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This is stupid on Apple's part. Siri should "just work"
Two explanations on how the movie business works (taking their word for it)     http://themovieblog.com/2007/economics-of-the-movie-theater-where-the-money-goes-and-why-it-costs-us-so-much/     http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/movie-distribution2.htm
So you are saying the theater owners build theaters and show movies as an act of charity?  They don't get to keep any of the ticket price?  I find that highly suspect, considering they have to pay for the theater buildings, the rent, the taxes, the employees, etc. that actually make it possible to show the movie.
Maybe the theaters keep 50%?   If it cost $30m to make and $30m to market, it needs $60m of real income.  $120m theater take is not $120m in real income to the studio, etc.  The theaters have to make a profit, pay their rent, pay their employees, etc.
When I went to Apple.com it was the first thing up on the front screen though there was no buy button.   Click the big front and center pic though took me to the TV page where there was a buy button.
It is a class action and the $5M "burned through" is likely an estimate of usage by the entire "class"
 There are apps that will allow this today.  The iPad is used as a second screen for your Mac.  A friend of mine showed me his setup for travel with a MacBook and iPad Air.  I also saw people doing this with iPads at WWDC with some sort of clip or stand to hold the iPad made to fit the MacBook / MacBook Air or whatever. I've never done it so don't know the details on which app/s etc.
iOS is FULLY multitasking and always has been.   That does not mean that apps themselves were or are fully multi tasking.  The OS may limit what processes can run under what circumstances.  But the OS itself is fully multi tasking.  It is a full mach kernel "unix" type system.   This is unlike the old Mac OS system prior to OS X that had a cooperative multi tasking system.
I am a little at a loss on how the new MS Surface * stuff and Win10 is a copycat of Apple.   I have personally no interest in it but MS is doing its own thing given the market parameters...
For the price bracket and size, it is a fair comparison in terms of which performs better.  The customer doesn't care how that performance comes about. Now, most Mac users are not playing hard core games on their 13" rMBP and the 15" rMBP is the more professional device for people who need OpenCL performance for drafting, graphics, etc.   So in the end it is not that big of a deal for the normal customer.
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