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 I don't get this either! Drop $2000 on a computer and fussing over a set of desktop speakers because it violates the AIO Aesthetic!
Actually a little frightened! Stock went up!! Pundits haven't complained (so far) that it wasn't 10, 15, 20 million units!
I have no idea what these babys cost, but assuming that its in excess of $100.00, it makes little sense to put $100+ chip in a $200.00 phone! Which make up the majority of android devices!
This wouldn't replace my day to day watch, but i would wear it while out on the court or on my bike!
Agreed! Acquisitions for acquisitions sake and you turn into HP! See where that got them!
Time to buy MSFT!!
i'm delighted to see the word "beleaguered" used in conjunction with with Microsoft! My how times have changed!!
Or maybe confused "pads" with iPad? Who knows
I don't think that Microsoft was in that big a hurry. They knew they were in trouble a long time ago!
Apple won't have to put its renovations on hold, however, as the director of Madrid's heritage department, Jaime Ignacio Mu?oz, instructed the company to merely change the basement's flooring to ?symbolically" trace where the walls stand below. It seems the man in charge told them to proceed! What are they supposed to do, refuse?
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