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 I think you misunderstand what Apple proposed with the embedded SIM.  Basically the Apple SIM of now, but embedded in the device.  You could switch it between whatever carrier you wanted to use at the moment.  It is the opposite of carrier lock in.
Apple would not have to open up NFC in order to add in transit.  If they were doing it first person, like they did with Apple Pay.
The statement you "objected" to was in the context of the iPhone, so is correct.  Only iPhone 6 and 6 plus have NFC (in that context). 
Sounds about right.
Most legit B&M retail locations will have a swiped card rate of around 1.5% plus or minus. It can depend on what industry they are, their history, etc. But that is a ballpark figure. It is not 2.8%. And even for swiped cards the rate can vary depending on what sort of card it is -- normal vs rewards vs foreign etc.I don't believe Apple Pay transactions get a rate better than that retailers normal swiped rate. At least currently. If Apple Pay can show through an actual...
I just tweeted @riteaid about moving to Walgreens due to Apple Pay. I finally tried Apple Pay today at the Apple Store. Went there and bough the a 30pin to Lightning adapter for the wife's car just to try Apple Pay. Then the kids wanted to go to the Lego Store. While there I notice they have NFC terminals. So I decide to buy a small cup of bulk Legos so I can try Apple Pay again. Lady at the register says she did an Apple Pay yesterday successfully when I ask to...
I am not disputing that.  I just don't see the relationship to my comment.
And how does this relate to the statement I was replying to, which called Apple's multi-carrier SIM more or less bad ("microsoftian blunder trying to bend globally-used SIM cards to its will")?
How so?  What is "bad" about this?    It breaks the carrier lock-in and would seem to be good for the end user.
I know, which is why I made the comment I did.  But I was not clear in my wording, for which I apologize. The comment makes the assumption that those with phones on AT&T would more likely, by default, want to activate the iPad on AT&T as well (I know I would probably default to that).  It was not clear as I used "it" in the activation part, meaning it, the iPad in the article, but the natural assumption was that it was referring to the iPhone.  Sorry about that.
New Posts  All Forums: