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If at all! Such is the nature of research!
I think the reference comes from Hillary wanting to be able to sue gun manufacturers for violence perpetrated by those who use guns.  http://fortune.com/2015/10/05/hillary-clinton-gun/
To me, this is the brilliance of making the whole widget as noted by Steve Jobs!
"But then came the times where I wanted to take off my shoe and throw it at the Surface Book. A display driver crash alert repeatedly interrupted my work, and twice the thing rebooted on its own, causing me to lose unsaved notes. (Other reviewers told me they had similar issues.) Worst of all, a Surface Pro 4 and a Surface Book I tested failed to boot up fully because of faulty solid state drives. They simply would not allow me back into Windows"
Who i'm sure will get a percentage of the proceeds!
He was pointing out falsehoods!
Same garbage came out when the the iPhone was introduced. In the near future, we all get to look back on these quotes and laugh.
It would be deemed: Workplace violence!
I'm surprised it didn't bend!
It's the thought that counts.
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