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 Probably right.  While trying to watch on the office Apple TV it kept resetting to a "broadcast truck" or something "truck" screen, so they had some sort of mobile broadcast truck uploading (to satellite?) .  I finally gave up and went to read the Ars Technica liveblog and also brought up the video in the browser, which worked better (though occasionally had to be refreshed).
 What an ignorant remark.   We've been using Skype and other VoIP apps for years in the US as well.  That is not what this is about.   Interesting that only ONE other network supports this out of the box now, which is EE in the UK.
 Probably not a charge, but a pre-authorization.  They want to make sure you have the money.  They complete the pre-authorization when they ship.  This is how it worked in the past.  If they never complete the pre-authorization (or don't do it in time) then it will expire and disappear without ever showing up on your bill.
 Breakdown is a standard term for breaking out details of a total.
 Hyperbole? WWDC broadcast LiveStream was just fine.
 As long as you don't do the Next trade in at 12 or 18 months (depending on plan you are on), you get to keep the phone with AT&T Next as well at the end of your 20 or 24 months of payments...  So if you have a large data plan and get the $15/month plan you save money with NeXT and still keep the phone at the end.
 I was having the same problem until I read in AI about people getting in with the Apple Store app on their iPhones.  So I tried it, and got in about 35-40 minutes after H-Hour and got the phone I wanted -- 6 plus, 128GB, Gold, AT&T with a 9/19 delivery day according to Apple.   Took about 8 -12 minutes to actually get through the process.  I was not tracking time to the minute.   Then I spent another 10 minutes and got the wife's phone, a straight 6, silver, 64GB, AT&T...
 I wouldn't bet against you.  It will be something like that.  And the good thing will be that they are all now 64bit and touchID (except the 5C in limited markets).  A big plus in terms of a baseline standard being set.  You'll still have older devices in the market still that are not, but it will be the beginning of the end for non 64bit and non touchID based phones.  This makes developers more likely to take advantage of these.
  Really, like 3GS was lame and confusing? 5C is already taken, so I think I am on pretty safe ground to say it WON'T be 5C
 I think you mean 5CS or 5SC since 5C is already an existing model and that would just confuse things.
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