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Perhaps in order to get this through the DoJ, Comcast has to agree to some form of a la carte pricing. DoJ makes companies that want to make a massive consolidation divest parts of their business all the time. This would create a massive decline in competition, so let's just hope we end up getting some sort of new choice out of this bid. After all, it is just a bid and not a shoe-in that the DoJ will approve it.
Not sure Microsoft has the visionaries necessary to make this a success.  The current mobile phone market is saturated, so if they want to entice people to switch from their Samsung or iPhone they will need to offer something different.  I don't know of anyone that trusts modern day Microsoft to be able to do that.  Sounds like they will come out with another phone that looks just like the rest and functions about as well as everything else out there. 
I'll avoid being a first adopter and let people work out the bugs.  In 6 months these will be much cheaper and work better I'm sure. 
I'm so glad Apple didn't invent the car.  They would be suing everyone for things like clear windshield with curve, door handles, 4 tires, and engine under a hood, the colors red or black or white, four doors as well as two, the use of chrome accents anywhere...you get the idea.      If it is square and around 10", then it MUST be an exact copy and we must sue.  I'm all for protecting what is yours, but this reeks of "we are out of new ideas so we better protect...
No way AT&T gets me to move.  I have old plans and this doesn't get close.  I have two iPhones on my plan, and it is a shared line plan.  So I pay $50 for voice +$10 for the second line.  We have never come close to using our 850 minutes, I have 3K+ rollover minutes at any given time (told you, OLD plan).  Then I've got unlimited data on both phones for another $60 and we each pay $5 a month for 200 texts so another $10 right there.  With the new SMS messaging, we never...
And yet Green Peace gets around in fossil fuel ships, cars, and planes. Hypocrites are the bottom rung for me.
I'd say it did work out pretty well.  The price of an airline ticket has come way down, the places you can fly has dramatically gone up, and you have actual choices now.  Before all the airlines were EXACTLY the same except for the name on the plane.  Now if you want to fly as cheap as possible you can (Spirit) or if you want to not worry about any additional costs you can (Jetblue and Southwest).  If you want to go international you have many more options as well.  So...
Read this and thought "June 18, let me know when we get closer and maybe I'll care".  Good grief, the year is half over! 
Looks more like an opening for the lock button.  I'd say this is a poorly done knockoff. 
Pretty sure it has more to do with pushy sales people that don't know the first thing about what they are trying to sell. No joke, went in looking for a charger for a camera and the little girl told me the one I had in my hand is "the one you need for that camera". I said I wasn't sure and picked another one up and "oh, that is DEFINITELY the one you need for that camera". I ended up getting the first one because I knew what number I needed and left. I only...
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