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Quick! Ban bicycling, horseback riding, swing sets, riding in the front seat of a car, swinging on a rope over a creek! Think of the children's lives that could be saved!! Or better yet, use the argument: What if it was your kid?
Seems like i see this over and over. Unless Apple knocks it out of the park every quarter and every year, that they're slipping! Being hugely profitable isn't enough, you have to be insanely profitable!
I had a dropped connection, just did a re start and all was well!
think: obamacare roll out, as demonstration of how not to execute something on a large scale!
Let the app stand and keep those 1 star ratings coming so people can see what a POS the app is!
Went to a coffee shop just yesterday that refuses $100.00 bills. I asked about it and they said they got burned once with a counterfeit bill. Don't how legal it is though, since its supposed to be legal tender for all transactions, public and private!
"when I'm 64"(bit)!
I don't think apple ever shipped a blu ray player in a mac.
I probably should have included Regifans quote! I'm with you on this. The freezing of embryos allows women to have that flexability. There a several forms of cancer out there that render women infertile. The harvesting and storing off eggs is an invaluable option for women who may have a condition that affects their ability to conceive later in life. Not just to be able to tie them to an office!
Dippped in chocolate, not half bad!
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