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Everything you learned about ObjectiveC in terms of programming and design and how it works (just not the syntax) will help you when you use Swift.  It all resides on the same runtime.
How are you guys finding it in the iBookstore? I looked in the store just now on my iPad inside iBooks as well as in iTunes on my Mac. Neither show it. (the direct link shown above worked though I still cannot find it by searching) This (Swift) is a big deal. Swift will make iOS (and I assume Mac Apps?) easier to develop with fewer crashes etc. Combine it with Reactive Cocoa for additional benefit (and since it all uses the same runtime, you should be easily able to...
The article does not say it is. The scuttlebutt is the samsung interest which was spurred by Apple's investment and interest.
 You don't need 2 year contracts for all the MVNP operators.   I researched them extensively before our last trip (arrived day after Christmas this past Christmas).   A voice SIM is harder to get due to the requirements of having a local credit card and computer account to register it with, but does not require any 2 year contract.  Data only SIMs are easy to get, even for visitors (but more expensive for visitors).  I let me SIL register the data SIMs I got, which I paid...
 They probably do have number portability.  I am going off what I remember my SIL saying.  The most important to her was preserving the email, and it is possible I either misunderstood what she said about the number, or maybe she did not know about number portability (this was almost two years ago).
@constable odo You've obviously never been to Japan (or if you have, have not noticed how they use the iPhone nor been in any store selling iPhone accessories and paraphernalia). They have the Hello Kitty hanger thing problem cracked already -- they have headphone jack inserts that they use for their "hanging" thingy that they all seem to have on their phones. It has a plastic headphone plug that plugs snugly in the headphone jack and then they hang Hello Kitty or...
So, iPhone users and Android users are equally likely to own only one firearm. I wonder what the difference would have been for "two or more firearms"
One thing that has been holding back Apple is the lack of resolution independence in iOS. They are getting there but right now everything (apps) assumes certain things about the size and lays out their UI on a pixel basis based on that assumption. Auto layout and other similar features allow you to start down that path and auto layout was first in iOS 6 but was a first pass that was not that easy to use. In iOS 7 it got a lot better. I expect we'll see a lot of screen...
The question is how many hypothetical A8X could you stick in a Mac (MBA, MBP, iMac, MacPro) for the same thermal specs as the equivalent Intel chips.
"Can't innovate my ass" Phil Schiller
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