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How is that relevant to Samsung's claim?
They know lots more than you. Study up on design patents, or, at the very least, read the article that you are responding too. Clue: The article tells you what is wrong with your analysis.
From the article you are commenting upon: "Fictional or artistic representations of inventions can be used to invalidate design patents." (Emphasis supplied) None of your examples have anything whatsoever to do with the subject at hand, which are design patents. But reality is so much more boring, eh?
Maybe he's referring to the $49.00 3GS?
Seriously. They have a little over 5% already, way over his number.
I know quite well which factors make for a good camera. Thanks anyways.
C'mon. Steve knows best. You'll slurp it up as soon as it is released. BTW, where are the comments saying that more megapixels make for a worse camera?
"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's ... wife, nor his ass..." Nothing about his cool Android phone...
I'm very impressed, Jeff, that a moderator would criticize AI's writing. It shows independent thought and opinions, rather than towing the company line. Wow. Good for you. My guess is that Kasper takes these comments into account when dealing with his writers. Journalistic integrity is everything - if AI gets known for the opposite, it will lose credibility. OTOH, a good hatchet piece is very entertaining and appeals to a certain segment of the audience. I'd love to...
I'm not sure why you say that. Aside from being much more complete, how does the Ars article give a different take?
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