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Precisely!   That is my point.    You need to read the previous replies to see what the discussion was about.  Some were claiming Apple should force upgrade your phone to the latest iOS.
Agree to what?  Have you found any hint that it (meaning Apple can force upgrade you) is there? And I do believe that courts have generally found EULAs that are not presented to the user until after purchase as not enforceable.  Conditions presented to the purchaser after purchase are generally not valid.   So, no, I don't think you do/did agree to it.
I never said "should" just walk away.  What they should do and legally can do are two different things.  I never said Apple should not update iOS and provide updates and bug fixes. But to your question, after the warranty is over, Apple is under no obligation to fix problems with your device.   Sometimes they do if the problem is widespread enough, or sometimes they do for other reasons on smaller individual problems.  There may be legal, consumer protection reasons, and...
 Uhm, they include a warranty AS PART OF THE PURCHASE.   1 YEAR.   So ignoring any consumer protection laws, Apple provides the warranty as part of the purchase.
Show me exactly where in the agreement we signed away control rights over the phone.
Show me the text in the EULA or other agreement then.    iOS is sold as an integral part of the phone I bought.   I understand what you say about "licensing" -- that is the IP ownership, which I never claimed was any different than that.   But as an integral part of the phone (go look at the marketing copy for the iPhone -- it is sold as an integral whole) the copy on the phone is "mine" in terms of control of that copy.   Otherwise Apple would probably run afoul of...
 Have you read what I said?  I never claimed IP ownership.  That is what people are meaning when they say "Apple owns the software."   I claimed "usage" ownership of the software on my phone.    In order to updated it they have to connect to MY HW and they don't have permission to do so until I give it. Please show me somewhere in any of the long EULA or other agreements Apple has that allows them to access the phone without permission in order to update the software. The...
Sorry to have to tell you this, but this forum is not the "general Apple user community."   Apple sells a couple hundred million iOS devices each year and that community of Apple users is as varied as any large community is.
But it IS my phone.  I have a bill of sale and receipt.   I am not claiming intellectual property ownership of the software, but I am claiming control rights to the copy on my phone.   Apple can change iOS all they want, but they cannot go on to MY phone without my permission and upgrade it without my permission.   That is all I am saying.   I am not making any claims otherwise.
 What are you smoking?   For one, when I buy the phone, I buy the complete phone, including the software (this individual copy).  I do not have intellectual rights over the software, and, except as covered by contract law, I cannot mandate what Apple does with iOS.    But that instance of the software is under my control on my phone.  (Read below) Apple does not have to support anything I do outside of whatever agreements are attached with the use of that software.    I...
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