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  The beauty is, it's there, invisibly, and no one's forcing you to use it. So who gives a damn?   They will sell zero of these.
  You're a simple minded fool if you believe this. Just because 90% of the world does simple work or basic application doesn't mean something like Java in it's entirety is lazy. I'd love for you to walk downstairs and tell the guys on the floor below me (some of the best in the business) they are all lazy keeping nearly a billion dollars worth of global applications running 24/7.   Nevermind go any further than skin deep in the SAP world and you'll be in a sea of Java.
It wouldn't be, and it's irrelevant anyway...the SIII 'mini' is not available in North America. T-Mobile is possibly going to carry some varient of it eventually. 
  Gator beat me to it. "Clearly this is an Exchange bug." Ironically, that could not be any clearer.   Nevermind you reminded the other day that every prior iOS release did not cause the problem. Perhaps you should heed your own advice in this case. 
But...but... jragosta promised me this was Microsoft's problem, not Apple's; I'm so confused.
This rumor has to be crap. Sharp and LG are already making 440ppi LCD3 screens at 5in, Sony's making 343ppi at 4.3in, others are doing things in-between...I hardly suspect there's 'yield' problems. 
Talk about a slanted headline.... AI: "Pebble CEO on possible Apple acquisition: "I can't comment on that"   Actual quote: ""I can't comment on anything like that, unfortunately," he responded."   BIG difference. 
well my point was how Samsung views it, not my own personal, so yes...
OLEDs can be a lot more accurate already than they are. Some panels allow your own adjustments even. For phones using them, they're not color correct out of laziness to a large extent and the belief people WANT saturated colors because it adds ooh's and ahh's on the shelf next to 'washed out' LCDs. Most people aren't color experts and don't care. Case and point there's hacking tools out there people use on these Samsung phones to adjust color with a simple software...
  I'll say from the top what this hedge fund shark says is asinine in all senses, but what dysamoria said is equally as crazy. I think people forget what being a public company means, and what being a shareholder is. Shareholders OWN the company. Period. Apple is not Tim's company, or even Job's company, they don't have carte blanche to do whatever they want. You fork over money to own stock as an investment stake in a company for a financial return. There is nothing...
New Posts  All Forums: