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You guys are funny.   This is entertaining to read.   Especially all the complainers.   I ain't got a problem with Apple providing pre-release watches to celebrities.   I understand marketing, at least a little.   I'll wait until June for my own watch...    Thanks for the entertainment tonight guys!   (for the English majors:   I  don't have a problem with Apple...)
 I think you need to reread the article.   iPhones don't physically have the HW set up correctly.  A  lot of Android phones / other types of phones DO have the chip hooked up and CAN access it in SW if they wanted to and in fact some phones DO have it turned on for some carriers, based on the article. "misguided" is an opinion.
 It is still an OPINION.  I swear people don't know what is an opinion.
This should be marked "EDITORIAL" since it offers AI opinion ("misguided campaign")   I listen to the radio all the time in my car.  How else am I going to win stuff?
 In Utah we have oldies, jazz, classical, etc stations.  I am not weighing in on the argument for or against the FM chip, but there are still lots of radio stations out there besides Hip Hop or Top 40/Pop. The one thing in favor of the FM  broadcasts on the phone is in emergencies information can quickly be distributed by radio.  Even if you don't listen day to day that much,  in an emergency you could easily switch over.
No, not ALL of them are losing money.  But most of them aren't making very much money, and are subsidizing the business through their other divisions.  Or, in the pursuit of market share, they ARE losing money on many of the devices, and just a few of the devices make money.  (Think the low end "good enough" phones as losing money or breaking even, and the high end phones being where the profit comes from for the company, but per-unit the profit is low even if high on the...
That is the original. You'd probably be better off for $229 on kickstarter to get the plus.
Apple was not in its startup phase in 1984. They went public 4 years prior in 1980 and were a well established company that owned the personal computer market until the MSDos based stuff came out a few years prior.
I have two first gen mini iPads.   They don't feel much slower.   Subjective, yes, but they work just fine.    My son also uses an old 4S with iOS 8 and it is also fairly decent for being 4.5 years old running the latest iOS.   I don't see any planned obsolescence in Apples products. 
Fret spacing, and string spacing are important for practicing parts and riffs.   Especially when playing in half or first position (first or second fret centering for finger placement) since the frets are far apart on a bass.   When practicing you are developing muscle memory etc.   I play bass parts on normal guitars all the time for fun -- when my daughter is practicing her guitar for example and I want to play along or just mess around.   But for practicing riffs or...
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