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Seems like they would figure out by now that when a new numbered phone comes out, demand is much higher than when an "S" variant comes out.  The "S" isn't to be dismissed because it fills a need, but have we ever seen any real major changes on an S variant?  Seems like the "S" is upgraded to by people that are off contract or the die hards.  But the new number variants (3g, 4, 5, 6/6+) usually have offered something dramatic like a new look/size/functionality that...
 predictions are one things and just guesses.  Bets and wagers are another, just sayin.
Ordered at about 2:15 Central time through AT&T as Apple.com was still showing not up.  Had to do two tansactions, but got the 6+ for wife and 6 for me.  This morning I see both charges on the card, but the only confirmation email I have is for the 6+.  The site was running too slow last night so I wasn't poking around to find delivery times, but I hope they both get here next Friday.  Can survive if later, but would rather not :)
 So since there are multiple sizes that are annoyingly large, I'm wrong?  As to pairs with the phone for WiFi, sounds like tethering, right?  I'll let you catch up to my latest concern about that.
You are right, I'm backtracking.  This watch will just tether off your phones data, tough news for all those on grandfathered unlimited plans. While it is sharing that data, you now have a phone and a watch doing things like monitoring traffic or sending directions which means you have two sources eating up your data plan. Sound about right?  Or think it will need a $10 add on or something like that from US carriers, that require add ons like a tablet would do? 
 fair enough, these are just mock ups and they give size options which is better than everyone else.  I'm interested to see if it doesn't require a data plan, others do.
did I just miss the part where they talked about ios8?
Some blog could get a lot of views by making a printable cutout of to-scale sizes of the new phones. 
Can't wait to pay $350 for something that requires a data plan, is annoyingly large, and does nothing to assuage my fears that the UI will be annoying to work. 
so it is an overpriced fitbit that will make getting your hand through a jacket sleeve or into your pocket impossible. $350 for that? Pass
New Posts  All Forums: