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 I still don't think you read the article. 
I think you need to understand ART a little better.  http://www.anandtech.com/show/8231/a-closer-look-at-android-runtime-art-in-android-l/3 
 That's not possible as Nvidia got out of the mobile phone space, they are sticking to tablets and handhelds. The subtext of that is they do not integrate cellular basebands, making it way less efficient in a phone which would require a separate chip compared to a Snapdragon. Qualcomm's 64 bit all in one is the 810 due in Q1 2015, which compared to the competition will be more than the saying of a day late/dollar short.  
This is actually not true. Back in the Spring they confirmed Android 5 would be 64 bit (on proper hardware obviously). The new ART runtime is 64bit, Dalvik is dead. There's no emulator yet because there's no hardware for developers to test it on yet. This Nexus 9 with whatever Nvidia chip will be the first in that dark side of the world. 
 Yes, because it sucks.  The jokes literally write themselves these days. 
Now if Google could only get around to updating Maps and Hangouts for the 6/6+...
hahaha suck it Samsung. The iPhone 6 Plus performance 'issue' is getting way too much time around here. There is none. It flies. The only time it hiccups are 3rd party apps that are not optimized, which is not Apple's fault, and undoubtedly that will be sorted soon. 
Yeah, Siri is flaky on my 2014 BMW with the 6+, it either doesn't disconnect or cuts off before it's done. I don't have music  audio issues. Really not the end of the world. Frankly I figured it was iDrive that needed an update. 
On point article, hardly surprising.   Minor fact correction: "Samsung's domestic versions of the Galaxy S5 and Note 3, built using the company's own Exynos 5 Octa core Application Processor, " If domestic was supposed to be US that would be incorrect. All Samsung US 'flagship' phones like the Galaxy S and Note lines are built around Qualcomm Snapdragon, not their own Exynos. Chart is right, text is wrong. 
Welp, it's not on my Retina 15in, Dark Theme. It's doing it on all of them, brightness etc. It was fine before GM. I saw yours before I posted. Dunno. I'm sure it'll get sorted. 
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