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It's interestingly very very similar to Roboto Google uses. https://twitter.com/jm_denis/status/534802341770186752  
 I also have had a few reboots on the Air 2. Most (maybe all) were using a 3rd party app, the moment I touched the screen to make a selection. My guess is something to do with the A8X compatibility as it's the only non dual core device running iOS with it's awesome tri-core chipset. 
The Mail app seems like it's never fully sorted from bugs over 3 or so major releases now? Maybe it's time for a rewrite from the ground up. 
 After watching that unfold in line a few times now, make sure you channel your enthusiasm in the right place. Badgering the $9/hr cashier gets you nowhere. I assure you they don't even have a large empty bookcase to showcase you the lack of f@$ks given about you wanting Apple Pay. They have no say or influence. Take it up with customer service or a manager. Heckling the powerless lowest member on the totem pole is just a waste of everyone's time. 
This is also in large part simply a model shift away from Pandora/iTunes/Beats radio style streaming to on demand; any song, any time, anywhere, for as long as you like streaming that Spotify, Google Music, YouTube etc all offer. That's a ton more powerful, especially since those services also offer traditional style 'radio' streaming. I feel Apple is working on it, but facts like this article, underline it.
Despite repeatedly being turned down, Jong-Kyun Shin keeps applying for some reason. 
Next week in Korea Times, "I'm gay too" - Samsung
I'm certainly interested in an Ultrathin for my Air 2. I haven't had a keyboard for my iPad in the past, but with the amount of typing I'm doing these days, certainly beneficial. 
I have been a little disappointed with the Air 2 (Wifi) battery life on mine. (Unlike my 6 Plus which has been nearly unreal, it's that amazing) Granted my previous iPad was old but I would have thought this should have been as good or better and so far it's not. Standby is fine, but in actual use, even basic web browsing it drains faster. Maybe a few more charge cycles will help, and again it's not poor, but a little disappointing, especially if this is just due a...
 Sorry, the phone is not a PC replacement. It is firmly its own category.
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