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But it's an XD...The Rose Gold does have a pink tinge to it but is not straight out pink. It has the warmth of gold with the rose tinge to it.
 More likely to limit costs is why the S now only has silver and space gray.  Majority of production will be 6S so you limit your costs in order to make as much as you can from the cheaper option.
no, not that many.  I don't typically use a case and neither does my boss.   And I know of others who don't.   Many, and I would not bet against a large majority being in cases, but no where 99%
 I'd like red/gold or dark blue/gold.   Or even red/copper or dark blue/copper...  As an aside, the local "Mall" Apple Store  (not the downtown SLC one but in the burbs) had 4 Edition Apple Watches in the display case.  I wonder if they were real gold edition or ones made to look like it that are not for sale, and not 10K+ retail priced ones...
Rose Gold is  NOT "Pink"   It is more a metallic gold "Pink" and therefore looks much different.   Pink (non metallic) looks much different than a metalicized pink type color.   My "manliness" can stand a Rose Gold phone, but would not consider a "pink" (non metalicized) phone.   :)
They probably could offer a range of colors and allow custom ordered phones, with a variety of colors for face (black, white, red, blue) and anodization (gold, rose gold, blue gold, copper, etc.)     Maybe it takes a few extra weeks to get you choice shipped to you. I'd like a gold with red or blue face or maybe copper with red or blue face...    I think I would at least.  Without seeing one...
 The Apple Watch is also available in a 7000 series Aluminum case in Rose Gold.  I would assume that the iPhone in Rose Gold will look similar to the Apple Watch since they are similar materials and the anodization process should be similar.   And this is Apple we are talking about. The Apple Watch in Rose Gold IS in the stores already.   I saw a couple at the Apple Store Friday night before I ordered my new phone.  It is decidedly a metallic color with pinkish hue.   You...
How big is your data plan? 2-year contract TCO over 2 years, assuming you don't trade in or anything, is ever so slightly cheaper with the 2-year vs. Next plan if your data plan is less than 10GB. If you data plan is 10GB or more the Next is significantly cheaper over 2 years
Because it is metallic and has the same 'richness' in metallic look as the gold version (vs the silver) and also because rose gold is a real kind of gold and this mimics that.The new apple watch in rose gold is already in stores so I saw what it looks like and it is a rich metallic rose color. Most is the anodized matte metallic look (like the gold) with polished shiny edges.
need to go to bed...   At least I am not East Coast and almost 4am :-)   Full day tomorrow.   No more AI posting...   go to bed...   ahhhhhhh
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