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 Probably. Small chance it's the last push of Yosemite, if not maybe one more. Most of the team is probably working on El Capitan. 
We'll see how it goes. Many people I know don't dig too far deep in to ANY streaming service...simply because of data caps, and most of the time spent listening to music is away from Wifi. I don't care how old the clip is, Steve was still probably right - at the core people would still rather own music, it's new music discovery where streaming has an edge.   The presentation wasn't great, but it wasn't awful either. Iovine seemed out of place on an Apple stage, and too...
I don't know that I'd go so far as calling it shameful, but it certainly comes off as cheap - like they would rather nickel and dime you over something that should be a seamless experience. 5GB isn't enough.    I certainly agree with some points made and not others.   1) To me, device backups should not count towards the cap. Penalizing folks for having multiple devices makes no sense to the strategy.  2) Free tier should double to 10GB.    Those two would be a big...
12:01a PT/3:01 ET order confirmation for my 42 SS SBL. Still processing, no charge, no update. 4-6 weeks from the get go.  Sounds more like supply to me.
 Nothing, really. It's just all in the facial expression and body language, didn't look like he was up for him piping up at all. 
 Surprised you say that. It's very clear in the video he's wearing the gold one. When not in the light it looks a little more silvery, but watch close, it's definitely gold here. Whether that's true day to day I don't know, but I'd venture to guess he does. He's at a luxury conference here, merely on PR alone, he'd be showing off the gold. He also talks rather emotionally about how much he loves their gold, he's rather proud of it. Phil wears the Stainless Steel Space...
 I suspect there IS a statement coming. Apple just did the service of telling its employees first. What a crime. 
The TV is considered the epicenter of your living room and entertainment at home. It seems obvious to me whatever is coming with the new Apple TV is at the heart of the announcement here and will tie a number of things together, both within the ecosystem and digital entertainment.    EDIT: Could also be making a connected home hint. From the Apple TV at the center out through your other devices to the watch (circles for watch apps)
Got in right at 3:01a ET via the Store app on my iPad, 4-6 weeks right away even checking out in under 30 seconds, oh well.     
 Another Black SS Link Bracelet checking in....
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