up which apps are available to which users.  Each user has their own sandboxed data space for the app.  Would be very simple and not need a ton more space. Would be a huge win.  I am not buying separate iPads for each kid, for example.   I'd like to keep business / personal  apps of mine separate from the kids (at a minimum so they don't fart around with them). Would not make the iPad a lot more complex from the user's point of view and should...
No it is not dumb.  I'd love have multiple logins on the iPad (and iPhone for that matter).   I'd love to be able to login as the "kids" and only have their apps be shown and then be able to login as me and have my apps shown. Multiple discrete users would be a huge win on the iPad.
The biggest thing is people hold on to iPads longer and do not update as quickly as the iPhone.
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