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I will only be trusting one source for my health. My doctor. Not Apple, Not Google, Not Microsoft, Not wikipedia, Not WebMD, not some fancy 'wearable'. A trained living/breathing medical professional.  El fin.
While not as rounded off, the Sony Xperia Z2 is single frame aluminum and quite thin and minimal, except for their choice of the dedicated camera button...but that's their standout thing. Probably the closest looking to the mockups. 
Apparently Foxconn is confirming? What?    http://www.gsmarena.com/foxconn_announces_deal_to_manufacture_47_and_55inch_iphones-news-8678.php
 I agree actually, but historically the last few years 'we' get something. Not saying they had to announce anything, just interesting they didn't. It could be a new tick-tock cycle; software in Spring, hardware in Fall. 
I still am a little surprised there was zero new hardware, at all. Not even a silent Intel update for the MBP or MBA? Or minor revision to Apple TV? Nothing?   Will be a busy fall I guess...
For the Fandroids in the thread, funny how the Android collective already want the way Apple is doing 'Android-first' supposed features. LOL! Just classic.   http://www.droid-life.com/2014/06/02/best-ios-8-features/
So is Florian shilling for the other side now or he is off on his own? His latest article slams Apple pretty hard on points he previously defended pretty strongly. http://www.fosspatents.com/2014/05/apple-requests-retrial-of-samsung.html And if that wasn't crazy enough, ends with... ...Seriously? 
Title: Article: So nearly 3/4 employees still use Office in some capacity, nice clickbait / red herring title. That's like saying most people don't use a computer, because they only open Safari; well no, that's still false. Of course the vast majority aren't using most of the features in Office, that's hardly new, hell Microsoft admitted that 10 years ago themselves. That was their justification for changing the UI to the 'ribbon' thing, to get more features in front of...
That's exactly what I meant. I have since gone back to reflect that in my post. 
They got way more attention than they should have. Everyone keeps an eye on what the competition is doing. The difference though is Apple is clearly the leader, top dog, #1 smartphone vendor. You expect those that are not to be more worried about the leader than the leader worried about the follower. Apple does a great job of largely publicly ignoring competition in general, so any change in tone comes across as a surprise to some.  EDIT: added publicly.
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