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  Nonsense. The iPad mini exists for that exact reason and sells tremendously well. 
Surprisingly some good convo going on here. The stock's basically flat now afterhours after a dip and jump as things get digested.   It basically breaks (through Wall St logic) like this:   The good: Dividend increase; thankfully don't have to hear about that anymore. beat earnings; in a barrage of rumors and negativity this was awesome. solid Chinese growth; WS always watching China...in line with rest of company   The Meh: Stock buyback; some called for it...
The LCD screens in the 'jumbo' HTC phones of today pumping out 1920x1080 at a true 440+ ppi (the One is an insane 468ppi) made in part by the same suppliers as the iPhone screens essentially negates his entire point. Unless he's talking form factor, battery life, or some other screen related piece that's not the screen itself, I'm at a loss. The actual LCD tech is there, today. Samsung's AMOLED panels are still pure saturated trash. 
My iPad 2 is getting long in the tooth for sure, been holding out for the next one, so this all sounds great to me. I really like where it's headed.
  Of course, it's called quality tablet apps, for which Android is atrocious. 
Can they actually call it iRadio? http://www.iradio.com/
I'm not a high end all out videographer, I have a FCX on my rMBP here more for hobby fun and because my closest friend shoots stuff all the time. I've always thought it was fine and actually pretty intuitive. However in my professional life, the agency our Marketing department works with dumped FC7 a few months after release for Avid and doesn't plan on looking back. Apparently there was a bunch of stuff that was flat out missing and couldn't get redone without large...
Can we PLEASE stop this drivel already.
people actually shop at that dump?
The 2.5 second max fan spin up as this installed kind of startled me for a second, but otherwise no issues, I haven't had any of these problems anyway...but updates are always nice. 
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