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think: obamacare roll out, as demonstration of how not to execute something on a large scale!
Let the app stand and keep those 1 star ratings coming so people can see what a POS the app is!
Went to a coffee shop just yesterday that refuses $100.00 bills. I asked about it and they said they got burned once with a counterfeit bill. Don't how legal it is though, since its supposed to be legal tender for all transactions, public and private!
"when I'm 64"(bit)!
I don't think apple ever shipped a blu ray player in a mac.
I probably should have included Regifans quote! I'm with you on this. The freezing of embryos allows women to have that flexability. There a several forms of cancer out there that render women infertile. The harvesting and storing off eggs is an invaluable option for women who may have a condition that affects their ability to conceive later in life. Not just to be able to tie them to an office!
Dippped in chocolate, not half bad!
I would imagine they would remain hers, as long as she can pony up the $500 maint. fee!
my wife and I adopted 2 russian girls late in life! Here's a thought: not your problem! There's a host of reasons to allow this, not all having to do with keeping the old gal at a desk! 
Or Antarctica! It's a lot closer!
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