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Thankfully, pages and keynote meet all my office needs!  
go to the local community college, take that photoshop course you always dreamed about and voila! instant student discount!  
i use it daily! I'm a home health nurse and spend a lot of time in my car. I use siri to bring up phone numbers, texting and map info on a regular basis. It's not without its hiccups, but hits much more often than misses!
My how the worm has turned!!! Now WE can use terms like "beleaguered" "struggling" to describe Dell! Maybe next time, if there is one, he'll keep his fat mouth shut!  
let me know when rolex comes out with one!    
Thats not so much a rumor as *DUH"  
at least they have the weather!!
curious place for industry as that has to be one of the most business unfriendly places in the country in terms of taxes, regulation and weather!!!
can't even tell you the last time i used an optical drive. even the best imac speakers have been ok at best. there are excellent speakers out there that take up little desk space and produce very good sound. eliminating little used features, think floppy disk, makes room for far better tech. on the inside!  
New Posts  All Forums: