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It should be obvious to anyone following the money (definitely not the Android crowd) that Google is moving on from Android and the phone space as it's prized baby of sorts into robotics, home automation and wearables. They've peddled their drug to get their ads and services out there, grabbed up a ton of share and now on to the next thing. Like most things not search related, it'll end up stale or forgotten or ultimately nixed or merged with something else in the next few...
 Step 1: That money is already gone, meaningless in terms of investing, makes for good fodder only.Step 2: This is exactly why Google is up after hours. Dump a bleeding asset, you make more money.Step 3: Irrelevant by Step 1, and softened since they already sold part of Motorola for 2.x billion some time ago.Step 4: yep. Business 101.
More likely quite the opposite. I would not be surprised if Apple has pressured the carriers to stop reporting the breakouts. They don't like analysts and day traders reverse engineering the numbers and influencing the stock price before they report. 
This has been rumored going back to last April, when some thought the S4 would ditch the plastic for metal.  http://www.phonearena.com/news/Metal-body-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-would-have-meant-delay_id41861   And from last June on the S5: http://www.android.gs/samsung-galaxy-s5-to-sport-aluminium-body-as-a-result-to-design-3-0-direction-confirms-source/   and last...
 This. My wife is a fantastically bright person but just is awful at public presentations and likely the reason she's not further along for what she does. There's a reason Bay stays behind the camera not in front of it. Sure it reflects poorly on Samsung which is always a fun poke, but to laugh at the guy for being embarrassed in the moment he knew full well was awkward is pretty poor taste and childish. 
Love to see added content, really disliking the UI paradigm for it. Whole thing needs some sort of redesign for the home screen. It's getting really clunky....but if anyone can do it, it's Apple. 
Yes Soph, I know. I want the source for where the majority of Android phones are feature phones running 2.2. Sounds like the ghost of jragosta to me.
Yet again, as been the case for the last 2 years of this regurgitation...source? Everyone loves to say it, but where are they?
 Google Now works on any Android phone, 4.1+. Since technically there's an iOS version of it, and no Siri for Android, there's clearly more Google Now capable devices in the big picture. As for platform vs platform at this juncture it's probably a slight lead for Siri depending on how you want to size the global market which is obviously a heated topic by itself. iPhone 4 which is still pretty common doesn't have Siri, and ~56% of Android devices are 4.1+
While you can convert back and forth between mini/micro whatever, the other end for the host is nearly always Type A receptacle, no? Audio is definitely out, there's a ton of TS connectors, just because 3.5mm is common on mobile now, doesn't make it the only or universal, and I think the discussion revolves around digital data connections here generally anyway. RJ-45 though, could be the winner. Good call.
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