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you could just print one yourself!
Planning on getting one for my mother in law who has no interest in apps or digital music! For some folks, it's perfect. My wife and I plan to upgrade to the 64!
Pretty much! Burglaries happen all the time and the same rules apply. Increase home security, lock up high value items off site if needs be. If you don't, accept the consequences. 
And no one denies them that right! With security breeches at Target, Blackberry and various large banks making the news on a regular basis, these geniuses should then accept the consequences of taking nude selfies!
Except another venue would never generate this kind of buzz! Talk about free advertising! Pure genius! All it lacks is a big bow on top! Time to buy more aapl!
Doesn't have to be about stealing, just disruption of service, nuisance, whatever!
Welcome Back!
I imagine that engineer needing a colostomy following the butt chewing he'd get!
"reasonable" is in the eye of the beholder!
I had the good fortune to go the grand opening of the Apple store at Columbia Mall in Maryland! While it wasn't in the thousand(s), it was still a pretty neat experience! Much excitement and enthusiasm! Fortunately it lacked the line dancing used at some other stores!
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