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But it IS my phone.  I have a bill of sale and receipt.   I am not claiming intellectual property ownership of the software, but I am claiming control rights to the copy on my phone.   Apple can change iOS all they want, but they cannot go on to MY phone without my permission and upgrade it without my permission.   That is all I am saying.   I am not making any claims otherwise.
 What are you smoking?   For one, when I buy the phone, I buy the complete phone, including the software (this individual copy).  I do not have intellectual rights over the software, and, except as covered by contract law, I cannot mandate what Apple does with iOS.    But that instance of the software is under my control on my phone.  (Read below) Apple does not have to support anything I do outside of whatever agreements are attached with the use of that software.    I...
 Here is a hand, let me help you off your high horse. I never said a thing about changing the software and I also said nothing against blocking downgrades.    I merely said, rightly, that the phone is mine and if I don't want to upgrade it, Apple should not be able to force me.
It's my device.  That trumps everything.  I don't have an issue about not allowing downgrading, but it is my device to choose when I want to upgrade, if ever.  (and yes, I do upgrade -- I am talking philosophically)
The Sid chip in the C64 was a higher level chip, where you gave it timbre, duration,and all sorts of things and it reproduced the sound.  But the various channels were not synched so you could launch multiple channels of sounds that would get out of sync.  The Atari sound was a lower level type chip, which also gave you more control if you had the knowledge.   The graphics on the C64 sucked in comparison.  My HS was a "Commodore Education" launch school for the C64 and we...
 You got the better deal anyway.  The Atari 800 was a much better (technically) computer than the Apple II/II+/IIE for most things.  Faster version of the same CPU and much better graphics chips.  I learned on an Apple II+ at the local elementary school (I was in HS but helped teach the kids computers and had free access to the computer labs until the janitors went home at night).   But my parents were not about to buy an Apple II.  We finally got an Atari 400 (I had a...
I'd rather see the normal gold with a deep red face instead of white. Or something like that.
Gimme ChocolateRoad of ResistanceMegitsuneIjime, Dame, Zettai Are the ones I would give a listen to...   There are other good ones too. They've played the US this year 2 or 3 locations, and opened up for Lady Ga Ga last year 5 locations, and played UK, Germayny, France, and others last year and/or this year.  
"Baby Metal" has been selling out venues across the world, really fast.   It grows on most people.  FIrst time I saw it, it was like, "yeah, whatever".  Second time was like "Holy Crap." Only the purist metalheads don't like it.    They have fans even amongst big metal bands themselves.   And have won awards from Metal magazines. As I said I don't listen to a lot of metal at all, and then more traditional classic forms, but I like it.  I've had to restrict my own listening...
That's interesting.   I'd see him live (small venue live, not large) if I had the chance, even if I have no interest in his recordings.   The recording I saw of him recently was a small venue live gig and he was good.
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