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at least they have the weather!!
curious place for industry as that has to be one of the most business unfriendly places in the country in terms of taxes, regulation and weather!!!
can't even tell you the last time i used an optical drive. even the best imac speakers have been ok at best. there are excellent speakers out there that take up little desk space and produce very good sound. eliminating little used features, think floppy disk, makes room for far better tech. on the inside!  
after garth brooks and bob segar, who's left??
I'd be happy with a stinkin car charger!  
If you want cheap build quality and inferior components, stick with any android device out there. Quality costs more than crap. Always has, always will.  
Is the british wal-mart guy still there? The one who wants to cut jobs at the expense of customer experiance? Names escapes me, but if he's still there, hope he's next!!  
Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face!!
WTF are "Appellations"  
Is it painted or anodized? Haven't taken a blade to mine to find out!  
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