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If you have $100 worth of stock, a 3% dividend would pay you $3.00. If the share price increased to $200, then the 3% dividend would pay $6.00, and so on.
heard this before: "What about my floppy disks?"Time to move on!
waaayyyyy too much information!
very well said, lousy choices are like having no choice at all. Every company mentioned has the option of turning out a unique, high quality products. Some actually do! Most seem to want to produce generally inferior "me too" products rather than innovate and produce something exciting!
Lets see, Your company started out as aramco, as in arabian/american oil company. Those cities of pipes and cables were built on the backs of american technology. Sorry, but the fact remains, were it not for oil, saudi arabia would still be in the business of herding goats.
Now you're left with comparing apple with an company that makes nothing, was fortunate enough by luck of geography to have a product that is high in demand worldwide. They don't have to innovate or even think much about it! Just drill baby drill!!
i remember it well. I was awful. The only worse experience was when sears sold apple products. They were seldom on or didn't work at all, the units were dirty and sales people were non existant or peddled windows boxes.
Portfolio or not, sooner or later, they have to produce something people will want to buy.
apple neither wants or needs an old manufacturing plant and all the retired employee pensions it would have to suck up in order to get the patents.
They just thought film would never die!
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