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never mind. my bad
They might go back to Mac OS X.  It was Mac OS X, then OS X.  They could rename it Mac OS X.   I doubt they will, after 15 years, change the name from OS X to macOS (or macOS X or macOS 10).  Too much existing branding involved I would think. Also iOS was originally iPhone OS.  
 Lots of people don't want Windows in their business, and do you really think that people who rely on Microsoft style networks would replace Windows based domain controllers with Mac ones? As long as OS X can play nicely as a client, Apple has this covered appropriately. In a non Windows / MS environment, why should I have to deploy Microsoft style networks?
Why would there necessarily be an OS XI ?
Is it a knock off or a non functioning demo?
  The short hand version of that is "More than 70% of Apple Music revenues passed to rights owners, Apple confirms" You don't have to believe me.  But it works.  Especially in a news media context where they try and shorten things for space.And no, it is not future perfect.  It is present perfect, IIRC, meaning, on an ongoing basis.  passed = is passed Apple Music, whether publicly launched or not, exists now, so it is appropriate to describe it in the present perfect.
The title is correct.   I forget what that form is called off hand, but it is correct.  It is not "simple past"
Is the first 3 month's of Apple Music going to be free (i.e., June 30 -- Sept 30) or is it the first 3 months of a given user's use?
Supposedly Spotify's contracts are up for renewal.  We'll have to see if they can keep their "free" add supported tier after they have to renegotiate their contracts...
 ????? For the FIRST 3 months (during the free trial), Apple pays nothing.  Then they pay 71.5% (up to 73% outside the US) going forward.
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