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This isn't a knock against anyone, but I can tell that some of you aren't big into the stock market.  What analysts say and what the stock does on a particular day will make you pull your hair out.  What usually happens with the companies I follow is exactly opposite what someone just looking at a stock a few times a year would expect.  When my go-to safety net stock beats earning estimates, the stock drops pretty big that day.  If they miss, then it goes up.  Why? ...
 I don't ask for anything more, but I'm not an analyst.  Every public company goes through this.  The analysts are pretty good at their jobs, too.  They look at what you have done, what the market is doing, what the industry is doing, and what changes you made YoY...and provide an estimate.  Then how you fare against the average estimates is how investors view your quarter. Fair or unfair, everyone deals with it.  You can either buy into the gloom and panic, you can ignore...
Sounds like a pretty good advertisement tagline.     "so secure, not just anyone can get in". 
 But like the analysts said, since Apple already owns the market and aside from China can't really grow the phone or tablet market, what are they going to next in order to keep the good times rolling?  To analysts and investors you ALWAYS have to beat last year, so you need something innovative to do that.  Maybe it is a new phone or tablet feature?  Analysts are convinced Apple is wanting watches to be the next money making market, so if those aren't selling well and APPL...
Well, it would be really simple for Apple to put all of this guesstimating to bed. But only if they care what the analysts are saying or if shareholders lose enough that they force Apple to disclose the numbers. Until then, let em guess. What's the harm? Isn't AI pimping this estimates miss and stock drop as a "buying opportunity"?
I stillthink it is odd that Hulu (or whatever they call it now) charges me to still watch commercials. but I pay for the content and deal with the commercials. I actually have another tool that allows me to skip the commercials on Hulu, but requires buffering the show for a few minutes before I start watching.
"Hurry up, once they see what Apple has they won't want our junk anymore!"
Competition is a wonderful thing. As consumers, this will only benefit us all.
I have very few options for computers, smartphones, or cars that WILL hold their value.  Watches are completely different.  Unless I buy a classic car to restore (or already restored) I have no options that won't depreciate.  Same with computers and smartphones, since they are technology like I clearly already said.  You make such a valid argument yourself, to be telling me to rethink mine.  Your argument is to buy the Apple watch, and then ALSO buy a nice timepiece that...
Someone didn't score too well in reading comprehension, I see.  I never said a $200 watch, I said "spend about $200 MORE".  As in instead of $500 for a watch, spend about $700.  Try actually reading before you spout off, and take Advil for the brain cramps. 
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