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If they stagger, I hope they at least tell us if the specs/options will be the same and what the price points will be.
So what I hear when I read this is "Apple is going to expand on its tracking and storing your common locations, and now will track and store your location, your habits, how you walk, etc".      Just make sure to also give me a way to turn all that tracking junk off. 
So it watches and listens to everything at all times.  It is tied to an online retailer who is known for shutting out brands and sellers, which likely leaves you with no alternative.  No thanks.  If Apple doesn't have a song I still have a way to buy and get it onto my phone.  Will Amazons phone allow a book that is not being sold through Amazon to be on it?      And just not thrilled that it will be listening and looking at all times to make offers for you to buy...
More importantly, will the new phone be iPhone 6 or go the way of the iPad and just become the "new iPhone"? No one is gonna guess what the phone looks like, so might as well discuss the name
Would rather see Apple offer wireless charging. I've yet to go that route because I've heard too many "not supported" issues. If it isn't Apple, it isn't on my phone. Hate to sound hipster, but spend this much on a phone and accessories and I expect them to work.
I like the being able to pair with PS4, but I'll tell Sony this...you get the PS2 SOCOM games on there and I'll buy it just for that. Idiots refuse to render one of their games with the most rabid fans for some reason, to the point an entire new game company has started up just to bring back what games like SOCOM Combined Assault had.
As someone who works in project management, if there was that much shuffling and mid-manager infighting, it wasn't project management that was lacking...it was management. As in there wasn't someone at the top who was able to dictate which projects took precedent over others. Seen it happen before, and things run a lot smoother when the CIO/CTO is saying "this project is priority 1, this project is priority 2" and so on. Otherwise you get people fighting for resources,...
Looks like every other run of the mill android powered garbage.  There is no mistaking any current iPhone for the dozens of androids/windows phones out there.  This one would have that exact problem.  "Oh is that the new Galaxy 6?  No, an iphone.  Oh".
Looks more like a cheaper version, iPhone 6c or something like that. It certainly looks cheap
I'm assuming it will run on a version of android? Pretty much makes it a nonstarter for a lot of people at that point.
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