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 Actually, what they are doing is NOT legal.  They are illegally importing the phones into China (read the news articles).  The phones have not received Chinese authority approval and the import taxes (since they are coming from outside the country) are not being paid.   It is a BLACK MARKET. There us nothing lazy and prejudicial.     The only people who would take these statements here as being "racially charged" are the people who go out of their way to look for such...
 When you are in an English speaking country, speaking English is not a differentiator that helps you get more information about a situation.  No need to mention it.  When it is not normal for the area, it is what we call a "clue" and provides more information.   Nothing "racist" about it. ETA: If I were in a line in China, and a bunch of white people speaking English were in line, I would make other conclusions, similar to the ones drawn here about Chinese (depending upon...
no.   Has nothing to do with racism.  Get a clue. 
 The Chinese black market is well known and discussed in the news.   The evidence given by the poster here supports the notion.    White French scalping is not a big deal (in terms of volume) so is not important to mention.   IF the phone was not launching in Germany, and Germany had a big hankering for iPhones, and lines full of German speaking white people were forming at Apple Stores on launch day, it WOULD be appropriate to bring up and discuss. Let me put it this way....
 No.  No.  NO. "Horde" is just using English to give an impression of lots and lots of people.   It shows education to be able to use descriptive words.   Not speaking a single word of English is a factual observation. If you are worried about pre-judging, maybe you should look in the mirror (in regards this thread and the post you were offended by). Maybe if he ascribed some undesirable trait (besides scalping) due to them being Chinese, that might be prejudicial.  But...
 No, it is not a double standard, because while the Chinese scalpers may be a drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things, they are organized and large compared to the other groups (including white Americans) who are buying to sell on eBay.  And the Chinese black market is a known, and somewhat measurable phenomenon which could have an effect on sales, while eBay sales by "scalpers" are most likely very insignificant, and not an organized effort.
 How is that racist?  Again, answer the question.   Are you "Chinese American" (whatever that is?)   The facts were that the lines were predominantly Chinese appearing people, who were not speaking English.    Talking and discussing this fact is NOT racist.
 Facts are facts, man. What is this world coming to?  We are afraid to talk about facts and observations, in fear of offending someone who is probably not even reading AI?
 How is it racist?  Stating fact and conjecture based on that  fact is not racist, when likely true.
 I think that mainly may be a problem in NYC and in Cali, etc.   Later on Friday I stopped by an Apple Store looking for a case, and the line still had 30 people in it here in SLC (not City Creek) and there were no obvious Chinese scalpers.  That phenomenon may exist, but probably is limited to certain markets.
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