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Unfortunately (depending on perspective) the Space Grey 42mm is the only one I am interested in. Guess I will be paying full price for admission.
The reality is, Apple moved to Intel because it was BETTER, and FASTER, by a significant margin, when the time was right. That's how Apple works. We are talking about a potential chip that may be good enough to take to over in the near future. Not good enough. An ARM move won't happen until the advantages in performance outstrip Intel at at least an arms length, and I don't see that happening for a few years yet. 
I didn't have issues with the first 2. The third that hit my machine last week really borked bluetooth, both my mouse and headphones were dropping frequently which I haven't seen prior. 4th is downloading now, hopefully it improves. 
 Not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but they are huge global company, and the leader in telecommunications equipment with a $40bn market cap and over 100k employees. 
 None of these systems are exactly revolutionary. Car infotainment systems have been around for a decade or more. These new offerings are merely extensions of the existing mobile offerings from their channel, which no doubt is great, easy, clean, and keeps OEMs out of software development. Otherwise you might as well say Carplay stole all their ideas from BMWs iDrive system going back to 2001 or Microsoft. 
The reality is really simple. Most people are using these devices as a dumb converter pipe to watch Netflix YouTube or HBO on their TV. Who the hell is Roku as a company anyway? Who makes these things is less important "I just want to watch X on my TV". People aren't casting or air playing or anything more than 3 click options in these things. If you can spend 100 or 30 to make that happen, which will people choose. Is there a ton of other functionality baked in? Sure. Do...
It's interestingly very very similar to Roboto Google uses. https://twitter.com/jm_denis/status/534802341770186752  
 I also have had a few reboots on the Air 2. Most (maybe all) were using a 3rd party app, the moment I touched the screen to make a selection. My guess is something to do with the A8X compatibility as it's the only non dual core device running iOS with it's awesome tri-core chipset. 
The Mail app seems like it's never fully sorted from bugs over 3 or so major releases now? Maybe it's time for a rewrite from the ground up. 
 After watching that unfold in line a few times now, make sure you channel your enthusiasm in the right place. Badgering the $9/hr cashier gets you nowhere. I assure you they don't even have a large empty bookcase to showcase you the lack of f@$ks given about you wanting Apple Pay. They have no say or influence. Take it up with customer service or a manager. Heckling the powerless lowest member on the totem pole is just a waste of everyone's time. 
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