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 Except that part where Apple just announced 4K shooting iPhones. 
 No it isn't. But when you can get 10x the storage for $12 a year, can you really complain? 
icloud to 50GB for $0.99 may be the best hidden news of the day. 
Meh. The home interface isn't really all the changed... 
 Well done.
  Really? You've used one? There are some gold standard excellent Wacom products out there that have been doing the same thing for a long time.  I agree, it's largely Apple's answer to the Surface (and maybe the death of the Air) and I want one, with the pencil. It's certainly better in every way by comparison, but let's not make claims out of thin air just yet. ( I don't see ForceTouch...interesting)
Model aircraft has been joyful hobby for a long time. Not going to change anytime soon. While there's some current bad apples/hysteria, the same is true for anything. Maybe there will be stiffer penalties for certain levels of stupid over time, outright banning isn't going to happen.
I still pay for Google's, largely because it was first at the time, and I got in at the reduced $7.99 price.    As has been called out, I do think it has a better UI and navigation, you basically get their iTunes match for free, and the music videos if that's your thing. The biggest thing for is definitely the web platform concept, and using a simple web interface on my laptop or any device I may choose without having to install anything (eg my work machine). That beats...
 The last few have all been about 2GB for me... (15in rMBP)  I have had random pinwheels/total system freeze for 20 second incidents on Beta 6 which never happened before so hoping that's solved here in 7.  EDIT: So far so good. much smoother and fluid than 6 for me. longer install time - felt like a full install rather than an update. X in about this mac is now colored....has to be getting pretty close to GM. 
 Sorry but zero day exploits shouldn't take going public/shaming to be fixed. Be it Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, whomever. Months of lead time should be sufficient to close your critical bugs.  Yes it's great this has been patched for good, truly, but no 'atta-boy' from me for being lazy. All I was calling out was that this wasn't really patched in a week, which is true.
New Posts  All Forums: