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Really?  Show me one.
 Why LOL?  The majority of Android "smart" phones could easily be replaced by such a beast and the users wouldn't care a bit.  The majority of Android phones are not "smart phones" but are feature phone replacements that run Android.  The users install no apps, just texting, calling, camera, maybe browsing and a few other built-in features. Does it matter?  A feature phone stresses its features, not the OS.
 Yes, the masses of feature phone users were demanding low end Android based feature phone replacements... You have yet to refute the notion that a well designed, modern feature phone with camera, phone, text, browser, maybe calendar would not do well.
Maybe because the alleged "smart phone" they replaced it with was the only choice?  
 A lot of people probably don't care as long as it does texts, phone calls, camera, maybe browser and calendar.  Conceivably you could come out with new Android-less feature phones that are modern looking in design,  that do the above and sell a bunch to people "upgrading" when their contract is up.
Because a lot of those low end Android phones are not really "smart phones" but are feature phone replacements. 
you missed part of it: "[Android] with dual core 1.0/1.2ghz ARM cpus and 512MB RAM or maybe 1GB RAM which cannot run didly squat" 1GB alone is not a determining factor.
I would think the Note 4 would be considered a smartphone (and by Samsung as a "premium smart phone."   The idea is all the white box Android devices selling for $50-$100 with dual core 1.0/1.2ghz ARM cpus and 512MB RAM or maybe 1GB RAM which cannot run didly squat, which come with Android 4.0 or 4.1, never get upgraded, and are feature phone replacements.  And Samsung has a lot of similar devices, especially in less developed regions like that too.
 Look at what Samsung calls "premium smart phones" and that would probably encompass the "real smart phone" But, probably a few things like: • launch with and can be updated to the latest or relatively recent version of the OS• regularly updated OS• enough horse power to run common apps of the platform across genres (including entertainment/games)
1)  If there is fraud, it is YOUR money that is missing, which means you do not have access to it while things are being investigated and/or fixed, or before you discover the issue.  Your bank or CU may make it all good for you in the name of customer service, but until they do, it is YOUR MONEY that is affected, not the banks.  With a credit card, when there is fraud, it is the bank's money that is missing. 2)  The legal protections in the case of fraud are greater for a...
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