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FACT:Verizon remained the largest US carrier without the iPhone. In fact by and large they continued to add customers every quarter during their time without it. Go ahead Daniel, prove me wrong. You were the one who wrote leaving in droves... Not me. I don't want some analysts models. Cold hard facts. I would wager if Apple had launched the iPhone on both carriers there would have been no Droid in 2009 on Verizon and Google would have been left playing with itself on...
False. Device manager is based on Google Play Services which is updated quietly all the time. Device Manager supports Android 2.2 and higher. 
 What? Verizon has been the largest carrier by subscriber in the US since 2008 (and 2004 prior). Facts do not support the conclusion. Source? I thought no one wanted those crappy Android devices, now they're being rampantly stolen? Android has device manager built in to remote lock and wipe your phone much like find my iPhone. It's not an activation lock, but if your device (regardless what) is stolen, it's gone, If reported to your carrier it's blacklisted so what's the...
 Wait, why should they or anyone else for that matter,do that? To tell all their competitors where they are at in the process? Being a bit ambiguous is exactly what you're supposed to do. This was an investor meeting, not a tech conference. They very likely are scrambling to speed up their initial stretch goal on it, but to base the entire article around the premise of 'well they didn't give me pretty charts and details on it so they have nothing' is pretty silly. 
 Um, matching accrued expenses are where then? Yikes.
 Perhaps because they understand GAAP much better than you and what deferred revenue is and the intricacies involved with it. It's absolutely not straight profit sitting around, there is a reason it is deferred. A warmed over approach to explain the topic fails the non-financial reader on multiple levels. There are significant $$ reasons Apple uses this method to report earnings.
People who likely spent a large number of time building custom stations are probably less inclined to move for what seems like the same thing at the end of the day just because Apple is behind it, especially since most are using the free version anyway. Doesn't mean they won't eventually, or that there is anything wrong with iTunes Radio. Streaming audio is just a near commodity and a passive media these days, that most just toss on the background.
I usually like DED'S debunking of Reports and figures that are investigative but this article really seems a bit overly apologetic, and full of non sequitur tangents. When the article is full of vague complaints of the other guys it tells you something.... Distraction. Also really weird to keep pushing how fast iOS 7 is being adopted when there is an article a few stories down stating the opposite.
 This is a really good article DED overall, but that part is a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. Clearly powering a screen almost 6in at a higher resolution is going to require more energy than one using 4in for something like browsing. The end experience shows both devices getting somewhere 8+ hours, so that doesn't prove much of anything from the end perspective. You would have to dig deeper into a PPW metric to expose efficiency. (Maybe they should start doing...
 CDMA will be around for another decade at least, the future is meaningless when backwards compatibility is still important, not to mention the largest US carrier's backbone is still CDMA, as is China. Whether it's used or not it's included in nearly all multimode modems in phones meaning Qualcomm is getting paid regardless.  I think you misunderstood, Qualcomm owns 21% of LTE, as in 2nd largest patent holder for the technology. Unavoidable again. My assertion? Name one...
New Posts  All Forums: