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It's one rogue employee. Let's move on. 
 Not true. They referenced this patent in their own. They were very much aware of it, especially with the Intel case.See the article from last week. http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/10/13/apple-found-infringed-on-university-of-wisconsin-cpu-patent-faces-862m-in-damages Apple felt theirs was different enough. Win some, lose some. 
No one wants a bigger iPhone, only 4in iPhones.   /s
I will just say this on the storage. If they upped it to 32GB, that's a lot more apps, iAds, and purchasable media people can buy and use on their iPhone out of that gate. Someone who maxs out their size 6 months from now will just manage down, not buy a new phone until the next cycle. Looks like a solid amount of revenue left on the table to me... 
Finally someone sees the big picture. 
Most of you miss the point. Tesla is a tool to what Musks's goals ultimately are, which is is to change the dynamic of electrical vehicles as a viable solution so we move away from fossil fuels. He's largely succeeded. Before the Model S, electric cars were laughed at as big golf carts. He's showing different and proving that false. The over the top performance in some of the models is proof of concept and a way to get the buyers who care about specs to $$ for future...
   The phone itself is not that much different from last year from an assembly standpoint. That is not meant to be negative, just means the the yields are going to be much higher and easier to keep more on hand regardless of supply components. This is typical of the S cycles, always shorter waiting times than the numerical cycle.
Yeah mine is still telling me Version 8 from 8/31 is the current version. Weird.
 See I had the opposite reaction as a 6+ owner. These are all wonderful improvements, groundbreaking for 5S owners moving up, but none of them will dramatically change my paradigm. 3D touch is cool, but it's just shortcuts to functionality I already have. Touch ID 2 may be nice though... My Apple money this fall will go to the iPad Pro, and next year iPhone 7.
It was in the live feed.  
New Posts  All Forums: