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It was clear what you thought. And that's not what he meant. HTH.
"Android dominates iOS in 2nd quarter, study finds"http://news.cnet.com/8301-13506_3-20...r-study-finds/
European beer tastes have absolutely nothing to do with his point, which seems to have flown well over your head.Coors used to be sold only West of the Mississippi River (which is a large river in the USA nearly bisecting the country). As a result, and despite its poor quality, it used to be "smuggled" back east by enterprising individuals who resold it at premium prices.Now does it all make sense? No thanks needed for the reality tutorials. I enjoy your posts.
Why does Apple choose to forego the best way to protect OSX? They give their customers free reign to dump anything they find out there onto their Macs. Why?
Reality: Most smartphone buyers choose Android. Put that together with your thought, and ISTM inevitable that you must think that most current smartphone buyers are "juvenile angry young men with a chip on their shoulder". You may be correct, but I have severe doubts. Got anything other than your thinking process to justify that conclusion?
You can stop being afraid. I don't know any real stats, and I try to base my beliefs on verifiable evidence.
Different strokes for different folks. I'm glad for you. The post above comparing Android and iOS to city living vs. a gated community is pretty accurate, IMO. Both types of situations appeal to different sorts of people. Me, after living in an upscale 'burb for over 20 years, at the insistence of my ex-, I'm moving back into the city. And I'm very excited to be doing so.
Name the stakes and the odds. I'll take your offer for any amount of money you are willing to put up.
But the idea itself is NOT patentable. I think we agree on that. The implementation is patented, and not the idea itself.
Same response.
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