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It wouldn't be a DED article without a typo. Some things never change.
Maybe not just to be dicks. Maybe despite it making them dicks?
Apple now is targeting very unsophisticated users. My guess is that lots of Apple customers will fall for it. Mom and pop are not tech savvy, but they have credit cards with large limits.
Maybe I'm wrong. Does ATV stream FLACs from a windows machine?
A better lesson: Litigation is a lousy way to do business.
C'mon. ATV is a great way to buy content from Apple. Other than that, not so much. Their lack of codec support alone puts it out of contention for me.
That is truly excellent product. I have my eye on the one without the internal drive, given how many external USB drives I already have.
And if they came out with that sort of a TV, how would the $99 box "precisely mimic" it hooked up to your old TV?I don't think your point makes sense. They could easily sell both a $99 box and a high-end TV.
No. but they are most certainly in the market for buyers who want good looking stuff and status pieces that cost lots o' moolah.
RIM has many, many different designs and different models. Apple, however has very few - usually one or two. Huge difference.
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