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There are a quadrillion of this sort of phone sold in 3rd world countries.  This model is just representative.   Where do you think all those millions of Android activations come from?  They are not Samsung Galaxy or HTC or LG or Moto or equivalent type smart phones.  The sales of ALL of those  ones I just listed are less than what Apple sells in iPhones and yet the Android activations are a few times the iPhone if you believe Google and company. It is this type of cheap...
This is not one either: http://www.tmart.com/M-HORSE-S4-Mini-4.0-256-256MB-SC6820-Single-Core-1.0GHz-Android-2.3-Bar-Smartphone-US-Standard-Blue_p280961.html 
  It has been tried?  Really?   Show me.   Again, show me one such device.  Most all the devices you have shown are 5 (give or take) year old plus old style feature phones (flip, brick, etc). The reason they went with Android is two reasons:  they got it for free, and they could ride the Android bus for free (in terms of mindshare).   They are making feature phones with Android.  They could convince people, through marketing, that because if has Android that the people...
  Nothing slippery.  I gave one definition already, and others will have very similar definitions that vary in some details but not in the general gist of it.
 And that is how the majority of Android phones ARE.  They come with older Android, they never get updated, and they can't reliably run a lot of the apps out there.  NO MATTER WHAT YOU WANT TO THINK, A LOT OF ANDROID PHONES ARE SMART PHONES IN NAME ONLY. And those phones usage patterns are also in the feature phone usage case.   Just because it runs Android does not mean it is really a smart phone.  Get over it.  That is the truth. Go look at most of the white box $49-$99...
 This is demonstrably wrong.  The majority of the Android phones out there are in the feature phone class.   So a lot of people are buying something that no one wants. You could take one of these low end Android phones, put 512MB of RAM and a 800mhz ARM processor instead of the 1.2-1.4 dual or quad core, and a speciality-built feature phone OS on it and have much better performance, all the same functionality that these Android based feature phones have, and probably make...
 Dude, that is like 5 years old.
 No one has made one yet, so how can they have lost? The old clunky flip phone feature phones and stuff lost.
Modern design can be a lot of different things.   Look at the "smart phone" and "android feature phone" for inspiration. You claim no body wants these.  No one makes a modern non Android feature phone so we don't know.
Aren't the modern Blackberry devices more in the smartphone camp?
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