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Thanks guys! If I EVER tried searching for x application and highlighting everything that came up and deleting it, I would be toast on my windows box. It's good to know that I can just do that. No shared files, nothing. I love it. Thanks! Thomas
Thanks Brad! I mean, It's sort of weird. I know how to navigate my way out of .dll hell. I understand how to search the registry and remove all of those horrible files! It's refreshing to know that I don't even need to do that now. Maybe formatting and reloading will be just that simple. Thomas
I'm a recent PC-to-Mac convert, and I'm not sure I'm figuring out the whole uninstallation thing. First, I'll recap on how the PC does it, and then ask if what I'm doing on my iBook G4 is right. So when you install a program on a PC, it dumps files and crap EVERYWHERE on your hard drive. That's why it is necessary to have uninstallers, because they *supposedly* know where everything is and how to remove it safely. HOWEVER, on my mac, many of the programs I've...
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