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"when I'm 64"(bit)!
I don't think apple ever shipped a blu ray player in a mac.
I probably should have included Regifans quote! I'm with you on this. The freezing of embryos allows women to have that flexability. There a several forms of cancer out there that render women infertile. The harvesting and storing off eggs is an invaluable option for women who may have a condition that affects their ability to conceive later in life. Not just to be able to tie them to an office!
Dippped in chocolate, not half bad!
I would imagine they would remain hers, as long as she can pony up the $500 maint. fee!
my wife and I adopted 2 russian girls late in life! Here's a thought: not your problem! There's a host of reasons to allow this, not all having to do with keeping the old gal at a desk! 
Or Antarctica! It's a lot closer!
last night it was!
Interesting! Walked into a Dairy Queen last night for a little after movie dessert action, and there was a sign on the register: This dairy queen location not affected by malware!
It seems that i've seen on this forum, time and again, though apple has less market share, iPhone owners use their device more often and spend more money than their android counterparts.
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