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 I am the one LMAO.  Did you even read what I said?  I said an order of magnitude bigger than even any one single Black Friday event.  I did not compare it to the complete Black Friday  brick and mortar retail experience (which often does not go that well either). Please read and comprehend first.
 Please read who I was replying to.  I was explicitly replying to someone who said he STILL had problems looking at the keynote.  I know what the original gripe was.  My reply was to a specific person who was NOT talking about the live stream.
 I suspect that the iPhone pre order launch is an order of magnitude bigger than even any one single Black Friday event online.  Especially with the tie-ins to each carrier that have to happen to verify your data.
 Your comparing Apple's keynote, watched by a LOT of people in real time, to a speech by Obama, that no one cared about except a few hard core political junkies, and all the bad actors out there who wanted to confirm their opinions? Some of the problem was at least related to the mobile broadcast facility (truck) used to broadcast out of the building based on the screens I was getting when the feed failed on the Apple  TV channel that was showing it.
 Nobody made that claim... But analysts and others try to divine this from carrier "most popular" reports etc.
 I had no trouble yesterday afternoon looking at the keynote for a short while in the browser
 Probably right.  While trying to watch on the office Apple TV it kept resetting to a "broadcast truck" or something "truck" screen, so they had some sort of mobile broadcast truck uploading (to satellite?) .  I finally gave up and went to read the Ars Technica liveblog and also brought up the video in the browser, which worked better (though occasionally had to be refreshed).
 What an ignorant remark.   We've been using Skype and other VoIP apps for years in the US as well.  That is not what this is about.   Interesting that only ONE other network supports this out of the box now, which is EE in the UK.
 Probably not a charge, but a pre-authorization.  They want to make sure you have the money.  They complete the pre-authorization when they ship.  This is how it worked in the past.  If they never complete the pre-authorization (or don't do it in time) then it will expire and disappear without ever showing up on your bill.
 Breakdown is a standard term for breaking out details of a total.
New Posts  All Forums: