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Don't know how you got that idea...
@Marvin. In the US, sales tax is NOT included in the price. In Utah, a 99cent song costs me $1.07.
Not including the one we have at work, I've seen a bunch if 5c models in the wild. Obviously not as many as 5/5s models but I do see them. 5 was sold for a longer period and the 5S is the top seller.
An iPad Pro would be a great idea for the Pro market. I can see music/audio and photoetc users for it. It is not intended to be a mass market product I would think. Aperture for iOS GarageBand Pro Pro Tools for iOS Etc.
Apple probably does very small test runs of a lot if designs in order to do extensive form factor and other tests. This could very well be a legit Apple piece and just be a test item to test certain factors of the form etc.
Exactly.  That companies, like IPCom who sue for SEP, will think twice in "future legal actions in its home country."
It does not claim to. It says that in the future, suits in its own country may be affected by the supreme Courts potential decision. It does not try and claim that the German suit would have been affected
The Happiness Year
Is this more cost effective than an 8gb 4S? Assuming they manufacture new units. The 4S line is still running.
They had one on display on the Apple section (store inside store) of Yodobashi Camera in Osaka Japan a few days ago. Looked really nice. And small. You have to see one in real life to appreciate the size and configuration. I only had a minute to look at it as my son was agitating to go home to where we are staying with grandma, but I want to take another look next time I get in there.
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