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Before.  9.0 probably won't be out until September.  Unless all we get are a bunch of point releases.
We'll see what the demand is.  S5 did not do so well. Apple needs an order of magnitude more than "tens of millions".  (150 million is an order of magnitude more then 30 million, for example) I am not advocating any position myself.  I was just explaining the logic behind the statement you were questioning.
Because maybe Apple needs an order of magnitude more chips and the process can support lower levels of production but not higher.  (Not saying that is true but that would be the premise behind the statement you are questioning)
But are they actually logging in to iTunes using AOL?  I have an AOL messenger login or whatever their chat is called.  But I've never used it to log in to iTunes.  I suspect that most people who use AOL and have aol email addresses still set up an Apple ID as instructed when buying a Mac or iOS device...  (Just a guess, no hard data). This is not about people using AOL, it is about people actually signing in to iTunes with AOL.
And how many people were actually logging in to iTunes using an AOL account? All 2 of you raise your hands...
Ever see the label on almost anything that says that "X" is known to the State of California to cause cancer?   It only causes cancer in Kali! ;)
Strange definition of "fact" My experience has been totally opposite.  NO issues at all with  BT and our 2013 VWs.  Ever. I am not saying you don't have issues.  I am just questioning your conclusions as overarching facts.
Wow, still problems?   Just glad our two 2013 VW Sportwagen TDI have had no real BT problems ever with any of our phones and iOS versions... Need to tell Audi to talk to VW ;)
@slurpy Some people are just all around pessimists. Does not matter the subject. They find the negative point of view religiously.
 Consider the source.
New Posts  All Forums: