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wireless, or inductive, or mat charging...whatever you call it, it gets us one step closer to a REAL game changer.   As soon as we don't need a charging dock, a data dock, a headphone port then we can get a phone that has no openings.  That means they can seal it all up and make a waterproof or at least highly water resistant phone.  I know some sellers claim to already have one, but they still have openings to eventually leak.  A box that has no openings can be made...
No one?  I was asking why they couldn't do something like this based on all the older "flashlight" apps that just turned the screen bright white and increased the brightness shortly after the first front facing camera came out.    Should have patented that and joined the legions of patent trolls.  j/k those guys suck.  LOL
This is going to be huge for parents.  Prime has some decent kids shows, pretty much all that Netflix has.  Will make long car trips and airplane trips better. As for the question of why not use free wifi at airports, because the speeds are terrible and security is too.  Most airlines don't offer free wifi on domestic service. 
Can you tell me how many days with NFL football, regular season, end in the middle of the day?  There is always a primetime game that runs until near midnight Eastern time.  "next day" is pretty much always the case unless you are on the West coast and want to start watching games at 10pm. 
Tell me, does the signal for over-the-air broadcasting degrade as more people tune into it? Nope, so your argument doesn't hold water. 
Started reading this and was thinking the SAME thing. 
I'll hold off any judgement (or "I WILL have that" proclamations) until actual details come out.  But if this turns out to be just another Sling TV, pass.   I did my run with Sling and it was a waste.   Now Apple would be able to avoid my main complaint, which was crappy response time on Sling since it runs over Roku and other devices.  Apple would be able to tailor its service to a single product so we know it would work better (as opposed to all the Roku boxes, plus roku...
I don't have the issue on my 6.  When she called Apple about it they suggested backup/restore.  She did that and so far so good. 
Will be interesting to see where this closes.  looks like a nice pop as people are bargain shopping, but expect to see stocks (all of them, not just Apple) slowly work their way back down through the day and maybe week.
 The geniuses weren't huddled in the corner joking around, they were working so I don't feel the need to complain.  It's just an annoyance, but won't stop me from using their product or service.  Also, my go-to "at least I can still be productive" is my phone.  When I was there with my wife's phone there was no issue I was still emailing and keeping up.  if it were my own phone, that would have been really bad. 
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