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I didn't write the original statement, DED wrote it. I think that a better word could have been used. Perhaps "object"? For example, the Statue of Liberty received a design patent, but it is a piece of art, and not an invention. So design patents can cover the design of an invention, but can cover other objects as well. The point is that if somebody gets a design patent for their object, but they merely copied pre-existing design, like Apple is claimed to have done,...
Likely they did.
We're not talking about an invention. We're talking about a design. And the claim is that the design predated the date of Apple's design patent, rendering the design patent invalid. So yes, we need to be careful about mixing in the concept of invention, because it is all but irrelevant.
It is easily the best cheap smartphone out there. No argument from me.
And yet, more people buy Android phones than all the rest of the smartphones put together! Go figure...
Sounds like iPad might quickly become generic for tablet computers, much like "Thermos" or "Heroin". Apple might better start calling it an "iPad brand tablet" PDQ. There's a good reason why they call them "Kleenex brand tissues".
Such a special effect cannot be patented. You can rest easy. And BTW, nobody who knows what they are talking about claims otherwise. But think about this: What if somebody tried to get a design patent for a building which is composed of 4 equilateral triangles forming a square on the bottom and tapering to a pointy top? Think about that one for a half-second or so, and then tell me if the design is novel enough to warrant a patent. And if the patent is somehow...
Were the article about trade dress, you might have a point. But the article is about design patents.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trade_dresshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_patent
Hrmmmmm.......I read this: "Fictional or artistic representations of inventions can be used to invalidate design patents." (Emphasis supplied)Got any cites for that? For design patents?
Terse. Very terse.
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