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 You can add AppleCare later.   Last year with the 5S I just took it into the local Apple Store a few weeks after I got it and added it.  They just checked to  make sure it was not damaged.
 Yeah, that is what happened to me too.   Said it was removing it but was still in cart and I was able to check out.  After15 more minutes of trying was able to do wife's
Was able to just do the wife's 6 ATT 64GB in silver as well on the App.  Had to retry and retry for 10-15 minutes but it also says 9/19 on the actual order confirmation.  Both do.  Both said "currently unavailable" in the Apple Store app listing but the 9/19 is in the actual confirmation.   I did ATT Next on both.  I think I should see charges appear soon on the sales tax portion (according to the confirmation).   Web store still down.      But I am off to bed...
finally got a 128GB Gold ATT 6+ done on the app about 15 minutes ago.  Claims 9/19 ship now doing wifes silver 6 64gb att
Even though it said it had removed it form my cart, it was still there and I was finally able to check out. In the actual checkout it said the 128GB Gold 6+ from ATT would deliver 9/19.  We'll see   Now trying to do a 6 silver 64gb for the wife.
Add to cart finally went to another screen, and then it said there was an error and they had to remove it from my cart and I have to try again.   Darn it
Finally got to the ADD TO CART on the Apple Store app but it times out every time...   Web store still down
The app lets me choose but can't get past "Continue" as it does not highlight   Full site still down   Need to go to bed :)
 Anything is of course possible, but I think not.   For media purchases, Apple IS the merchant and goes through a 3rd part processor like First Data or PaymentTech or one of the others.  They pay the merchant fees associated with the purchase.  They work with most any credit card, regardless of the issuer. What we know about Apple Pay:  works only with certain credit cards -- AMEX, Visa, MC and only those issued by certain banks or issuers (see Apple.com/apple-pay/ I...
 Yes, cool!    I was not that excited about the watch until I watched the Jony Ive narrated Apple Watch video...  Now, me want (and I don't currently and have not in almost 8 years, wear a watch)
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