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 Logical fallacy.   This says nothing about Samsung's sale of larger phones.  It just says that those who have fashion haven't been the buyers!
 Yes.  bash (which is not actually installed on most of my servers, which are BSD based) would have to be invoked somehow, and the default shell will run for the user under which the, for example, mod_cgi is spawning a process, unless bash is specifically otherwise being invoked.  In other words, unless bash is specifically in the configs or otherwise specified, the default shell is used.
There is a reason the default shell on my servers (and most macs) is not bash or sh, but some form of csh/tcsh ;)   A web server is not necessarily exploitable.  It would have to have mod_cgi or something similar enabled that would pass the shell variables to a shell.  As one security expert mentioned, a lot of modern web "stacks" are not vulnerable as they don't use a shell to execute anything.   I read (but did not take the time to understand) that some ssh...
--- "If Apple sells one iPhone and does not sell one iPad mini, Apple increases gross profit by about $200, all else equal," he said. --- That is only good if the person wasn't going to buy an iPhone AND an iPad mini and are getting two for one.
Go Apple. Go Google (did I just say that). Everyone should send all communications encrypted. Overwhelm the monitoring stations with stuff to decrypt. No one is putting themselves above the law. The law says that with a warrant, they can inspect your phone. The law says nothing about it having to be plain text. Let them try and break it.
 How does abandoning Apple Watch help?  It is a great product. I was "meh" about it until I saw the video with Sir Jony narrating.  I don't currently wear a watch and have not in years.  I now want one.  This IS following Steve's admonition to build great products and the rest will come.   I am sure I am not the only one.
interesting article that gives info on what Apple claims to do in its tests of iPhones    http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-29371113
 And half of them were the guys who were making the YouTube videos!  (for the lawyer types:  no, I don't have data, I am just making a funny guess)
Mostly off topic aside about a bend in my iPad mini   My iPad mini (original model) was in my front left pants pocket (cargo pocket below the main pocket -- Vertx internal patch pocket instead of external like most cargo pants) and had a Sony 10000mah batter pack behind it (between the iPad and my leg).  I sat in the seat at Space Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland and the safety bar was hard to pull all the way back to my gut.  I wrote it off as big fat Gaijin in Japanese...
If you have a plus and are worried about it, put it in a polycarbonate framed case... End of problem I would assume. My plus will ride caseless but I am not sure whether or not it will be my main phone or the plain 6 will be my main phone. Still trying each out for a period. But I will have AppleCare on it once my CC cycle goes into the next billing period :0
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