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And how does this relate to the statement I was replying to, which called Apple's multi-carrier SIM more or less bad ("microsoftian blunder trying to bend globally-used SIM cards to its will")?
How so?  What is "bad" about this?    It breaks the carrier lock-in and would seem to be good for the end user.
I know, which is why I made the comment I did.  But I was not clear in my wording, for which I apologize. The comment makes the assumption that those with phones on AT&T would more likely, by default, want to activate the iPad on AT&T as well (I know I would probably default to that).  It was not clear as I used "it" in the activation part, meaning it, the iPad in the article, but the natural assumption was that it was referring to the iPhone.  Sorry about that.
So I guess that means that, even if your phone is on AT&T, you don't every activate it on AT&T in the US. Just T-Mobile or Sprint. Dumb dumb dumb
  I flew Delta twice this year (once from SLC to Orlando and back, and one from SLC to Phoenix and back).   The leg room was not what it used to be, but I am 6' 2" and weigh a bit more than I should now, and it was not that uncomfortable.  I did not have to turn my legs sideways.  Yes, it is cramped, but I find it manageable.  YMMV (and obviously does). I also flew United from SLC to SFO to KIX (Japan) and back to SFO (from there we took US Air to PHX and then back to SLC...
Now if Chase would just get the Ink business cards on Apple Pay.
 Plus the value of things like SkyMiles depends on what you do with the miles.  If you use them for a cheap *ss flight then they aren't worth that much.  But if you use them for an expensive flight, they are very worthwhile.   While I am in the process of ditching my 2 AMEX Delta cards (one personal, one business) since Delta has greatly cheapened their program such that something like Chase or CapitalOne cards are more value for actual travel, I was able to get tickets...
 Why do you think they get no benefit?  They get 2 points for *gas stations*, *drugstores* and a few other places, and 1 point for all other purchases outside of Amazon.com... Sounds like benefits to me.  As good or better than airline miles depending on what you do with them...
Luckily my Apple trackpad works just fine on the work early 2013 MBP. That is all I use -- don't have a mouse -- and it would royally mess up work if the Apple Trackpad had issues as I have external screens and the MBP is off to the side and using the built in one would be uncomfortable.
 I'd rather punish myself at McDonalds than give business to the hoplophobes at Panera Bread. Plus, for fast food breakfast, McDonalds is OK.   Just the lunch/dinner menu which sucks (and probably tastes like) donkey balls.
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