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I don't have the issue on my 6.  When she called Apple about it they suggested backup/restore.  She did that and so far so good. 
Will be interesting to see where this closes.  looks like a nice pop as people are bargain shopping, but expect to see stocks (all of them, not just Apple) slowly work their way back down through the day and maybe week.
 The geniuses weren't huddled in the corner joking around, they were working so I don't feel the need to complain.  It's just an annoyance, but won't stop me from using their product or service.  Also, my go-to "at least I can still be productive" is my phone.  When I was there with my wife's phone there was no issue I was still emailing and keeping up.  if it were my own phone, that would have been really bad. 
Oh I understand that, and same with when my Dr is delayed.  It's just annoying when I actually get an appt over lunch and then spend the entire time in their store.  At least there is more to look at and play with than in a Dr office.  lol
It's a giant #$%^ sandwich, and we're all gonna take a bite.  I wouldn't be too worried about the bottom dropping out of Apple, there is too much support there.  It will get taken down with the other sinking stocks/indexes, but will rise back with everyone else.  If you sold out of the market a couple of weeks ago, then get ready for a GREAT re-entry point. 
Did the 15 minutes include the time waiting after their appointment?  That's the part that annoys me, having taken my wifes 6+ in the first time.  1:30pm appointment, so I check in at 1:25pm.  Stand by the table for 20 minutes before someone comes by.  20 minutes later a new phone is sent out.  My 20 minute appointment took almost an hour.  That's worse response time than my Dr office. 
IMO the 6+ was rushed to market before it was really ready.  My wife loved hers at first, but had to take it to Apple twice for repairs and twice more to have it straight up replaced.  My 6 has been just as expected, rock solid.  For anyone doubting, her issues were the whistling vibration motor ("repaired" once and then replaced) and then a dying screen on the replaced one (dead bar of pixels across the top, "repaired" once and then replaced).  Now it doesn't...
I'm not sure many people who aren't die hard Apple fans know that is associated with Apple.  Unless you made a habit of watching announcements, which a vast majority of the people in the world don't then you probably have no idea.I am betting Swatch is about to unveil a new ad campaign around that, and are locking it up like every company does. I am not sure how this is at all news. 
Posters here sound like spoiled brats. "we don't use something anymore, but we don't want anyone else to have it either".    Good grief, if Apple was interested in it they would have trademarked it.  Apple has no shortage of patents or trademarks.  The fact they don't already have it should tell you that they don't care.  But some of y'all are worked up over it. 
Same people saying "non story, this isn't an issue" will be the first posters tripping over themselves to congratulate Apple when Apple admits this isn't just regular wear and tear but an actual issue. 
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