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last night it was!
Interesting! Walked into a Dairy Queen last night for a little after movie dessert action, and there was a sign on the register: This dairy queen location not affected by malware!
It seems that i've seen on this forum, time and again, though apple has less market share, iPhone owners use their device more often and spend more money than their android counterparts.
It would be interesting to see what the current pool of applicants looks like once broken down. Pick a sampling of, say 3 years.
Now that's innovation!
I was wondering about that also. The only thing i can think of is the use of their sound engineers or perhaps their "ears" to detect subtleties in the finished product.
you could just print one yourself!
Planning on getting one for my mother in law who has no interest in apps or digital music! For some folks, it's perfect. My wife and I plan to upgrade to the 64!
Pretty much! Burglaries happen all the time and the same rules apply. Increase home security, lock up high value items off site if needs be. If you don't, accept the consequences. 
And no one denies them that right! With security breeches at Target, Blackberry and various large banks making the news on a regular basis, these geniuses should then accept the consequences of taking nude selfies!
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