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There is an app out there that already tries this. I used it when i first got into programming, It had only very simple app development capabilities and I soon realized that I was going to have to learn Objective C and use x code to do more than cut and paste. I did and now I love creating apps, sometimes coding is like my virtual Lego's and I love it. I would hate for this to get completely replaced by this. Jason
I know when I post this everyone will probably think I am nuts. But after seeing that pic that someone took of the EVO looking possible iPhone 5, I wouldn't have believed it myself. Anyways I was visiting the mall in Orlando with my family and ran into a guy wearing all professional attire who was in a hurry. He was carrying an EVO shaped phone with the apple icons on them aka (phone contact list and some other weird ones that i didn't recognize) anyways it was all back...
It's Back!
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