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 No one has made one yet, so how can they have lost? The old clunky flip phone feature phones and stuff lost.
Modern design can be a lot of different things.   Look at the "smart phone" and "android feature phone" for inspiration. You claim no body wants these.  No one makes a modern non Android feature phone so we don't know.
Aren't the modern Blackberry devices more in the smartphone camp?
If they can make el-cheapo Android phones with decent camera etc they can make a decent modern design "feature phone" for the same cost.  Take the same basic Android feature phone HW and put a modern feature phone oriented OS/software suite on it.  Much simpler and probably a lot more performant...  And see how it does.
No, they didn't and didn't, because such a thing does not exist yet.  Old style feature phones (flip, slab, etc) lost.  Not a hypothetical new generation of more modern design and ease of use.
One of my CUs said they were "accepted" and in the waiting list to be able to support Apple Pay with their cards and they linked to this list:   https://acceptingpayments.quora.com/The-Stunning-List-Showing-444-Of-The-500+-US-Banks-Supporting-Apple-Pay
 This was answered in an other thread.   from: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183072/iphone-6-6-plus-preorders-outpace-galaxy-note-4-in-samsungs-home-country-of-south-korea/40#post_2631327
Did you read my "question is" part I wrote?  The Android is involved as the current batch of feature phone replacements that such a mythical beast as you described (and I described) would have to compete against them.
It has EVERYTHING to do with Android, as low end Android phones fill the same niche and usage pattern as the old "feature phone" class of phones did.  They are the new "feature phones." The question is, a phone that fulfills the exact same set of features as the dumb Android phones, for the same user usage pattern, in a modern design, would be successful.
Manufacturers have not stopped making them.  They just use Android and make people think they are buying a smart phone.    They have the same functionality and the same usage patterns as previous feature phone class phones.    Just because they run Android does not mean they are a smart phone.
New Posts  All Forums: