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I am still using an HP2100tn that I bought in 1999 or so in my home office.  It has a ton of sheets through it and works fine.  And is super cheap to feed.   Refilled cartridges are like $20 or so and these are the large very hi capacity cartridges that will do 10k or more (?) sheets.  (That is pulling info from my head and I may be remembering the exact number wrong). I bought another small HP laser for another part of the home office several years ago.    Did not last...
The problem is not that they are firing people, but that they were unable to react the market and end up being outside the market now looking in, or at the dregs of the market at the bottom making low margin stuff.
How long before we start seeing such articles about Apple?  I would think at least 5 years, but all this talk of original TV content development, Apple cars*, and a lot of other things that will end up being money pit distractions compared to the core competencies of Apple, and achievable at the scale Apple needs as a large company.   Hopefully Tim and company are agile enough to be able to drop things that don't look like they will work and find new things no one has...
His original "purchase" price is $199, $299, or $399 plus tax.  He is not talking about the complete "subsidized" price.
The apple watch rose gold does not look like any of those.
I have seen the watch sport in anodized rose gold color.  I saw Friday night at the Apple Store.   Before I ordered a rose gold iPhone. On the phone there are places, like around the buttons, Apple logo, and other places that are polished, and are not matte.   The main surfaces are matte as you say.   My comments are based on having seen the sport watch, and have nothing to do with Edition Rose Gold watch. The shiny parts give it a different feel than a purely flat, matter...
 The grandfathered unlimited plan s a 2 year contract plan and the contract plans don't change at the end of the contract.  Whether unlimited grandfathered or standard contract service price.  Has always been that way.
Your grandfathered plan is considered a 2 year contract and I suspect more expensive than the monthly fee under Next
No I am talking about the sport. Which is the one I saw in the Apple Store. I said it had the warmth of gold. Not that it was gold colored. The metalicness of the rose color gives it a warmth that straight pink does not have. Some parts are polished and some matte and has a totally different feel from what a pure pink would feel like I think.
But it's an XD...The Rose Gold does have a pink tinge to it but is not straight out pink. It has the warmth of gold with the rose tinge to it.
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