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When you're only given 3 or 4 of the the things, and they "sell Out" you can claim huge customer response! sold out! working feverishly to re supply! Can this get any more pathetic. how does Ballmer keep his job?  
Ahhh, the HP way of doing things!  See where it got them!!  
Yeah, from sucks, to sucks less
don't they use units shipped vs units sold to end users?  
my how the worm has turned! Steve must be looking down, smiling!!
my 2001 acura cl/s has 320,000 miles on it! I' keep her till she drops out from underneath me! Then i'll get one that hooks up to my iPhone!!    
Thankfully, pages and keynote meet all my office needs!  
go to the local community college, take that photoshop course you always dreamed about and voila! instant student discount!  
i use it daily! I'm a home health nurse and spend a lot of time in my car. I use siri to bring up phone numbers, texting and map info on a regular basis. It's not without its hiccups, but hits much more often than misses!
My how the worm has turned!!! Now WE can use terms like "beleaguered" "struggling" to describe Dell! Maybe next time, if there is one, he'll keep his fat mouth shut!  
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