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I have never been bothered by ads on AppleInsider.  In fact, I like some of them.   I love AppleInsider.   PS  I would happily pay to subscribe, as I do the Washington Post.
Agree.  The Nano is overpriced, and still a nice device.  Light, and small, and good storage.
THANKS iaeen ! ! I did not know this.  Knowledge helps people ! !
I really like the new MacBook, but would love to have some kind of data plan to use it anywhere, just like the iPad.   Is there any way to do this?
Agree!  iCloud is lackluster, Pages weak,  Yosemite still gives problems.
Great post !
 Love this idea ! ! !
I will take a different track.  Bose has always stood for quality, and Beats not so.  This is a loss in my opinion.  Apple and Bose both stood for top of the line.   I think this is a mistake for Apple.   Also, I have always purchased Bose speakers with Apple products for over 20 years. 
I assume that multiple users on a single file are still not possible?
I cannot seen to find the Apple Events channel.
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