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The reason you (and most places) have a variety of taxes is not to cover all the bases.   It is to extract as much blood as possible as politicians like to pander to their special interests by promising them benefits paid for by other peoples' money.
Ireland's issues were not because it attracted international business through low tax rates.
They make up the difference anyway.  Every percentage point you raise corporate taxes, you also raise the prices of the products, and you make the company less competitive in your area so they move jobs to other areas that are more competitive. (I am not talking about property tax -- while I disagree with the notion of property tax, businesses should pay property tax like everyone else depending on the amount of property they have, which is a proxy for their level of...
You definitely need to learn how economics works.   The pain is put directly on the customers through higher prices.
 The domestic taxes probably includes state and local taxes in addition to Federal taxes.
Because it is another expense which means they have to raise their prices to compensate.  It is not that difficult to understand -- all corporate taxes are paid by the consumer.   When pricing their product, taxes are an expense that factors in to the overall cost. Too high taxes means price too high and they cannot sell the product.
 Did Chevron and Exxon pay that in income taxes, or does that include the mineral royalties they also pay?   Oil companies pay special taxes, called mineral royalties or something similar, which are not part of the comparison, in addition to their income taxes on profits. According to Market Watch, Chevrons domestic (US) income taxes were 2010 -- 1.88B, 2011 -- 2.49B, 2012 -- 2.36B, 2013 -- 135M, 2014 -- 1.08B More numbers can be found...
 Better yet, reduce the needs for tax by the government.   Governments want more and more every year.  They aren't providing more services than they were, and are getting in the way more and more.   Economic growth would be much higher -- real economic growth, not fake based on government expenditures, without a corporate income tax. Starve them. Everyone, from the lowliest individual taxpayer to the biggest corporation should take advantage of as many so-called loopholes...
 You do realize that ALL corporate taxes are paid by the consumer, in the end, right?
I think a little of both is warranted.
New Posts  All Forums: