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That's not how and EFB (electronic flight bag ) works.  The iPad doesn't just have electronic versions of a few manuals.  In order to "keep a copy at the gate", they would need a different "copy  of the manual" at the gate for each individual flight.  Not realistic, that is why the pilot has the info in his flight bag for that day.  When the EFB goes down, there is no quick workaround. 
As long as I can change it back to Google. I am not a fan of theirs, but after trying to use Yahoo via firefox for a while, I learned to appreciate google. REsults are much more effective on Google.
I signed up and began using SlingTV this weekend.  Not sure it's a long term solution for me.  I cut the chord in 2011 and haven't looked back.  This was neat to try out, but there just isn't any channels that I'm a fan of.  I am a huge sports fan, but ESPN is a terrible sports station.  Playstation VUE...that sounds more like a winner when they come out.  Sounds like they have the Fox Sports network in their mix.  Add in FX and FXX, and I'd pay $20 a month for that.   My...
Ordered mine yesterday when I got the email they were in stock.  Selected expedited shipping as it said they were available all the way through the purchase page.  After purchase, my confirmation says "out of stock, will ship in 1-2 weeks".I hate that garbage.  If it is out of stock, tell me so I can NOT pay you extra to ship it to me sooner.
Nope.  They have said that there is no contract, and no need for a current Dish account to subscribe.  I will try it just because there is no contract, and hoping the massive sign up spurs other cable companies to put out their own offering!
My parents have Dish satellite broadband.  It's terrible.  Facetime is impossible with them, there is about a 3/4 second delay.  It's like calling london in the 80's. 
Yeah, I'm curious about that as well.  If I can buy it under an account and then use that account across multiple devices (iphone, ipad, playstation, and roku) then it's worth it. 
Pretty sure the positive reaction was because it is a reliable Apple product as much as it was for the larger screen.
I've been thrilled with my 6, but for some reason wifi on my phone is terrible. My wifes 6 that came in on Monday is the same. Tried wifi at work, same intermittent dropping. So I've just turned it off as LTE works just as well if not better. Other than that minor issue, the 6 has hit it out of the park in all other aspects.
Seems like they would figure out by now that when a new numbered phone comes out, demand is much higher than when an "S" variant comes out.  The "S" isn't to be dismissed because it fills a need, but have we ever seen any real major changes on an S variant?  Seems like the "S" is upgraded to by people that are off contract or the die hards.  But the new number variants (3g, 4, 5, 6/6+) usually have offered something dramatic like a new look/size/functionality that...
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