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We'd have to read the contract.   The fine print I read on the website (not the contract) leads me to believe it is an installment purchase contract with the option to trade in and sign a new contract and get a new device, and not a lease.    Though it feels like a lease if you are trading in.    I'd be happy to be pointed at details on how it works.  You can however completely pay the device off and keep it.  You are not required to trade in.
I don't think you do, as you just get the new version of whatever you had and continue paying, or adjust to a newer (say from 6S to 6S+ or whatever the iPhone 7 versions are, presumptively).  If you trade in after 12, you sign another deal and just pay on the new deal.  In that case it equates to a sort of "lease" or "rental" program.
  If you don't trade in, you keep it when it is payed off.  It is an installment loan, with the option to trade back in after 12 months.
 Yes, Google and Bing are "free"  (notice the quotes I put in the original).  There is no service charge to use them.  You may have to put up with ads or something but there is no DIRECT charge.
That is because they want to run it as a debit, not a credit.  An Apple Pay transaction with a debit card is run as credit (same as if they swiped and you signed) which costs them fees on the credit scale, not the usually much cheaper debit scale.  So they want the PIN to run it as a real debit transaction which saves them fees.
I think it is an apt comparison.
Don't think I was responding to you.  I was responding to the notion that this is appropriate, that the user I quoted was spouting off about.   Even if this was a "mistake" and Apple fixes it, the user still has the notion that this sort of stupid thing is appropriate.   And it needs a response.    CAPS and other ways of writing are to emphasize things because we are not speaking face to face and don't have the body language to color our words and provide proper meaning...
You don't get it, do you.  This is limiting the usefulness of Siri for retrieving freely available information. This is NOT a VALUE ADD by Apple.
If I did not ask it to play the song, it shouldn't.
Google and Bing are "free" and Siri happily looked up this stuff in the past. YES, it IS STUPID.  And greatly diminishes Siri as a useful tool as Apple starts to tie it in with additional paid services WHERE NO TIE IN IS NECESSARY. The information requested is not something exclusive to Apple Music.This is a total APPLE FAIL. FACEPALM if you don't get this.
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