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I know people got hurt, but darn, this if funny.
Not really.  When you NEED it to go "Bang" you don't need "Try Again" and after the third time enter your security code. The single woman who is being stalked and the stalker barges into her apartment with a knife does not need TouchID on her pistol.
 And to millions of law abiding citizens in the US who use Beretta to hunt, sport, and home defense.  This show was also not a "firearms expo" but rather a design/fashion event to which the wife of the president of Beretta was invited.  Like Apple had anything to do with it. I suggest you get help for your hoplophobia.  
What is so naive about wanting to make his company better?  He thinks that his company will be a better company if his people have less to worry about in their day to day lives.   I applaud the man.   The important thing is it is coming from him, not as a government mandate.  He is using his company's resources to make it a better place to work, which makes for a better company.  Nothing naive here.
Why not?  Are you a hoplophobe?
 Sure it is.  What is a bicycle?  It is a tool that makes it more efficient to get somewhere.     That is all it is.    It is not the be-all end-all.   The Apple Watch reduces friction to employing the tool in your pocket (the iPhone) more efficiently.   That is all it is.
A lot of Envy on this forum...
I think you've missed all the videos and examples of the watch and what it does.  It is VERY much a continuation of the Bicycle for the Mind concept.   I suggest you read "iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch" on WIRED.
You can tell?    I blew up the picture and it is metallic pixelated blob.   
 Seeing as I and another million or so normal folk have an Apple Watch on order, and some will have them in a week, I don't see the difference.  Apple Watch is the smart watch for the rest of us.   That encompasses all, from the very wealthy to the lowliest of the middle class.  As someone said, it is the most egalitarian of all Apple products.   There is no difference on the innards of the $350 watch compared to the $17000 one.   Just case and crystal and band material....
New Posts  All Forums: