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The one on the left is obviously on the right side of the road.  The other one is less clear.
The artist needs to realize that in Japan they drive on the left, like in British Commonwealth countries (most, not all of the Commonwealth)
When my Mac Pro (older tower model) had a defective memory riser 6 months into it, and they could not get a new one in after 2 weeks of waiting (new memory riser) the local Apple Store sat down and ordered me a brand new Mac Pro from the online Apple store.  With all the bells and whistles etc.   I bought a refurb Mac mini (core solo) 10 years ago.  Still going strong with my MIL.     Have had a couple iPhones (1 times original, 2x3GS, 1x5) replaced due to defects...
 It is up to you, and maybe the LA small claims courts are a lot less efficient.  But if Apple sells you something that has either a manufacturing defect or a design defect, which I would qualify this current issue as one or the other, and won't make good on it, there is nothing "wrong" with nudging them to do the right thing by a small claims court action.   Apple is not perfect and makes mistakes and sometimes needs help doing the right thing. (Screen coatings that rub...
How do you define a "rip-off"?   'Cause I think you define it differently than most of us.
You actually buy products based on how much profit the manufacturer derives from it?  Really? I buy products that meet my needs and help me solve my problems.   I don't care how much profit the manufacturer gets on it.   And the market will correct any price issues that exist.
In 2 out of 3 cases where I've been involved in a small claims against a large company (2x against Compaq and 1x against Amazon) the only time involved was to actually file the case, which took 15 minutes, plus the drive to the county/city court house.  Plus the time to negotiate a settlement with them on the phone.  They almost always will settle as it is not worth THEIR time to go to court about it but the court forces them to the table. Only once did I spend an hour in...
 If this happens to you and Apple calls it a cosmetic issue, then remember the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) and file a small claims case in your local small claims court.   Optical coatings that behave the way these do (come off) from normal use are not "cosmetic" but are manufacturing defects.   Let Apple explain it to the judge.  (It probably won't get that far).
The nano SIM form factor is not the "Apple SIM". The "Apple SIM" is a programmable SIM card that Apple ships in some iPads, as I understand it, and which you can use to sign up for service from multiple participating carriers.
 This is debatable.  It often seems more like a lack of candidates who will accept the wages they are willing to pay.
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