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This goes to show that the companies that make their own distinct products do better than those who make "commodity" products.  Android phone makers don't make a lot of money because there is not a lot to really distinguish them from each other, except price.  So price goes down the toilet which means little or no profit (vs the effort involved).  Same with Windows vs Mac OS.   Anybody and their dog (including you) can build a Windows machine.  Again, nothing really to...
It is the mass that kills you. Takes more energy to get it rolling the more mass you have.
When WhatsApp sold to Facebook, you WERE the product. WhatsApp didn't have 19 plus the extra 3 billion dollars in actual value. It just had its user base to sell.
 Yes, it can be done well.Similarly, my kid's school (small charter school in SLC area with about 200 students) give each student an iPad and a lot of their work is done with that.  It works quite well.  My son just started at the school and he was given an iPad 4 for his iPad this year.   That is basically a 2 year old item that will be 3 years old at the end of the school year (rough numbers).   Works just fine and is at the latest OS and handles all they do (including...
Would be nice if it supported plain old IMAP mail accounts.
The times I have been in Japan I have seen more iPads than Android tablets in the wild.  I suspect China and SE Asia are different from Japan/Hong Kong.
I wish Apple allowed no-charge IAP (it solves certain problems), but alas, the "Free" price tier does not exist in iTunes Connect for IAP.  (As of a month ago at least, and I submitted the request to Apple to allow this several years ago).
Always good to have multiple sources for your parts and to keep your suppliers on their toes due to competition for your business.   Sole suppliers are not great if you can avoid it.
 Which is why Apple does not mention it at all in their marketing.   The people talking about it are the tech geeks and stuff.
How are you defining that? The 5c was released last year.  If you want to say it is a reskinned 5, that was 2 years ago.
New Posts  All Forums: