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If they appeal, this statement should play very well to the jury indeed!
Lets see, Estimates of 5 trillion Iphones sold for the quarter with profits of$150 Trillion! Anything less, and AAPL is Doomed! Got this from supply chain analysis.
I mean really! What do you expect them to say? That Apple is kicking our collective asses all over the landscape! This has been going on for years!
Boy but i still want one!! Ego buy!! 
 Have it your way! 4-5 million!
 Somewhere around 9 million people beg to differ!
 I don't get this either! Drop $2000 on a computer and fussing over a set of desktop speakers because it violates the AIO Aesthetic!
Actually a little frightened! Stock went up!! Pundits haven't complained (so far) that it wasn't 10, 15, 20 million units!
I have no idea what these babys cost, but assuming that its in excess of $100.00, it makes little sense to put $100+ chip in a $200.00 phone! Which make up the majority of android devices!
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