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I saw nothing there which was a design patent which covers "just an idea".
Please provide an example of a design patent which protects "just an idea".
By selling its product, us readers, to its advertisers. Install Ghostery, and see how many tracking cookies get loaded each time you click. It is astounding.
Looks like a settlement is very likely after this fiasco.
Please don't attack me personally.Please don't put words in my mouth. None of those things match my viewpoint.I have no opinion on whether or not Huston is a mecca for free thinking. I worked in land use and zoning for years, and I think urban planning is essential. I've been to cities with little or no zoning laws, and from what I saw, they were crappy. I support historic district designations, et. al.You don't know a damn thing about me.
But isn't he a socialist? We don't even have to consider the facts he cites, given his political party.
Some opinions are based upon a careful analysis of facts. Others are based upon mistaken misapprehensions of total and complete bullshit, lies and propaganda. Without supporting evidence, an opinion is best ignored.
Pay your goddamned taxes, Apple. Just like The Rest Of Us.
Why let mere facts stand in the way of a strong opinion and fierce loyalty? You need to go along in order to get along. If you are an instrumentalist, facts are whatever work best for you. Reality ain't got much hold on some folks.
It sounds to me like the judge was just "throwing a bone" to Apple rather than invalidating every one of their specious claims and telling them to go take a hike. It is distressing that the AI article is so twisted as to ignore the major substantive portions of the ruling, and instead, focuses on a minor matter, presenting it as some sort of huge win for Apple. Putting on a good face is one thing - ignoring the most important aspects of the story is quite another. ...
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