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 It does not affect your FICO score negatively the way I explained it.  Your credit report only shows the last statement balance and the last payment.  If you pay off the last statement every time, you still show a balance on the next statement.  But you pay no interest since you pay off the last statement every time.  And your credit report looks like you run a balance if you make more than one payment during the month to pay it off instead of one big payment at the end...
This is technically true, but most big banks and credit unions will cover you with similar end results to what credit card protection you have and will refund overdrafts etc if it was caused by fraud.  I am not saying all do, and it is a big PITA to take care of and it IS Your money that is gone, at least until the bank makes good on it, and I personally agree that using debit cards is usually not that great for this very reason, even if the bank does make good on it in...
Why do you think it is bad for your credit rating?   You usually always pay the last bills balance, so your credit report always shows a balance but you never pay any interest.  And as long as the balance is not high compared to the credit limit it is actually ideal as it shows credit being used responsibly.
Not really.  Feature phone could connect to the web and could also run vendor supplied "apps" and even some downloadable "java me" apps or whatever they were called.  Those junk phones are more properly feature phone replacements that run Android, which also powers true smartphones.  Many of them can technically run apps, but practically, not really.  Apple is not in that market.
 Actually, this is not true.  I work at an (unreleased) mobile payments place (not in competition with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or CurrentC really) and we ask for the last 4 when you sign up, as part of regulatory compliance for AML (anti money laundering) laws, but we don't have anything at that point, and only collect the last 4, since the ID Verify things we have to use as part of "Know Your Customer" laws can get a good enough match off the last 4, that it suffices...
Just tweeted this:   #mcx Secure cloud? You've been hacked already, you're not even launched. A fool and his money are soon parted. #SayNOToCurrentC #ApplePay     --   Need to get more #ApplePay and #SayNOToCurrentC tweets out there.
Whatis interesting, is after I added an AMEX and a Capital One visa to Apple Pay, I started to get notifications for other authorizations on the Capital One and the AMEX on my phone.  Something in the sign up process set that up.   Which is pretty cool.
I just tweeted this   #mcx This is a joke, right? http://www.mcx.com/blog/answers-to-your-questions/  Secure cloud?  Ask Target and HD and everyone else.  #SayNOToCurrentC #ApplePay
No.  Because in that case, there is never unlimited data since there is not infinite speed.   They set no cap on data.  They don't promise anything on speed, which can be affected by both throttling as well as technical limitations.    Some customers may have been in an EDGE area or even GPRS area only and would have a much lower overall possible amount of data they could download in a month of constant downloading compared to a 3G customer.  That however is not what is...
 Can I suggest a trip to remedial English? "unlimited" does not stand alone.  It is, as you correctly referenced, an "adjective", which modifies a noun.  I think you will find that AT&T always used it in relation to "unlimited data plan" which is amount of data, not speed.
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