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No, I am not.  I am not preventing you from getting married.   I am not forcing you to go to another village.    You have no right to a photographer if one cannot be found who can do the job.
 I am not wrong.   I am not saying everything I saw is currently legal in the US.  But it is not philosophically wrong.  The Supreme Court is just a bunch of grumpy old people who have their own agendas and are not any more "right" philosophically speaking.  They have legal weight so they may make things legal or not legal, whether or not those things are ethically or morally right.
 No, you have a twisted belief of what Freedom is. Freedom is being able to live your life the way you want as long as it does not infringe on others. Being forced to participate in an activity they disagree with, for example, a gay wedding, is not discriminating against the gay wedding, but rather is discriminating against the religious person.  The gay wedding party is not being stopped from having their wedding, nor from having their wedding photographed.  The gay...
And this is relevant how? The law does not say, as far as I understand, not having read all the details, that religious people can discriminate against gays.  The law says that religious people can refuse to participate in business arrangements that make them a part of something they disagree with based on their belief system. I don't believe the law allows a business to put out a sign that says "Gays not allowed".   It does allow them to refuse to provide a service that...
I am not avoiding it.  I have a real job I have to do and the replies are coming in MUCH FASTER than I can keep up with.  This is the first time I have seen your request.  Half the replies to this I have not seen yet. Yes, someone should be able to refuse to do business with someone if they are black (legally speaking).   No, I do not think that anyone SHOULD refuse to do business with someone who is black (I certainly wouldn't).  No, someone can't refuse to do business...
No, for once, Mr Frost is correct. I often see signs at restaurants and business that say the business has the right to refuse service for any reason.  (It is understood that certain protected classes cannot be refused simply for being in that class).
Really?  No, I am smarter than that.  I realize and am able to talk about and support basic freedoms, even if I am opposed to the ways some people exercise those freedoms. Again, look in the mirror.
The point went way over your head. He said "force a business owner to serve you." Anyone applying "force" to me can expect an equal amount of force back. He did not say you have the right to harm anyone with whom you disagree.
No, it is not relevant.    But if you want to make it relevant, Jesus did not actively participate with whatever "sin" these people with whom he was eating were guilty of.   And the businesses are not saying they have the right to not associate with gay people.    They just have the right to refuse to be forced to participate in things they disagree with.  The difference is a gay person could come in and get a cake made that says "Happy Birthday" and the person would not...
In the same breath, you probably support a business restricting the legal carry of concealed firearms in their business because it is private property, right?
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