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I assume that multiple users on a single file are still not possible?
I cannot seen to find the Apple Events channel.
Neat comment !  iPad Nano !
I think a 12 or 13 inch iPad might qualify for a new line if done in such a way to be a bit more like the MacBook Air.   But I take Tim's comment to imply that an iWatch-like device that connects to your phone or iPad would qualify, even it is partly an accessory to an iPad or phone.
 Ditto.  The more I learn about this project, the more I think it is a truly good one.
I love the 5C.  I think the feel of the plastic they used is nicer than the metal.  I think the major reason, as Tim Cook says, was that the 5S drew customers away from the 5C with the Touch id and the 64 bit processor.
I think the 5C is great.  I much prefer the solid plastic over the "metal" feeling of the 5S.  The look and feel of the 5C is spot on in my view.
 Totally agree.  I do not see how Samsung loses anything in this trial.  It is a sham.
 Lovely post ! It is true we all hope for Apple TV, iWatch, or something totally new, but the given upgrades are beautiful.
I have been following AppleInsider for at least 10 years, and love the site.  It has enriched my life.   I think AppleInsider has steadily improved over the years, and has become a top-notch site without selling out to advertisers.   Thanks DED, and all who make AI be what it is ! ! !
New Posts  All Forums: