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so much for sneaking this in to replace my mac pro without my wife noticing?!?
twice nothing is still nothing until this standard is more widely adopted
me too!
For some reason, the U.S. thinks that 35% of nothing is better than 12% of something!
iv'e got just the gesture in mind!
Not at all! Post away! No one argues that apple made the first tablet. They have been out there for years in various flavors. Apple was the first to get it right in terms GUI/hardware that made it a viable platform. Just like they did with with the first ipod and the iphone/smartphone. These wern't firsts, just market changing!
shipped vs activation  
job requirement! i need an android device for work, would prefer to carry around 1 less device  
I'm forced to use a xoom at work and really hate it. Is there any way to install ICS on a macbook air with parallels virtualization or any other means so i can ditch this thing? Since that would also cost me my data plan, can i tether this to my iPhone as i have to keep an internet connection available?  
When you're only given 3 or 4 of the the things, and they "sell Out" you can claim huge customer response! sold out! working feverishly to re supply! Can this get any more pathetic. how does Ballmer keep his job?  
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