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Same garbage came out when the the iPhone was introduced. In the near future, we all get to look back on these quotes and laugh.
It would be deemed: Workplace violence!
I'm surprised it didn't bend!
It's the thought that counts.
If that information is in your contacts, it may have culled it from there!If that information is in your contacts, it may have culled it from there!
It's a varient of the shipped/sold argument! We shipped 20,000 widgets!(sold 30!)
I'm interested but share some of these concerns. I'll be waiting on the sidelines for a bit to see what level of developer support materializes and see how this actually works in the wild!
Fair share is usually defined as, what someone else thinks should be done with YOUR money!
I couldn't tell if Argonaut was being sarcastic as that was one of the big selling points of the Samsung phones prior to this!
HIPPA doesn't come into play on any level. That law protects information obtained by a health care provider and limits sharing that information to other health care providers on a need to know basis and with the patients permission. A while back I embarked on a weight loss program as my blood pressure 164/104  and my heart rate was over 90bpm and I displayed an image of my blood pressure cuff with the readings.  6 months later I posted the results after dumping about...
New Posts  All Forums: