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That is the original. You'd probably be better off for $229 on kickstarter to get the plus.
Apple was not in its startup phase in 1984. They went public 4 years prior in 1980 and were a well established company that owned the personal computer market until the MSDos based stuff came out a few years prior.
I have two first gen mini iPads.   They don't feel much slower.   Subjective, yes, but they work just fine.    My son also uses an old 4S with iOS 8 and it is also fairly decent for being 4.5 years old running the latest iOS.   I don't see any planned obsolescence in Apples products. 
Fret spacing, and string spacing are important for practicing parts and riffs.   Especially when playing in half or first position (first or second fret centering for finger placement) since the frets are far apart on a bass.   When practicing you are developing muscle memory etc.   I play bass parts on normal guitars all the time for fun -- when my daughter is practicing her guitar for example and I want to play along or just mess around.   But for practicing riffs or...
Not the same thing. I am mostly interested in practicing riffs or parts. Technical skills. Need fatter and more accurately placed strings.
I wish the jamstick people made a bass version. I have a bunch of real basses (and am fact have started making my own) but a handy portable thing to take with me to work or where ever that I could use to practice with would be awesome.
Legitimate criticism is not spammed in every non related article forum topic and is wek written, not a diatribe.Yes the built in spell check is sh!t but the original criticism posting is as well
That is probably how they coordinate, the Mac and the iOS device. They have to talk back and forth somehow. Would be nice if they could also use wifi if no ble is found.
Not the first topic he has spammed with this complaint.
Go Google "Saddam Husseins guns" or something like that.  They found plenty of Gold guns in his palaces.
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