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I just ordered the 42mm space gray sport this afternoon.  I hope it doesn't ship until mid June so I don't have to pay that CC bill until July :)   We want to see what we can do to support the watch with our app but I won't have a lot of time to start playing with it until then anyway...
Good for them!
After reading the "iPhone Killer" article, I believe it was on Fortune.com, I gave a much greater appreciation for what they are trying to do with the Apple Watch.
 Some tech reviewers have liked the Samsung photos better, and some have said the iPhone still takes better shots.  It all comes down to how you expect a photo to look and which attributes you prefer or give more points to in a comparison.
Yes the domestic violence was a straw man.    Following the tax laws as laid out is not a crime or is it abusive.  It is smart.
 Strawman.   Assault and the such are still a crime even if the domestic violence laws are lax. Paying the taxes as outlined by the law of the land, even if some people disagree with the amount, is not a crime.
It is theft.  Anyone who denies it is delusional. Try not paying your tax.  Dudes with guns will eventually show up and either take all you have or put you in the slammer/hoosegow/jail.
  Somehow I doubt that their low business tax rates played a significant role in their malaise.   High personal debt levels and a severe property bubble are the main culprits, along with banking issues. Basing attraction of business on tax rates alone could be a problem because the business may not stick around, if it shows up at all [most businesses look at more than just tax rates but look at the things you mentioned], agreed.  But the low rates themselves are not the...
For one it would be easy to erect customs barriers.  2, the shipping costs would be quite high, as would the wait {Canada Post is not known as the most timely}
 Income Tax is actually one of the worst taxes in terms of ethics and morality. Only governments that are police states can enforce an income tax (this is a philosophical fact).  Other forms of taxes are much more palatable in that regard. (proof:   There are only two types of governments out there:  governments that derive their power from the people, and governments that derive their power through threat or use of force.  A government of the people -- one that gets its...
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