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I think it is an apt comparison.
Don't think I was responding to you.  I was responding to the notion that this is appropriate, that the user I quoted was spouting off about.   Even if this was a "mistake" and Apple fixes it, the user still has the notion that this sort of stupid thing is appropriate.   And it needs a response.    CAPS and other ways of writing are to emphasize things because we are not speaking face to face and don't have the body language to color our words and provide proper meaning...
You don't get it, do you.  This is limiting the usefulness of Siri for retrieving freely available information. This is NOT a VALUE ADD by Apple.
If I did not ask it to play the song, it shouldn't.
Google and Bing are "free" and Siri happily looked up this stuff in the past. YES, it IS STUPID.  And greatly diminishes Siri as a useful tool as Apple starts to tie it in with additional paid services WHERE NO TIE IN IS NECESSARY. The information requested is not something exclusive to Apple Music.This is a total APPLE FAIL. FACEPALM if you don't get this.
This is stupid on Apple's part. Siri should "just work"
Two explanations on how the movie business works (taking their word for it)     http://themovieblog.com/2007/economics-of-the-movie-theater-where-the-money-goes-and-why-it-costs-us-so-much/     http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/movie-distribution2.htm
So you are saying the theater owners build theaters and show movies as an act of charity?  They don't get to keep any of the ticket price?  I find that highly suspect, considering they have to pay for the theater buildings, the rent, the taxes, the employees, etc. that actually make it possible to show the movie.
Maybe the theaters keep 50%?   If it cost $30m to make and $30m to market, it needs $60m of real income.  $120m theater take is not $120m in real income to the studio, etc.  The theaters have to make a profit, pay their rent, pay their employees, etc.
When I went to Apple.com it was the first thing up on the front screen though there was no buy button.   Click the big front and center pic though took me to the TV page where there was a buy button.
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