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 This is debatable.  It often seems more like a lack of candidates who will accept the wages they are willing to pay.
 Hopefully she says yes.  Congrats! I personally hope Android goes and Windows Phone becomes the second tier OS instead of Android.  It is "refreshing" and "different", though I personally have 0 interest in it.
 Apple actually has a higher marketshare on premium smartphones than any other company or Android as a whole, as well, I believe.  Samsung sells the majority of premium Android smartphones and their sales numbers are much lower than the iPhone.  All the other premium Android device are just noise in the numbers.
 Don't think anyone said they did.
You mean like Greece?
If these people (US based at least) truly believe they have a case and Apple won't fix it, they should read up on the UCC (make sure their state has adopted a form of it. Most if not all have), and go down to their city or county court house and file a small claims court claim against Apple. Read up on the 'fitness for a particular usage' parts of the UCC. Simple and easy to do. I did it against Compaq around 2001 based on. Computer they would not fix that wouldn't...
I paid for the phone.  It is mine.  I have the right to my property.  I am not aware of any "easement" or anything that exists that would change the situation. So-called "shrink wrap" EULAs have been determined to not be enforceable in court -- the kind where you have to buy it to know what it says, AFAIK.   There is a section of law called the "Universal Commercial Code" or UCC for short.  Most states in the US have adopted it in some form.  This outlines the rights of...
No you don't.   That is absurd.    You need to know if the update meets your needs or not, and if there are world-ending bug fixes in the update.  That is all you need. #1)  Yes they do.   What meets their needs best.  If you were extensively using home-sharing than 8.3 meets your needs better than 8.4.   You don't need to know the internal details.   I am an iOS software dev and have a clue about things.  I have been a software engineer for 27 years.  I have a small clue...
 Sorry, but you are wrong.   IF I USE AN APPLE OS I MAINTAIN THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE WHICH APPLE OS I AM RUNNING. I don't need to know the lowest internal details to be able to perfectly decide.  If Apple has a bug fix for a world-ending bug they can say so and that will influence my decision.  But iOS 8.x won't stop working the day after iOS 8.x+1 is released, and if it met my needs on D-1, then on D-Day it will still meet my needs while I evaluate the trade offs of...
 Ha ha ha ha LOL What planet are you from? I know what you are trying to say, but unless there is some super terrific super deadly everyone is going to die bug, then you are wrong.  I know best what version my phone needs because I know what my needs are, and what I am willing to trade off to get my needs met.  Apple or anyone else does not know that.
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