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Hmmm...which ideas CAN be patented? Excluding ideas which are actually implemented, in which case the implementation, and not the idea, is the subject of the patent. Are there any examples you ca give me of a pure idea being patented?
Because the external design of the iPad is obvious and utilitarian? Because even in 1969, tablet computers looked like that in science fiction movies? Just a thought.
Brave New World might work better.
Market share is a very important factor. But it is not the only factor. The world is seldom black and white. Multi-factor analysis is becoming increasingly important, given that the complexity of our world is increasing at an exponential rate. If you look at only one factor, you are looking at only one tree and missing the forest.
For the same reasons some Red Sox fans like to dis the Yankees, and for the same reasons that some Christians like to harp on the evil of other sects of Christians, and some political folks like to demonize people with different leanings. It's a black/white, hooray for our side, good/evil, "we're better", "I'm a winner" thing for the insecure among us.
Given the popularity of iOS, it seems unlikely that obscurity explains it. I think that the curation process, as you say, is the real explanation. There are good aspects to Apple's insistence that if you want to buy software for iOS, you gotta buy it from them. Another factor WRT Android is that the anti-malware industry is still young for the platform. I think that eventually, seamless background processes will be developed that will lessen the prevalence of malware...
Ideas cannot be protected.
Ideas cannot be patented.
No, but if somebody had obtained a design patent for a flip phone, it could be invalidated based upon Star Trek's design being prior to the grant of the patent.
Why not? The claim is that each of the elements that Apple says was designed by them existed before they set pen to paper. I'm not sure that functionality or capability enters into the design aspects of the device,
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