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Just ordered a plain 6, 128GB, Gold, AT&T as an upgrade to a line in my mobile share plan and it listed 9/19 as delivery estimate.  Ordered this one from AT&T directly in order to take advantage of their special iPhone trade-in promo which should give me a $200 promo card I can use to pay for my AT&T bill for my old iPhone 4...   128GB phones seem to still be available for 9/19 delivery in many colors and on all carriers.  Some carriers had some colors at 9/19 delivery,...
 They can refuse on any grounds they want.  If they are not comfortable with the sale, they can refuse to complete it.  For any reason they want.
 #1) When doing the transaction, the check is made. #2) They don't?  Proof please.    (If they don't, then they have some sort of token which is looked up by device number and sent along to the network doing the processing or something similar) Please outline how you think that Apple Pay actually works, since how it appears you think it works, doesn't.   But I may be missing something, so please outline each step in how it works according to your understanding, including...
 So that Apple can deny it if the phone was lost or stolen and turned off by "Find my iPhone" for one. The other reason is that the CC info is not stored on the device, but a token representing that info is stored on the device, and at some point that has to be turned into the actual CC info so that the transaction can be processed. If the token stored on the device can be reversed back in to the complete CC data, it is insecure and no different than having the data itself...
 If the company wanted to, they could just refuse the sale.
 I just kept hitting "replace existing iPhone" until it worked.  Took like 5 minutes of trying...  Something to remember for next time 
 But they cannot enforce it since a  merchant has the right to refuse service for any reason.
 Or a token that is sent to the CC network in charge.  (Ie, [and this is speculation], when Apple confirms and authorizes your card when you scan it [and they do according to the video], they may just get back a token from the network and when they get a request in from Apple Pay, they just send that token on to the network which then looks it up locally to process it.  Limits the need to know and spread of CC numbers even more, so that only the network [Visa/MC, Amex,...
 At least the transaction details of what you are buying...  The fact that a transaction exists for that device is sent to Apple.
 The iPhone has this Device A***** Number it creates when the card is added.  A dynamic transaction token  is also sent along but I don't think that comes from the phone, but the merchant terminal, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, this number and the transaction token are sent together AFAIU.
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