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uber sweet ride!! I'd give up a testicle for a ride around the block in this beauty!!
The art of regifting!!
this has regift written all over it!
i'm embarrassed to admit, i didn't think of that!!
I'm trying to find a desk lamp that will allow me to both charge and synch my iPhone to my mac. Any suggestions? There are quite a few that have a dock, but don't have the ability to synch.
Except 1.45 billion of them are either in the army or poor as crap!
here in globe az, we're lucky to have land lines, so any connection is an upgrade
If you have $100 worth of stock, a 3% dividend would pay you $3.00. If the share price increased to $200, then the 3% dividend would pay $6.00, and so on.
heard this before: "What about my floppy disks?"Time to move on!
waaayyyyy too much information!
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