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I saw it. I chuckled for a while. I liked the cab driver bit.
He needs to remember Dunkirk.
Roxy is down right uncanny with her associative ability. She knows what a "cockatoo" is. We went to the vet to board her when I went on vacation and there was a moluccan cockatoo there in its cage. Roxy leaned over and said "Hello, big preatty cockatoo". The vet was floored. I asked what is Roxy to her. "Roxy is a preatty cockatoo" she answers. She told the other cockatoo to "c'mere, gimme a kiss". I guess she wanted it out of its cage. When she is tired and wants to...
Capricorn 1
Now all they gotta do is point it at the sea of tranquility and prove we really went to the moon.
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[quote]Originally posted by ZO: also, does anyone know any Mac to PC font conversion utils that possibly works in OSX? I have to send a print job off and need to include all used fonts that only exist for Mac...
Fontogropher will convert any font to any platform. I use it almost every day.
My cockatoo Roxy, can actually ask for what she wants. She can associate abstract. It has taken me 8 years to get her where she is now but she clearly has intelligent thought capability, not just mimicry. You can ask her "what is Roxy?" She will respond "Big preatty cockatoo". Then ask her what a cockatoo is. "bird" is always the response. I thought at first this was merely association stimulus until I took her flying in the Cessna. We got to the airport and when she saw...
[quote]Originally posted by Anders: Same logic makes christianity terrorist. [ 02-26-2002: Message edited by: Anders ]
I never called them terrorists now did I? I merely pointed out a tiny amount of hypocriticizm. If you remember the big stink this incident caused between US and Egypt. They claimed there was a defect in the Boeing aircraft and demanded their own investigation merely on the sole assumption that Islam doesn't allow...
[quote]Originally posted by SYN: You do however have a problem understanding the fact that Islam has nothing to do whatsoever with flying Boeings in the WTC.
http://www.ntsb.gov/events/EA990/docket/Ex_12A.pdf Egypt Air 990. Suicide is against everything Islam stands for too.
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