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 Um-m-m-m.  Yes.   Before it became iOS, it was called iPhoneOS.  When the iPad came out, it was renamed iOS.  iOS was never called OS X 10.5.   Now, Apple did say that iPhoneOS had OS X as its base (or that the original iPhone ran a version of OS X), and also said Mac OS X had OS X as its base (before Mac OS X became OS X) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_iOS There are many many many references for this (iPhoneOS).
Would be a prime example.
Snowden is both a traitor and a whistleblower. Whistleblower when exposing government intrusions on citizens. Traitor for exposing the U.S. Intelligence efforts against foreign (potential) adversaries.It is not a clear cut issue.
And some are un-Dead
The Who are kind of geriatric now, and some are dead. /s
Yes, I am sure the researchers explicitly coordinated their press release with Apple and Apple just decided to do nothing.  And I am sure Apple has just been ignoring the problem, instead of trying to figure out fixes for fundamental architectural issues, which as we all know, are easy to fix.   /s
What makes you think Apple is doing nothing.  As the article said, the fixes for these are probably really complex and complicated and may fundamentally change the way the OS works with regards to app bundles, inter-app communications, etc.   Such changes are not necessarily easy to implement and get tested correctly.   I suspect they have been feverishly working on it since October.   Of course they have not said anything -- no need to clue bad guys into the problem.  ...
I think you missed the point.  In Europe the Chip cards are "Chip and Pin".  You have to use a PIN when using your chip credit card to make it "safer."  We are not talking about the use of your American credit card with a PIN to withdraw cash.  EVERYONE there uses a Pin.  Here it is "Chip and Signature" for the new chip based cards. (And lots of people use Visa/MC labeled debit cards with a PIN).
In the US they are using "Chip and Signature" I believe.   Merchants need to be able to process the chip cards by this Fall or they will have to bear the complete burden of fraudulent purchases.  "Chip and Signature" seems to not be a very big upgrade from the current system as no PIN is needed. Several of my credit cards (US) now are chip capable but I never have to use a PIN and in fact was not given one.
Fix the issues with the OS X Server tools / protocols.  No need to confuse stuff with the weird MS crap.
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