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Next week in Korea Times, "I'm gay too" - Samsung
I'm certainly interested in an Ultrathin for my Air 2. I haven't had a keyboard for my iPad in the past, but with the amount of typing I'm doing these days, certainly beneficial. 
I have been a little disappointed with the Air 2 (Wifi) battery life on mine. (Unlike my 6 Plus which has been nearly unreal, it's that amazing) Granted my previous iPad was old but I would have thought this should have been as good or better and so far it's not. Standby is fine, but in actual use, even basic web browsing it drains faster. Maybe a few more charge cycles will help, and again it's not poor, but a little disappointing, especially if this is just due a...
 Sorry, the phone is not a PC replacement. It is firmly its own category.
The reality is in the numbers, and they are quite clear in the back to school quarter. Mac sales surge, iPad sales flat-a little lower.    Is the market saturated? No. Is anyone else winning at the space? Definitely not.  Is this also the "Post PC era" so for told, largely no in my opinion. When push comes to shove the fascination is still phones as the driver and laptops for everything else. Maybe tablets will eventually take off the way smart phones have, maybe they...
Target is signed on to the 'other' payment system coming (eventually?) My guess is these vendors can't accept others in store yet.  http://www.mcx.com/
Everyone's hitting it at once I presume, mine's been sitting at 2 minutes remaining for 5 or so minutes now, finally off to preparing update... Also my Air 2 has moved to preparing for shipment, yay.
 Let's not forget the likely doubling to 2GB RAM. That alone is a big win. Massive upgrade for me still holding the iPad 2. 
Same. Ordered at 11:10. Expected delivery 10/22-10/23
 Guess this will finally be a very nice upgrade for my iPad 2 I've been holding on to. 
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