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Despite its army of lawyers and despite its litigious tendencies, it looks like Apple is losing big time. Innovatioins need patent protection. But copies of prior art, and obvious inventions need to be bounced before they can be used to stifle innovations by others. The patent system needs a HUGE overhaul when crap can receive a patent, and then those invalid patents can be used to hurt others.
That's just creepy. No thanks.
From Wikipedia: Henry Ford departs: "In 1919, Edsel Ford succeeded his father as president of the company,... the company used an old-fashioned personalized management system, and neglected consumer demand for improved vehicles. ...Ford steadily lost market share to GM and Chrysler, as these and other domestic and foreign competitors began offering fresher automobiles with more innovative features..." Walt Disney dies: "On December 15, 1966, Walt Disney died of lung...
I don't understand the first sentence, given the information in the second two snippets. "Weak" and "housebound" STM to be pretty good "indication[s] that his health has worsened".
I'm not sure if this is the post you asked me to respond to - if not, let me know. Yeah, we may be using the word "idea" in different ways. In order to receive a patent (a regular patent, and not a design patent, and in the USA, dunno about other jurisdictions) the invention must be "useful". That is why perpetual motion machines cannot be patented. They will not work, and so they cannot be useful. I suspect that a time machine would meet the same fate. Things that are...
It takes two to tango, and two to settle. Apple might try to drop its suit, but if there have been counterclaims, that is not a choice it can make alone.
Likely many are selling a portion of their holdings, rather than "dumping" all of it. Others (albeit fewer) are seeing this as a buying opportunity.Those who look at business events as "all or nothing" inflection points rarely do well with investments. OTOH, those who adjust their portfolios and reallocate portions often do well.Hedging your bets often works well. Panicking seldom works well.
Because litigation is an expensive waste and a distraction, and because there are many other lawsuits both pending and in the wings. Apple is very litigious, using its army of lawyers to get ahead. Settlement is often the best way to end these things.
So who is taking over as COO? Hopefully, it will be somebody who can execute better than Tim, who has been plagued by shortages and late deliveries.
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