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Does anyone know if, for example, the Japan version of Apple TV can be used in the US (for Japanese programming)? Without IP blocks or anything? We bought the Sony Vita TV in Japan, with the idea of getting some Japanese programming for the wife (who is from Japan originally) and kids, but many or most of the things seem to be IP blocked, as it worked fine on the MIL's TV and network, but here in the US things won't connect when I try and set it up and use it...
 If the S1 was identical to another processor except in one minor detail, and that detail was a unique detail, then the S1 would be "unique."  The author obviously wanted to say that it was unique in many ways, and does that with the formulation "very unique."
 And the try on appointments to try it out first.
Apple has not deprecated Objective-C. All I think of when reading this is "... One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."
For Cingular / AT&T see wikipedia   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT%26T_Mobility   Old AT&T wireless got bought up by Cingular / Cingular parents but CIngular got bought by AT&T and then rebranded.  This happened right before the roll out of the iPhone.
No. Cingular had already been bought by att (or bought att and changed name to att) before the iPhone came out. It was an att deal from the start
Luckily all the apps I have worked on have been 2-10 days for approval.
A $350 dollar watch vs a $7000+ watch.  Or a $500 watch for the stainless vs a $7000 watch. (I know, don't feed the wildlife and trolls)
It might also be an example of translation ambiguity.
The "will it blend" videos come from a company called Blend-Tec which makes really good blenders.  They make the videos to show how strong and powerful the blender is.  We have one of their early models from the early 2000s and it is still going strong and is the best blender I have ever used.  However, I have not tried to blend phones, tablets, watches, or other non food items. http://www.blendtec.com no affiliation with them other than a happy user
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