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The Happiness Year
Is this more cost effective than an 8gb 4S? Assuming they manufacture new units. The 4S line is still running.
They had one on display on the Apple section (store inside store) of Yodobashi Camera in Osaka Japan a few days ago. Looked really nice. And small. You have to see one in real life to appreciate the size and configuration. I only had a minute to look at it as my son was agitating to go home to where we are staying with grandma, but I want to take another look next time I get in there.
So, does BB actually have some sort of design patent covering their keyboard? Actual legal protection?
We're in Osaka for the new year visiting my wife's family. I was going to get up early and go stand in line at the Apple store to buy one but my wife, when whe heard the cost and my plan asked if we NEEDED the stuff that might be in it and I had to say no, and that killed that plan. Darn it. And yes, it is a big custom here for New Years. Shopping in general and big sales seems big for New Years and I've seen "Lucky bags" at basically every store I've walked by in the...
Rather disappointing. Audi is at the top of my list for potential car purchase when circumstances allow. If this comes through to reality by the time I am ready, Audi will no longer be in the list.
They had one in display in the Apple mini store at Yodobashi Camera in Umeda/Osaka tonight. Looked really nice. Had to work hard not to salivate.
Sure you can. The DOJ thing shouldn't have been won as they did not really prove what people think they claim they proved.There are major differences between rock star and your typical 'patent troll'Apple does not guide rockstar's day to day decisions.
Perhaps Samsung uses the patented technology in displaying ads from google on its phones?
When you look at the clock speeds of the various chips running, you see the A7 is probably the "fastest" architecture. Even when you remove that pig Android. Dual core about 1.3 ghz vs quad core 2+ ghz.
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