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This tired argument has been around for years. The slow processor argument went out the door with the power pc. Sure there are some alienware or custom jobs out there that have more and faster and cost upwards of $7000.00. But they are few and far between. Building it on your own is the most expensive way to build a computer as you get no price break the big boys get. The "they only buy it because it's cool" fails on many levels. Microsoft(remember the zune and that phone...
Have you considered a spell/grammer checker?  
A far cry  from the "beleagured apple" years of Scully and Amelio! We've come long way baby!
build to order option!! Those that want it can have it! I'd rather have room for ssd drives!  
please, not the dreaded line dancing!
how does this guy keep his job? stagnant stock price for years, crap product after crap product, including xbox, don't forget the red ring of death? The only thing he seems to be watching is his rear view mirror, as apple, google and others zoom on past!  
i'm sorry, bigger is not always better. This beast looks to be the size of the newton!
google mail was in beta for what seemed like forever!
Or better yet, use ms model and charge $300 or more every 2 years!
So the CEO of the the company you work for, wants to join you for lunch, and you can't put off your BS session or to blow off steam for a day to talk with him??? REALLY????  
New Posts  All Forums: