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a scratch"this big" is not allowed, consider yourself trained!  
i use it in phoenix and the surrounding area, so far, no problems!  
I wonder if it will also keep my coffee warm!
not guilty is not the same as innocent!  
So far, the phone works as advertised. Maps works, has some kinks but so far so good. If you're that dependent on a maps program without getting lost, consider a regular phone and an atlas!    
Just out of curiosity, what was the best selling android phone? I ordered my 2 just after midnight!!  
Think Solar!!/s  
The author is trying to make a point here. Plug in whatever watch brand makes you feel good.  
A billion MORE Dollars!!
I still don't get this whole "customization" issue. My iphone does exactly what it's supposed to do, maybe I'll put a picture of my kids on the front, or if i really want to get into it, i'll do a custom ring tone or two! It takes very good pictures, siri works well most of the time, music:self explanitory, same with games and utilities. Do android users really spend that much time "customizing" thier phone? If they do, i suggest they look around and spend some time in...
New Posts  All Forums: